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Episode List

BBC2 1970-80; LWT 1981-82
British comedy series, created by, and starring, Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie. Colour

75 episodes (73 30-minute episodes, and 2 specials)

Written by Bill Oddie and Graeme Garden.
Produced and directed by John Howard Davies, Jim Franklin (from 1973), Bob Spiers. Executive producer: Alan Ball (LWT series only)

Sources: Beginning with my own notes made from watching the series, and its numerous repeats, on ABC-TV, I have added information put on the net in 1991 by Daniel Bowen, which was expanded and annotated in 1993 by George Zamroz, based on his viewing of the series when initially screened on TEN in early 1991. The episode list in "The Guinness Book of Classic British TV" (Cornell, Day & Topping) was used to provide some definitive listing of episodes, as well as the most likely official episode titles, and information from the accompanying article has also been borrowed.

Episodes' copyright dates have been noted (when known), as well as details of the various introductory segments. Working on the assumption that these would not contain footage from later series, I used these to assist in arranging episodes into approximate order. Early episodes were also often broken into two sections by the Goodies' parodies of current British commercials, and this has been noted.

There is said to have been a B/W pilot to the series, but no definite reference to it has been found.

First season (8 Nov - 20 Dec 1970)

(no date in credits):

[Introduction A: Goodies riding tandem bike; running after cat; smoke; saluting head sinking into water; leaping; lawnmower; explosion; beefeaters on bike [Ep. 1]]

1.The Tower of London a.k.a. The Crown Jewels

The Goodies have no sooner set themselves up in business, when plain-clothes beefeater, Thrushcote-Barnet, calls them to the Tower of London. Someone has been stealing the beefeaters' beef, so the Goodies dress as beefeaters to protect the Crown Jewels. They end up chasing a polo- playing Prince Charles. (broken into two parts - the episode, not Prince Charles) (Intro A) (+ George Baker ("Inspector Wexford")) BBC 8 Nov 70 TEN 31 Dec 90

2. Snooze

The Goodies agree to promote Venom Bed-Time Drink for Rupert Wyne-Cheater. Bill goes sleepwalking, and everyone is sent to sleep, so they put an antidote into reservoirs, but everyone is sped up. (broken into two parts) (Intro A) TEN 1 Jan 91

3. Police Public Image

The police want the Goodies to improve the Police Force's image. As a result of their efforts, they end up in court where they are tried for nude swimming. (broken into two parts) (Intro A) (+ Terry Scott, Paul Whitsun-Jones) TEN 2 Jan 91

4. Compromising Photos

Story involving a lady cabinet minister's scandalous photos. [No other details known]

5. Army Games

The mystery of the army base at Penrudden Cove, in reality a children's playground. (broken into two parts) (Intro A)

6. Servants

The Goodies take on a job as servants in a large haunted house for a weird couple, with Tim as nannie for Cecily. There is a weird garden to be tended, and the former nanny's skeleton turns up in the cellar. There is also a leopard in the back paddock, and another skeleton in the hedge. After a creepy night in the house, sweet little Cecily turns out to be the real villain. (broken into two parts) (Intro A) TEN 3 Jan 91

7. Pirate Radio Goodies

The Goodies set up an illegal underwater radio station (Radio Goodies) cum Post Office (Goodies Post). They only have one record - "A Walk in the Black Forest". (shown in two parts) (Intro A) BBC 29 Dec 70 TEN 4 Jan 91

Second season (1 Oct 1971 - 14 Jan 1972):

[Introduction B: same as A, with inserts of: post box; Bill sleepwalking on bus [ep. 2]; maid falling in water; cuckoo clock in police hat [Ep. 3]; words: "We Do / Anything / Anytime"; rolling out road crossing]

8. The Goodies and the Loch Ness Monster

The Snowdon Monster House at London Zoo needs a monster, so off go the Goodies to Scotland to catch the Loch Ness Monster. First stop is the Scottish Tourist Bureau, then they meet Sgt. Shark of the Police. Next they encounter pet sporrans, wild haggisses and bagpipe spiders. (broken into two parts) (Intro B) (+ Bernard Bresslaw, Stanley Baxter) (no date) TEN 7 Jan 91

