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Scenarios The Warmongers Convention

The Missing Scientist

The scenario was developed for use with FMAS and is set in the GZG Full Thrust universe. It was written for two to five players and involves four different factions each working for their own goals.

The background story is that a ESU scientist, working with a NAC group on a new weapon system, has decided to defect to the NSL. The FSE had a team of commandos in the area and decided to take the opportunity to get the knowledge for themselves. The NAC got wind of this and has sent in a team to kill the scientist before he can leak state secrets to the NSL. Eventually the NSL heard about the scientist and has decided he is worth recovering. They are negotiating with the FSE for his release in return for future cooperation between the two nations. Finally the ESU militias in the area are on the alert and have orders to bring back the scientist, dead or alive.


Federal Stats Europa (FSE) - a team of commandos are holed up in a warehouse with the captured scientist waiting for pickup.

New Swabian League (NSL) - a heavily armed rescue team is on it's way to retrieve the FSE team.

New Anglian Confederation (NAC) - the assassin team is on its way in to eliminate the scientist.

Eurasian Solar Union (ESU) - a militia squad is on alert in the area and is searching for the scientist.

Special Rules

  1. The FSE and NSL teams must exit the board with the scientist alive (wounded is okay) to win.
  2. It takes one move action to enter or exit a building, and one move action to move to the roof from inside the building.
  3. All rubble, including craters, counts as rough terrain.

Short Version

To save time, the scenario can be played with only two factions, the FSE and the ESU. The following rosters have been set up for 5 players, two playing on the FSE side and three on the ESU side. Each side is considered a "unit" for determining leadership, morale, reaction, etc. The figure designated as the leader can transfer actions to any other figure in the unit, even if it is not controlled by the same player.

The Fleet Emblems were downloaded from the Full Thrust Computer Core.

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