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                     1969-70 Pontiac Grand Prix Differences 

The 1970 Grand Prix is often mistaken for a 1969 model.  Other times it is lumped together with the 71-72 Grand Prix.  As a result, the 70 GP suffers from an identity crisis.  Many people prefer the body style of the 69 over the 71-72 GP and when they cannot find a 69 GP, they settle for some other body style not realizing that the 70 GP is 98% the same as the highly sought after 69 model. Manual transmissions were still available in 70 and actually continued on to 71.  Below I have listed some of the obvious differences between a 69 GP and a 70 GP.  These differences do not apply to the 71-72, because with these almost nothing is interchangeable.  You 71-72 GP owners, please don't take offense.  The 71-72s are beautiful cars.  I just don't know as much about them.                                                                    
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