9. The Commonwealth Games

The Goodies try to mix sport with politics when they are chosen by the Minister of Sport to represent Britain in the Commonwealth Games on August Bank Holiday Island. Includes leg bending sequence. [One noticable cut: re. "Sex Test"] (broken into two parts) (Intro B) ABC 14 May 74

10. Pollution [a.k.a. Keep Britain Clean]

The Goodies involve themselves in the pollution problem and embark on the most drastic Keep Britain Clean campaign yet attempted. When they approach the Minister for Putting Things Right they discover that the Ministry of Pollution is actually producing pollution, so the Goodies go up in a pedal balloon to drop a purifying mixture and seeds. But they are shot down, and jettison the seed, so that grass grows everywhere and people grow green hair. (broken into two parts) (Intro B) (+ Ronnie Stevens as the Minister) (no date) ABC 22 May 75 TEN 10 Jan 91

11. The Lost Tribe

The Goodies go in search of the Ba-booms, the Lost Tribe of the Orinoco, at Seven Oaks, in Darkest Kent. Includes a send-up of Graeme Kerr ("the Galloping Cannibal"). (broken into two parts) (Intro B) (+ Roy Kinnear as Professor Nut, "with his daughter Hazel") (no date, but seems 1971) TEN 8 Jan 91

12. The Music Master [a.k.a. The Disappearing Musicians]

The country's musicians are disappearing. Even the Goodies are kidnapped from a Music Festival. Episode culminates in a Musical Battle. (broken into two parts) (Intro B) (+ Henry McGee ("Benny Hill Show"), Cilla Black) (no date) TEN 11 Jan 91

13. Art for Art's Sake

The Goodies try to stop British art treasures being taken from Britain by rich Americans. (broken into two parts) (Intro B) (+ Tommy Godfrey, Julian Orchard) TEN 14 Jan 91

14. Kitten Kong

Later replaced by expanded version (see ep.21, below). The remade version was supplied to both the ABC and TEN. The original version might be identified by having no copyright date, but seems to have disappeared.

15. Come Dancing

The Goodies become involved in Ballroom Dancing. (broken into two parts) (Intro B)

16. Health Food

Tired of pre-packed, instant and tasteless food, the Goodies decide to visit Tim's Uncle Tom on his farm. They are about to become acquainted with mechanised animal husbandry. (broken into two parts) (Intro B) (+ John Le Mesurier ("Dad's Army"), Frank Thornton ("Are You Being Served?")) TEN 16 Jan 91

17. Sexual Liberation [a.k.a. Women's Lib]

After a Women's Libber changes the Goodies' viewpoint on womanhood, Tim tries the experiment of becoming a woman for a few days to see how the other half lives. (+ Allen Cuthbertson) ABC: 28 May 74

18. Sex and Violence

It comes to the notice of Mrs. Desiree Carthorse, the watchdog of TV morality, that the BBC is about to make a sex education film, so she hires the Goodies to make a "decent" film about sex, leaving out the rude bits. (broken into two parts) (Intro B) (+ Richard Wattis) TEN 18 Jan 91

19. The Charity Bounce

The Goodies, trying harder than ever to be especially good, decide to undertake some charity work. They manage to arrange a sponsor, and he is Mr. Sparklipegs, chairman of Sparklipegs Toothpaste combine. They end up bouncing round the world. (broken into two parts) (Intro B) (+ Freddie Jones ("I, Claudius"), Jonathan Cecil) TEN 21 Jan 91

20. The Baddies

The Goodies try to mount a national popularity contest, to find the "nice person of the year", but are almost foiled by Dr. Petal and the three Baddies who look identical to the Goodies. (+ Patrick Troughton ("Dr. Who") as Dr. Petal) (no date) BBC 14 Jan 72 TEN 28 Jan 91

21. Montreux special

(9 Apr 1972) This is a remake of "Kitten Kong" with additional scenes for the Golden Rose of Montreux awards. The Goodies start a veterinary clinic, and when they feed a kitten with special food, they find they have a monster kitten on their hands. (broken into two parts) [Intro C: same as B, plus collapsing house front; folding legs [Ep. 9]; gym horse; basketball through stomach; Loch Ness monster eats Tim [Ep. 8]] (+ Michael Aspel, trodden on by the kitten) (1972) BBC 9 Apr 72 TEN 15 Jan 91

Note: The Montreux special appears to be the first episode to bear the copyright date [(c) BBC] on the credits. Before 1972 colour BBC programmes did not have a copyright on them but merely said "BBC Colour".

