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NSF Site Listings(Use your browser's Find feature)
Knurek's GBS File Listings

Buster Brothers GBS (Game Boy Sound)
Ultimate Surfing GBS (Game Boy Sound) (Didn't try to beat game to get author's name)
Dracula: Crazy Vampire GBS (Game Boy Sound)
Woody Woodpecker GBS (Game Boy Sound) (Author Unknown)
Command Master GBS (Game Boy Sound) (Didn't try to beat game to get author's name)
DokiDoki Densetsu GBS (Game Boy Sound) (Didn't try to beat game to get author's name)
Barcode Taisen Bardigun GBS (Game Boy Sound) (Didn't try to beat game to get author's name)
Hexcite - Shapes of Victory GBS (Game Boy Sound)
Hinsyutu Eibunpo GBS (Game Boy Sound) (Didn't try to beat game to get author's name)
Toy Story 2, NBA 3 on 3, Stunt Race FX 3D Demo GBSs (Game Boy Sound)
Yosou Umaban Club GBS (Game Boy Sound) (Didn't try to beat game to get author's name)
Bamse (Swedish) GBS (Game Boy Sound)
Kandume Monsters (+ KD Parfait) GBS (Game Boy Sound) (Didn't try to beat game to get author's name)
KIDDINX 4-pack GBS (Jenjamin Bluemchen, Bibi, Bibi und Tina, Wendy - Der Traum) (Game Boy Sound) (Didn't try to beat games to get authors' names)
GB Harobots GBS (Game Boy Sound) (Didn't try to beat game to get author's name)
Animorphs GBS (Game Boy Sound) (Refixed. Works in Nezplug again. Took out hack originally used)
102 Dalmations Fix GBS (Game Boy Sound) (Ripped by someone I don't feel like looking up. FF07 write removed from code)
Duke Nukem GBS (Game Boy Sound) (Maybe fixed. FF07 write removed from code)
Dr. Rin ni Kiitemite GBS (Game Boy Sound) (Didn't try to beat game to get author's name) (GBC Bit set, fixed bank 0 write)
Gameboy Color Promotional Demo (Demo, then Wario Land 2 music) GBS (Game Boy Sound) (Didn't try to beat game to get author's name) (GBC Bit set)
Grandia - Parallel Trippers GBS (Game Boy Sound) (Didn't try to beat game to get author's name) (GBC Bit set)
Pocket Puyo Puyo Tsuu Fix GBS (Game Boy Sound) (Ripped by someone I don't feel like looking up. Changed several Bank 6 references to Bank 1. May make it hardware-friendly.)
Rainbow Islands GBS (Game Boy Sound) (Didn't try to beat game to get author's name) (Fixed null banking)
Bugs Bunny Collection GBS (Game Boy Sound) (Didn't try to beat game to get author's name) (Fixed null banking)
Front Row GBS (Game Boy Sound) (Didn't try to beat game to get author's name) (Fixed null banking)
Super Mario Land 4 (Hack) GBS (Game Boy Sound) (Didn't try to beat game to get author's name) (Removed FFFF writes)
Sylvania Melodies GBS (Game Boy Sound) (Didn't try to beat game to get author's name) (Fixed null banking)
Yu-Gi-Oh - Dark Duel Stories GBS (Game Boy Sound) (Didn't try to beat game to get author's name) (Ended up using a null VBlank INT setup. Bad default interrupt emulation???) (NEZPlug++ FF4D Fix) (Internal Bank Numbering Remapped)
Zoids - Jashin Fukkatsu! Genobreaker Hen GBS (Game Boy Sound) (Didn't try to beat game to get author's name) (Null baking fixed)
Tatsujin Techou GBS (Game Boy Sound) (Didn't try to beat game to get author's name)
Battle Space GBS (Game Boy Sound) (Didn't try to beat game to get author's name)
Kachiu Mayoso Keiba Kizoku Ex '94, '95 GBS (Game Boy Sound)
Keitai Keiba 8 Special GBS (Game Boy Sound) (Didn't try to beat game to get author's name)
Sangokushi Game Boy Han GBS (Game Boy Sound) (Didn't try to beat game to get author's name)
Tekichuu Rush GBS (Game Boy Sound) (Didn't try to beat game to get author's name)
Honmei Boy GBS (Game Boy Sound) (Didn't try to beat game to get author's name)
Soul Falchion (Unlicensed) GBS (Game Boy Sound)

NEZPlug Upgrade
The VBlank+Timer feature has been incorporated into the NEZPlug upgrade, so no need to keep the code up.

