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             NOS 1970 Grand Prix Parts That I Have
                   Purchased From Various Sources

                    The parts listed on this page are NOT FOR SALE.  I have received emails asking the
                        price of these items.  My apologies if I have mis-led anyone.  These are parts that I am
                      collecting to restore my car.  To see what parts I do have for sale go to NOS Parts for Sale

     The purpose of this page is to demonstrate that finding NOS parts for the 69-72 era Grand Prix can be done. For many
     years these cars existed in relative obscurity and are only now beginning to catch on in popularity.  Too many of these old
     luxury warriors have been lost and now there aren't enough to go around. Parts for these cars are very difficult to find.
     Restoring one of these cars is completely unlike doing a Firebird or GTO. I lost count of how many times people would
     direct me to Ames or Year One or Performance Years when I was looking for a part like a parking lens, tail lens, quarter
     to bumper molding etc.  Most people just don't realize these parts are not being reproduced and likely never will be.
     Never the less, I can say that searching for the NOS parts required to restore my car has been an effort which I have
     enjoyed immensely. The joyful anticipation of waiting for a part to arrive in the mail after searching for a year!  Only a car
     nut would understand this. A car doesn't have to be special to warrant this type of attention.  My car is not an SJ, it doesn't
     have the most powerful engine offered and its an automatic.  In fact there is nothing "special" about it, but I'm restoring my
     car for the best reasons that I believe anyone could have...its mine, I like it and it is the first car I ever purchased (in 1978).
     It is like part of the family and I plan to pass it on to my sons one day.

                                          The following NOS parts were purchased over a 30 month period:

                                                                       Parking lamp R.H. &  L.H.
                                                             Gaskets for parking lenses R.H & L.H.
                                                                                    Tail lenses
                                                                              Side marker lenses
                                                                                 Door sill plates
                                                                               Door edge guards
                                                                Overhead interior lamp base and lens
                                                                     Quarter window rubber seals
                                                                         Trunk weather-strip seal
                                                                                Visor mirrors
                                                           Air deflectors (Chrome) – ventilation system
                                       Outlet (Black) - dash mounted, directional- ventilation - passenger's side
                                                          Outlet (Black) - center vent and switch bezel
                                          Outlet (Black) - dash mounted, directional- ventilation - driver's side
                                                          Wheel well moldings (front) L.H. & R.H
                                                          Wheel well moldings (rear) – L.H.& R.H.
                                                                     Outside chrome remote mirror
                                                                  Molding,  front fender R.H.& L.H.
                                                    Molding,  rear of rear quarter panel outer R.H.& L.H.
                                                                 Grill, R.H. & L.H. (1st type "silver")
                                                                        Turn Signal lever w/cruise
                                                                                 Rear Bumper
                                                 Panel, center close out (filler panel for license plate pocket)
                                                       “GRAND PRIX” sail panel roof scripts - 2 sets
                                                             Ventilation system blower motor resistor
                                                                  Full Quarter panel skins L.H. & R.H.
                                                            Trim rings and caps for 14" x 7" Rally wheels

                                        The following items are reproduction or rechromed parts

                                                                     Front bumper – rechromed
                                                       Quarter window glass channels – rechromed
                                                                       Rocker panel moldings
                                                                  Seat covers, padding & springs
                                                                        Door and roof rail seals
                                                                Outside door handles - rechromed

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