Third season (4 Feb - 11 Mar 1973);

[Introduction D: Tim pulling bell, which falls on him; wriggling maid; ball through stomach; explosion; legs; maid; unfolding legs [Ep. 9]; bike; maid in water; Kitten Kong on tower [Ep. 14/21]; mailbox; gym horse; washing statues' hair [Ep. 13]; Loch Ness monster [Ep. 8]; policeman's hat [Ep. 3]; falling housefront; washing paintings [Ep. 13]; cannon; dancing with computer; "We Do Anything Any Time"; unwinding trumpet]

22. Moving Day [a.k.a. The New Office]

Having failed in their attempt to give their office a new look, when it is demolished the Goodies set about finding new premises and find themselves locked in a struggle with estate agents Gazump, Grasper, Meanie and Snatch. Their new house is an unused railway station. Effective scenes of earth moving machines as dinosaur-like monsters. (broken into two parts) (Intro D - trollies, bell, etc.) (1972) BBC 4 Feb 73 TEN 22 Jan 91

23. Where There's a Will... [a.k.a. Hunting Pink]

When Tim takes his friends fox hunting with his rich Great-Uncle Butcher Fitzsimmons of Tally Ho Tower, things prove too dangerous for the old man, who dies of over- excitement. Tim now takes over and decides to turn his Uncle's estate into the blood-sports centre of the world. [One cut noticable near start] (in one part) (Intro D - Bell, maid...) (1972) ABC 20 Jan 75 TEN 23 Jan 91

24. The Winter Olympics

Unable to find anything like a winning team, the Minister of Sport recruits the Goodies to represent Britain at the Winter Olympics. Lured by extravagant promises of money, they survive an unorthodox training scheme (in the secret training centre at Bognor), and set off for the North Pole where the games are being held. They use a pedal-powered balloon to improve the weather, but all the snow turns to water. (broken into two parts) (+ Peter Jones ("The Rag Trade")) (1972) TEN 9 Jan 91

25. Which Witch is Which? [a.k.a. That Old Black Magic]

Witch Hazel, a not very efficient witch, comes to the Goodies for help, and sets them off on a terrifying trip through the suupernatural. She is in search of a medium for a seance. Graeme "has the power", and after an orgy on Clapham Common he is possessed by a gibbon. (shown in one part) (Intro D - trollies; bell...) (+ Patricia Hayes as Witch Hazel) (1972) TEN 24 Jan 91

26. A High-Sea Adventure [a.k.a. For Those In Peril on the Sea]

Following the Vikings, the Goodies go in search of the lost island of Munga (in a Thor Heyerdahl send-up). Incidents include a giant crab claw, albatross, oil tanker, pollution, walking the plank, desert island, native girls, a reference back to the Music Master (now "Nasty Person"), rain dance, cyclone, and shark. (broken into two parts) (Intro D - trolleys, bell...) (+ Henry McGee) (1972) TEN 25 Jan 91

27. Outward Bounds [a.k.a. Way Outward Bound at Loch Jaw]

Notable for the Goodies being chased by an army of babies. (shown in one part) (Intro D) (+ Joan Sims, Bill Frazer) (1973) BBC 11 Mar 73

Summer special (7 Jul 1973):

28. Superstar

[No details]

Fourth season (1 Dec 73 - 12 Jan 1974):

[Introduction E: same as D, but preceded by moving house]

29. Camelot

Tim's Uncle King Arthur (shown in one part) (Intro E) (+ Alfie Bass) (1973) TEN 29 Jan 91

30. The Planet of the Rabbits [a.k.a Invasion of the Moon Creatures]

Rabbits, the moon, 2001, A Clockwork Orange, and "Big Bunny". (shown in one part) (Intro E) (1973) TEN 30 Jan 91

31. The National Health Service [a.k.a. Hospital For Hire]

(Doctors) (broken into two parts) (Intro E) (+ Harry H. Corbett ("Steptoe and Son")) (1973) TEN 31 Jan 91