Old GBSs

GBR Format information

This program will attach the GBS Player 1.02(or a modified 1.02) program to a GBS file, and make a .GB BGB compatible file. It will overwrite existing .GB files without asking, which is helpful in debugging. It also includes a basic command reference file, and can find potential bank switching writes within bank 0, and the initially loaded 0x4000 - 0x7FFF code. Source code included.
GBS2GB 1.17 (Aug-23-08:Added an option to remove font display. Lowers GBS Load limit from 470 to 2D0 when used)

If you want to use the program to convert a GBS as it is into a GSF file, you can download this, and put the files in with the current version of the program:
GBS2GSF Addon (Now with Goomba Color 3-31-2008)

Broken GBSs:
If someone else wants to try to make working versions of these, you can at least find working init and play code in these:
None right now.

Fixes to try:
Check the following registers:
FF70 (if written to/read from, try to code out all uses. They are supported, but often not needed, and always make it more complicated to do a rip)
FF24-FF26 (These are channel enable/volume registers. Zeroed out without undoing, or getting written with bad data is something to check)
FF06,FF07 (These are the 0x0E/0x0F GBS header values. FFFF Bits 1,2,4 (& 0x07) are valid writes to include in 0x0F, bit 0x80 is speed doubler. 0x44 is for vblank+timer usage. See GBS2GB docs)
If some notes are missing, check FF30-FF3F for wave pattern writing in the game, then in the GBS. Note that some games have a distinct wave pattern table from a game reset, and won't have one written by code(see rhino rumble for example)
Watch what's written to 2000, 2100, 2666, or whatever address is used for banking. Make sure to adjust bank data, and check again if there's more trouble, like hard-coded writes
Check for writes to 3000-3FFF, which are generally written with 0, and often undo banking procedures, so remove them.
Check what's written to FFFF the last time it's written before a song. Use the same in the GBS's init routine if it's not 1(GBS header 0x0E/0x0F = 00), 4(see 0x0E/0x0F of header), 5(vblank+timer, see GBS2GB documents), or 0/not written(Game Genie BIOS does this, probably not accurately rippable)
Another FFFF issue is that Nezplug doesn't like certain types of FFFF writes that won't screw up a .GB of a GBS. Keep it to none, so the player handles it, or 1 in init if it needs to be non-standard, like Animorphs
One more thing I recently learned is that some GBC programs rely on FF4D to determine how to render the music properly. Most rips can be dealt with just by leaving the GBC setting off, but some rips can use the GBC setting to run more similarly to the original game, even though this may have caused trouble in previous versions of NEZPlug.
Run the same song in the game, and a .GB of the GBS, and check that the initial song data looks right.
If song init seems correct, start from the end of the Init routine on game and .GB of the gbs, put a breakpoint on the Play routine in both, set the .GB's registers to the same as the game's registers when both have hit play, and alt-tab between programs, stepping through the code until they're not identical in registers or PC position.
Beyond this, one starts to see issues like calls that start in the GBS header, jumps into 0000-0150 code without crashing anything, or other similarly hard to deduce problems. Such insane issues can sometime be better debugged with NEZPlug using custom RSTs that hang the GBS with 18FE commands so you can look at the stack addresses. With out-of-range addresses from the nezplug stack, you can add breakpoints in BGB.
Bakuchou Retriever Master defied all of the above, and required manual stepping to make work, as it actually used the RST 38 calls for something, and managed to jump to a spot in 0000-0150 that didn't cause any visible error in code besides the GBS not playing
Banking to 0, or a non-existent bank may screw up the hardware side of GBS playback. This is still to be determined, by me at least.

