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Scenarios The Warmongers Convention

World War 2: France 1940, 3 Round Campaign

This campaign will be fought in 3 rounds in the same format used by Balagan. The scenarios are based on Rommel's advance across the Muese and into France.

Campaign Tree

Round 1:

Round 2:

Victory in round 1 directly affects which scenario is played next. If the Germans win, the French will mount a desperate counter attack to try to buy time. Otherwise, if they stop the initial advance, they'll have time to prepare their defenses against the oncoming Germans.

Round 3:

This time the next scenario is determined on how the campaign has progressed. The most even battles will occur when both sides have one once. If either side has won twice, the last battle will find the looser in desperate straits. Still there is an opportunity for the looser to fight to a draw.

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