32. Archeology [a.k.a. The Stone Age]

The Goodies discover a subterranean Tyrannosaurus Rex. (broken into two parts) (Intro E) (1973) TEN 1 Feb 91

33. The Great Goodies Bank Robbery [a.k.a. Goodies In The Nick]

The Goodies become bank robbers to help the police, and are led by 'the Goody Father". (broken into two parts) (Intro E) (1973) TEN 4 Feb 91

34. The Race

The Goodies race in the Tour de France and at Le Mans, in a racing house. (broken into two parts) (Intro E) (1973) BBC 12 Jan 74 TEN 5 Feb 91

Christmas special (24 Dec 1973):

35. The Goodies and the Beanstalk

(43/45 minutes) The first Goodies film extravaganza. (+ Alfie Bass, John Cleese, Eddie Waring, Arthur Ellis) BBC 24 Dec 73 [Note: Available on BBC Video / distributed in Australia by Polygram; Rated G; VHS; BBC70082; A$29.95; Mono].

Fifth season (10 Feb - 5 May 1975):

[Introduction F: Goodies on dolphins; computer and Graeme; Kitten Kong [Ep. 14/21]; dogs; kicking legs; maid falling in water; running tyres; maid; rubber legs [Ep. 9]; knight; prisoner smashing wall; explosion in front of car; fridge; chopping tree; bell; vaulting horse; skeleton in X-ray; dancing astronauts; bankrobbers; "Supremes" [Ep. 12]; knight]

There appears to have been an episode, copyright 1974, titled "Cunning Stunts" when first shown on the ABC. It has either been deleted - it does not appear in the British list - or was an alternate title to one of the following.

36. The British Film Industry [a.k.a. The Movies]

The Goodies try to revive the ailing British film industry, having sacked all of the directors (even Ken Russell, despite the fact that they liked him for having Oliver Reed burnt at the stake). (Intro F) (1974) BBC 24 Feb 75? TEN 7 Feb 91

37. The Clown Virus

The US military bases in Britain are secretly preparing tomato soup that turns people into clowns. (shown in one part) (Intro F) (1974) BBC 17 Feb 75 TEN 6 Feb 91

38. The Beauty Contest [a.k.a. Chubby Champs]

(Fat beauty contest) (1974) BBC 3 Mar 75? TEN 8 Feb 91

39. The Goodies in Wacky Wales

The Goodies become involved in the Llan-dlubber Eisteddfod, and an Ecclesiastical Seven-a-Side Football competition against Jon Pertwee's druids. (Intro F) (+ Jon Pertwee ("Dr. Who")) (1975) BBC 10 Mar 75? TEN 11 Feb 91

40. Franken-Fido

Involving novelty breeds of dogs, entered in the Crufts Dog Show. (shown in one part) (Intro F) (+ Magnus Magnusson, "Rolf Harris") (1975) BBC 17 Mar 75? TEN 12 Feb 91

41. The Existence of Rolf Harris [a.k.a. Scatty Safari]

The Goodies visit Australia to capture Rolf Harris and instal him in the Goodies' Star Safari Park. After he is mated with the Russian Rolf Harris, there is a plague of six million Rolf Harrises. After the Queen appeals, the Pied Piper helps out, and Tim marries Prince Charles. [Note: Prince Charles is said to have cited "The Goodies" as one of his favourite series, and even offered to play himself in this episode] (shown in one part) (Intro F) (1975) TEN 14 Feb 91

42. Ecky-Thump [a.k.a. Kung Fu Kapers]

Parody of current Kung Fu movies. (shown in one part) (Intro F) (1975) BBC 24 Mar 75 TEN 13 Feb 91

43. The Lighthousemen [a.k.a. Light House Keeping Loonies]

The Goodies strike oil and go into orbit. (shown in one part) (Intro F) (1975) TEN 15 Feb 91

44. Rome Antics [a.k.a. Ancient Goodies]

The Goodies are back in Ancient Rome. (Intro F) (+ Roy Kinnear) (1975) BBC 7 Apr 75 TEN 18 Feb 91

45. Fleet Street Goodies [a.k.a. Raving Loonies]

When Bill is fired from the Goodies' Clarion and Globe newspaper, the Goodies enter the Eurovision Raving Loony Contest. (Intro with dolphins) (1975) TEN 19 Feb 91