Ikinari Musician NSF (Nintendo Sound Format)
Rockman 2 minimum NSF (Nintendo Sound Format)
Rod Land JP Fix NSF (Nintendo Sound Format) (Replace both existing Rod Land rips, as both are the same. Fixes several tracks, adds 1 as song 1. Also added pause themes of the 16 normal songs)
Yo! Noid fixed(?) NSF (Nintendo Sound Format) (Probably a 4017 error. Original by myu2203)
Rockman 2 Unprecedented NSF (Nintendo Sound Format)
1942 edited NSF (Nintendo Sound Format) (PPU writes avoided by changing Play)
Star Voyager NSF (Nintendo Sound Format) (Music was in PPU RAM, SFX init routines scattered, but ripped)
American Gladiators NSF (Nintendo Sound Format)
Casino Kid (Optimized) NSF (Nintendo Sound Format) (Decided to see just how much better I was at dealing with NSFs, compared to how I was with my first rip. Cut size to less than half)
Overlord Fix NSF (Nintendo Sound Format) (An update to an existing rip. Adds 1 song and some SFX. Documents some music routine crud, and has some cheats for testing too)
Transformers - Convoy no Nazo Edit NSF (Nintendo Sound Format) (An update to an existing rip. Inits $4017 with 0x40. May not have had an error)
Shadow Warriors NSF (Nintendo Sound Format) (Essentially the Ninja Gaiden rip, with Shadow Warriors bank data)
Ganbare Goemon 2 Fix NSF (Nintendo Sound Format) (An update to an existing rip. Wrong song init address. 4017 write added)
Stealth ATF NSF (Nintendo Sound Format)
Super Mario Bros. 3 Exp (Hack) NSF (Nintendo Sound Format)
Dragon Wars (Prototype) NSF (Nintendo Sound Format) (Didn't try to beat game to get author's name)
Superman (Prototype) NSF (Nintendo Sound Format) (Guessed author)
Videomation NSF (Nintendo Sound Format) (I don't think the game has credits)
Super Mario USA NSF (Nintendo Sound Format) (Only Track 16 is different from SMB2)
Wilys Dream Space (Hack) NSF (Nintendo Sound Format)
Super Pitfall NSF (Nintendo Sound Format) (Didn't try to beat game to get author's name)
Paperboy 2 NSF (Nintendo Sound Format) (Didn't try to beat game to get author's name)

Old NSFs

I'm ready for more NSF ripping now. The Mach Rider track was recorded on the hardware for me, and it turns out it's FCEUXDSP that plays it wrong, and the remix for Smash Bros. is also off. Knowing this, I can more confidently trust my players to be accurate.
NotSoFatso Update

fceuxdsp_1_07_NSF.rar (09/18/07)
An updated FCEUXDSP (Homepage), which supports NSFs a bit better. It can play NSFs with no bankswitching data, and you can use more of the debugging tools with the NSFs, like the trace logger, data logger, and memory viewer. I've also included a CDL scanning VB program, to help get rid of unused banks after logging all song data from a reset. The fast-forward button helps a lot for this. One thing: don't optimize NSFs too much. Many still need some work, for various reasons. Having used banks in a completed form helps get them working right. The changed source files are included.

NotSoFatso-UF's Version + Wave_Square.h update Simply UF's latest listed NotSoFatso source(09262007), with the Wave_Square.h file updated with some code that functions the way FCEUXDSP's sound code does. Makes 4017 inits work better.

Download from here (Not enough space on this account)

Other miscellaniac stuffs:
I've had an aversion to firefox due to a couple of issues for a while now, but I think I'm ready to switch over. I'm putting this here so I can easily get the info again, and so the specific info can be spread around a bit. All my main concerns have been addressed in a way, so I think I'll be sticking to it.

If you're having trouble logging into a site using Firefox(this may happen with phpBB forums), you can get rid of the cookies for that site by doing this:
Go to Tools->Options->Show Cookies, type in the name of the site, then select all the ones that apply to the site and click 'Remove Cookie'. Could save you several re-logins

NoScript - Without this in place, I managed to get my first adware infection since I learned how to secure IE6. Whitelisting only as needed even saves page load times.
Duplicate Tab - Lets you copy the current tab to a new window, and retain the address history. For IE pundits: Duplicate Tab Options>Context Menu>Bottom Checkbox(show in right click menu for links)>ONLY enable Show 'Duplicate Tab to New Window' in the area that appears. This should get you close to how IE deals with a new window.
Handy Xtra Stuff - Can be configured to popup "Alt" Text the way "Title" Text is displayed. Practically required for comfort if switching from IE.
ImgLikeOpera - Boxes up Alt Text in an image box. Lets you load only cached images, which is nice for flakey or slow connections, or if you like low loading overhead.
QuickProxy - So I can enable/disable Proxomitron support really easily. (I prefer the 'Dull square iconset')
Greasemonkey - Lets you write/modify scripts to do things to webpages so they're displayed the way you want them.
I used it for this: put_alt_text_in_title.user.js
Statusbar Clock - I just wanted a clock with the date/Day of the Week. Updated to seem compatible with the new Firefox, as the comments suggested: Firefox 3 hack(Save, Drag/Drop into a Firefox window to install)
Organize Status Bar - I like the list to end in 'statusbar-clock-dis...', 'gm-status', 'ilo-statusbarpanel', 'noscript-status(Icon,Label,Xss,Redi...)', 'quickproxy'. Makes it easy to customize the order.

