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the kids on cranson street -- updates


(5/3/07) it's been a while. my computer was out of commission for about a year (so what happened to the other year?). just went around, cleaned some stuff up, and updated the actors pages. check out judy grafe's page, for a new link (watch the video) and then the "others".. look how wayne the pain has grown!

(3/8/05) a dvd release date has finally been announced! check here and here for more info.

(12/21/04) happy christmas and everything else. i added a page for o' christmas pete.

(6/18/04) updated the actors' pages again.. check them out, you may find some new and interesting stuff. or you may not, who knows. (=

(5/2/04) finally updated the music page. sorry if it's a bit vague, i apparently didn't take very clear notes..

(10/13/03) new page added for the actors who had minor roles in the series. as usual, please inform me of anything i should fix or add. (= oh yes! and check the links page for a lovely p&p screensaver.

(10/2/03) i updated some of the actors' pages with new information.

(9/7/03) everyone needs to go to and vote for pete & pete! maybe someone important will be paying attenion.

(6/2/03) have added episode guide for crisis in the love zone. though it was appropriate as spring seems to have finally hit new england. (=

(4/20/03) new info on judy grafe's current projects. it seems imdb's sources are not up to date, or maybe my research skills are just lacking. (=

(4/9/03) finally another mp3 up on the music page!

(10/22/02) finally put up a new poll.. i wasn't able to fit all the episodes of season two so it's going to be broken down into two parts.

(9/15/02) small update to the alison fanelli info page.

(8/26/02) and now the unveiling of a new expanded music section. (it's still under construction.) the downloads page isn't really ready yet, but you can peek at it and get the first two mp3s that are up.

(8/18/02) new episode guide for splashdown! anyone feel like going to the wellsville municipal pool?

(8/16/02) okay.. as i've been told, the files in the music section are not downloading for people.. i don't know if maybe i shouldn't put them up as zip files, especially since it doesn't really make that much difference and a lot of people probably have cable or dsl now. anyway, i don't have enough room for them on this account, so i'll have to do something else.. anyway, i'm working on it. (=

(8/7/02) new to the episode guide -- on golden pete.

(6/19/02) put up a frequently asked questions page. also, as someone mentioned in the guestbook, the actors' pages hadn't been updated in a while, so i did that and added a page for alison fanelli.

(4/11/02) i finally added another song to download in the music section.. if i could afford broadband they'd all be up already. (= oh yeah, and everyone who has to cable station noggin should know that they're showing pete & pete. unfortunatly, i don't think i do. *sigh*

(1/19/02) new in the episode guide today.. saturday.

(1/9/02) i know i've been a bit lax in updating this site (i know, 4 months..more than a bit.) but i just wanted to let everyone know that the promos for michael maronna's movie "slackers" are on tv now (in case you haven't seen them. (=). from what i hear, the release date is january 18. (go to for more info.) also, i was wondering if there's anything in particular anyone would like to see on this site? i'll be working on the music page more now, so keep an eye out for more stuff there.

(9/9/01) to mark the end of summer and beiginning of the school year, here's what i did on my summer vacation.

(8/16/01) okay.. i started a message board, so everyone can go talk about trading tapes and petitions and everything. (=

(7/3/01) in honor of the fourth of july, i've added grounded for life to the episode guide. live free or die. (= also, just out of curiosity, would anyone be interested in a mailing list for updates to the page?

(5/24/01) i was just going through some old email and found this, from the kreblist.. thought someone might be interested. (=

From Daily Variety, 1/31/01:

Scribes to pen "Snogging," tackle Dimension rewrite by Charles Lyons

Scribes Will McRobb and Chris Viscardi ("Snow Day'") are in final negotiations to adapt Louise Rennison's young adult novel "Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging" for Nickelodeon Movies/Paramount Pictures and to rewrite "The Guest" for Dimension Films.
Combined value of the deals is in the high six figures.
Catherine Diekman (sic), one of the directors on Nickelodeon's "Adventures of Pete and Pete," penned by McRobb and Viscardi, is attached to direct "Snogging." Senior veep Julia Pistor will develop the project for Nickelodeon Movies.
A comedy, "Snogging" centers on a 16-year-old girl who keeps a journal about the joys and angst of being a teenager, while learning a thing or two about snogging (kissing).
"The Guest," an original script by David Dorfman, recently went to Dimension from New Line, where it was purchased two years ago. Project will be directed by David Zucker ("The Naked Gun"); Gil Netter and John Jacobs will produce.
In "The Guest," a young man enamored of the daughter of his mean-spirited boss agrees to house-sit for him for a night. Events quickly turn disastrous.
Scribes are the writers of the current Nickelodeon series "Kablam!"

(5/4/01) some links added.. here are two petitions asking nickelodeon to either start showing reruns again or to put the episodes on video.
the pete petition
the adventures of pete & pete petition

(4/7/01) episode guide for valentines day massacre added.

(2/25/01) today i added the trouble with teddy to the episode guide. oh yeah, and it's the canadian family channel. i'm dumb. (=

(2/13/01) okay, now that i've gotten everyone's hopes up i must dash them.. )= this is, apparently, not the family channel that most people have in the u.s. but somewhere, someone is getting to see pete & pete tomorrow night. (=

(2/11/01) according to's tv listings, the family channel is going to start airing pete & pete, starting with valentines day massacre on v-day at 11:40 pm, followed by das bus on saturday, 2/17 and last laugh on sunday, 2/18, both at 7:30 am. good incentive for getting up early for once. (= go here for more information.

(2/6/01) i added two more episodes today (the call and new years pete). i tried to upload another mp3 but it screwed up on me. d= i'll have to try it again later. i do have about 5 or 6 more to put up. it ain't easy with a 56k modem. (=
also, finally put up the actors section. go me.

(1/30/01) this page is created. (= yesterday i put up the music section. i'll be putting up more mp3s and episodes soon.