46. A South African Adventure

In South Africa the Goodies introduce apart-height for jockeys. (shown in one part) (Intro F) (1974) TEN 20 Feb 91

47. Bun-Fight at the OK Tea-Rooms

Living in poverty, the Goodies decide to go west, gold- seeking. They end up prospecting in Cornwall. When they find a cream mine, there is a cream rush to Pennenink. They find strawberry jam and scones, and squirt each other to death with tomato sauce. (shown in one part) (Intro F) (1975) TEN 21 Feb 91

48. Encased in Concrete

Following a Kew Gardens protest, the Goodies are sealed in a 350 foot block of concrete. They get religion, cannibalism and hallucinations, before the story ends 75 years later. Tim chants "I'm a tea-pot!" [One cut noticable 10 minutes in when shown on ABC, probably because of early evening screening time] (shown in one part) (Intro F) (1975) BBC 5 May 75 TEN 22 Feb 91

Holiday special (21 Dec 1975):

49. Goodies Rule - OK?

(45/48 minutes)
Set on a parallel world where, having fallen on hard times, the Goodies become Britain's only source of income. This leads to the election of, firstly, a government that bans humour, and then to television's puppets taking control. BBC 21 Dec 75

Sixth season (21 Sep - 2 Nov 1976):

[Introduction G: Dougal [Ep. 49]; clown [Ep. 37]; hat; guitar; kitten [Ep. 14/21]; dog; musicians; donkey; at window; soup [Ep. 37]; truck through screen; falling shed; feather dance; dropping body; spotted dog [Ep. 40]; falling over cliff; three Robin Hoods; blackman punching; Pied Piper [Ep. 41]; clowns running away [Ep. 37]]

50. Lips, or Almighty Cod

Eskimos are taking over the Serpentine, fishing for cod, but the Goodies breed the world's biggest fish and "Jaws" fights back. (shown in one part) (Intro G) (1976) TEN 25 Feb 91

51. The Rock and Roll Revival

[No details]

52. Daylight Robbery on the Orient Express

The Goodies go on holidays aboard the "Orient Express", and end up in a miming contest at Le Boring. (shown in one part) (Intro G) (1976) TEN 26 Feb 91

53. Black (and White) Beauty

Graeme is running a Pet Home for clapped-out animals - they are all dead, and all named Kenneth. In a send up of "National Velvet", he enters a horse, Black and White Beauty, in the Grand National. Thanks to gypsies, the other horses are doped. (shown in one part) (Intro G) (1976) TEN 27 Feb 91

54. It Might As Well Be String [a.k.a. Advertising]

Believing in truth in advertising, the Goodies become advertising men and promote string. [Song: "String, String, String"] (shown in one part) (Intro G) (1976) TEN 28 Feb 91

55. 2001... And a Bit [a.k.a. Future Goodies]

In the future, descendants of the Goodies play a game of rollerball and cricket. (shown in one part) (Intro G) (1976) TEN 1 Mar 91

56. The Goodies - Almost Live! [a.k.a. The Goodies Concert]

(No special intro, only the title) A series of musical items - Please Let Us Play; Country Music; Cactus In My Y-Fronts; Pore Old Soul; Funky Gibbon Time; Sick Man Blues (Throwing Up); Yorkshire Lads; Nappy Love; Bounce For Britain; The Last Dance; Wild Thing. (1976) BBC 2 Nov 76 TEN 4 Mar 91

Seventh season (1 Nov - 6 Dec 1977):

Eps. 57-62 all begin with Intro G.

57. The Goodies Find Their Roots [a.k.a. Alternative Roots]

The Goodies become involved with Hoots, Froots and Black and White Minstrels, as they try to find their ancestors. BBC Light Entertainment Slavery (1977) BBC 1 Nov 77 TEN 5 Mar 91

58. Dodonuts [a.k.a. Last of the Dodos; or Hunters]

(1977) TEN 6 Mar 91

59. Scouting Adventures [a.k.a. Scoutrageous]

When the Boy Scouts are declared illegal, the Lone Scout takes charge (with the help of the Salvation Army). (+ Frank Windsor) (1977) TEN 7 Mar 91

60.Punkerella [a.k.a. The Rock Goodies; or Punk, Punk, Punkety Punk]