BuildRSNPlaylist 1.00
This small program will allow you to mix multiple RSN files into 1 playlist, with the files contained in the RSN in alphabetical order. I've heard people ask for something like this here and there, so I finally decided to try getting something together. Note that very large playlists can be made with this, and when loaded into winamp, they can slow the computer to a crawl during processing. If you want a complete playlist, you may want to make seperate alphabetical files, so they can be processed by winamp, then saved over the existing unprocessed playlists afterwards. Processing #-B of the Zophar's Domain set took winamp over a minute in generating extended information from the RSNed SPC, and resulted in a playlist of 2574 entries. Once the playlist was resaved with extended information displayed, it reloaded into winamp with no processing time.

SPC Timer Update
I modified Damien Good's(CaitSith2) SPC Timing program with some logic that applied a little better to the GBS-SPC packs I was ripping. May work well with other SPCs as well.

I also made a Password Generator which has yet to be sufficiently indexed on search engines yet. I'm putting this here because they don't crap out on this page.
It supports a password generator for the following games, as of 1.08:
The Genius Bakabon (NES) (Encode/Decode)
Space Shuttle Project (NES) (Encode)
The Battle of Olympus (NES) (Encode/Decode)
Solar Jetman (NES) (Encode/Decode)
Kid Icarus (NES) (Encode, Original + Virtual Console/Revision 1, and NES<->VC convertor)
Fire 'N Ice (NES) (Encode/Decode)
Who Framed Roger Rabbit (NES) (Encode/Decode)
Bubble Bobble (NES) (Encode/Decode)
Casino Kid (NES) (Encode/Decode)

Find it here, under the "Misc. Game Utils" section

My free Hex Editor of choice has a new freeware version up. If you use this version, I suggest you customize the toolbar with a Find bar, Forwards and Backwards search buttons, the Checksum drop down, and take off a couple of the bars. I replaced the Standard toolbar stuff with the 'Old Toolbar' stuff. It can be made to look like the 2.0 version's bar, and it seems promising with a bit of customization.
HexEdit 3.0

Though, because the old version isn't really offered at this point...
Original Source
Alternate Source

Also, here's a 2.0 EXE with the intro dialog ResHacked out of it, as well as independent settings from 3.0, to spare a fight over incompatible toolbar settings:
HexEdit 2.0, Intro Dialog Removed
(If it won't show the main window, make a file in the same folder as the program named "autoexec.hem", run it, close it, and remove the file. This worked for me. Alternately, you can use the included Hexedit_20_settings_reset.reg to reset the registry entry used for this version of the .EXE file)

2.0 is superior to 3.0 in that it's less bulky, and loads a few moments faster. It's just plain better if you only need it for simple stuff, like copy & paste, or the comparison features. I never bothered to remove the intro screen when I used it as my primary Hex Editing app, but that's because I started it occasionally, and used it for long periods of time. You can install it(or copy it from it's install folder) wherever you want, and also install 3.0, and both will coexist peacefully, if started one at a time. Since both versions are freeware, you get to use either or both. I find I'm not using the new features, and the toolbars on 3.0 start a bit borked, but they can be replaced with working ones.

Grandia Music File Splitter
If you have a Grandia disc for the PSX, you can extract the .GMS files from it. Then you can use VGMStream by HCS to play them. Feel free to batch-file the set into ideal working order, if there's an interest.

Super Gameboy Color Scheme info
Color Scheme info for BGB, and a list of color setups that are automatically selected when certain games are played in a Super Gameboy.
Super Gameboy Color Encoder/Decoder
Because I'm crazy.

My GSHI Code Source Files
The GSHI, a place to get retro game cheats at. Modern console hacking also welcome
Galoob Game Genie Codebook Collection

Dark Law Text Fix IPS Patch (Oct_21_09)
Tales of Symphonia (PS2) ADX Renamer Batch File

A (less) beta-ish USFLib management program. Compresses files into SR64 chunks for manual addition, extracts SR64 sections according to the number of SR64 tags in the file. Now lets you confirm the size and start point, and cancel if it looks wrong.
Can also sometimes be used to make working save-states out of USFLibs and optionally, miniusf patches to the file.
Not heavily debugged, and not well documented, but it tends to work from my use of it.
USFLib Extractor (01/16/09)

Mario Kart 64 Speedups - Single-track fix


How to achieve archived and delayed contact with me:
You're better off going to or the nesdev forums

Other Stuff
It took me a little under 10 years, but I managed to run out of space by nibbling on it. I'm tossing some stuff on this other page.

Click for a text readout + around 2684 since the page was first made.