The Goodies are a pop group called The Little Laddies, but when Punk Rock becomes the craze, Tim turns into Punkerella to go to the ball. (shown in one part) (+ Jane Asher, Frank Thornton ("Are You Being Served?")) (1977) TEN 8 Mar 91

61. Royal Variety Command Performance

The Goodies take over from the Royal Family, who have been injured. [Note: This episode should have been third in Series 7 and was scheduled for broadcast on the day that Princess Anne was due to give birth to her first child, but was delayed from broadcast by the BBC hierarchy, a repeat being substituted]. (shown in one part) (1977) BBC 15 Dec 77 TEN 11 Mar 91

Christmas special (22 Dec 1977):

62. The End of the World Show [a.k.a. The End; or Earthanasia]

Each of the Goodies reacts differently when they learn that the world is to end at midnight, half an hour away. [Note: Recorded in real time, with only the three characters - "one of the finest half-hours of TV comedy ever made". (shown in one part) (1977) BBC 22 Dec 77 TEN 12 Mar 91

Eighth season (14 Jan - 18 Feb 1980):

[Introduction H: Dougal the dog [Ep. 49]; clown [ep. 37]; gangsters [Ep. 20]; kitten [Ep. 14/21]; falling house; soup [Ep. 37]; truck; road dropping down hill; big hat along wall; dodo noses [Ep. 58]; three Robin Hoods; queen on balcony]

63. Goodies and Politics [a.k.a. Politics: or Timita ]

Margaret Thatcher is on holidays, and she is replaced by Tim, who soon becomes Timita. The UN is run like Blankety Blanks and Almost Anything Goes. "The episode is chiefly remembered for its dreadful pun 'Don't cry for me, Marge and Tina'". "One of [the Goodies'] finest episodes, a superb expose on marketing techniques in politics". (Intro H) (1979) BBC 14 Jan 80 ABC 2 Mar 81 TEN 13 Mar 91

64. Saturday Night Grease [a.k.a. Disco Fever]

Tim dresses up as John Travolta, but strikes trouble when he wants to introduce contact dancing into the Disco. (1979) "This episode landed the series in hot water with Mary Whitehouse. The opening sequence, taken almost shot-for- shot from 'Saturday Night Fever', caused Mary to blow her top, stating 'Tim Brooke-Taylor was seen undressing, then dressing, to mock John Travolta in an exceedingly tight pair of underpants with a distinctive carrot motif on the front". BBC 21 Jan 80? ABC 3 Mar 81 TEN 14 Mar 91

65. A Kick in the Arts

Centres around the 1980 Olympics. Kerry Thwacker. (1979) BBC 28 Jan 80? ABC 4 Mar 81 TEN 15 Mar 91

66. U-Friend, or U.F.O.?

A send-up of the "Close Encounters" type movie, with trombone playing UFOs. (1979) BBC 4 Feb 80? ABC 10 Mar 81 TEN 18 Mar 91

67. Animals

Parody of "Watership Down" and naturalist "Bellamy". (1979) BBC 11 Feb 80? ABC 9 Mar 81 TEN 19 Mar 91

68. War Babies [a.k.a. Baby Goodies ]

Features Tim as a bionic clockwork baby, as well as a Hitler look-alike as Churchill during World War II. (1980) BBC 18 Feb 80 ABC 5 Mar 81 TEN 20 Mar 91

The following are the episodes made for London Weekend Television, after the BBC dropped the series: (Last Australian telecast Channel 7, December 1989)

Christmas special (27 Dec 1981):

69. Snow White 2

The Goodies try to get a job as part of the seven dwarves.

Ninth season (9 Jan - 13 Feb 1982):

70. Automation [a.k.a. Robot]

Technological complications mar the Goodies' placid existence. Bill is sacked and replaced by a baby robot.

71. Football Crazy [a.k.a. Soccer Hooligans ]

Graeme and Tim try to control football hooligans - including Bill!

72. In Search of Bigfoot [a.k.a. Bigfoot]

The Goodies investigate the enigma of Arthur C. Clarke - man or myth?

73. The Holiday

The Goodies are stuck in a holiday house because it's raining and snowing outside.

74. A Change of Life

Bill celebrates yet another birthday in a mood of lethargy and enervating nostalgia.

75. Pets

[No details]