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AVATAR's Trade Wars 2002 Site

Well it is about time that someone has sat down and made a web page for all of us who are trying to find new games to play, but do not want to pay for the BBS time. I have done some searching around the web and have come up with a few links to BBS's that offer the best games on the web and don't cost a dime. I know that you are as thrilled about this as I am and that you can't wait to play on these boards. Be sure to look for the Trinity Corp on these boards and to drop AVATAR a line when you see him. He's the CEO of the corp.

Updated on a Weekly basis. Well traders and evils this is the latest that i have for you and I hope that you will get some enjoyment out of these topics.

Well At the top of the list is the board that I play at the current time and I am really enjoying this game. The board that I am yakking about is Eclipse BBS. I like this board for the fact that they have a great following of traders and that they take no bullshit for Dupes or Bugs. If you are caught using bugs in this game you will be removed from the databases ASAP. Also the same goes for Dupes here too. This game has 1600 turns per day and 5 hours of free time per day. To see about getting more online time talk to Echo which is the game op and one of the boards Sysops. She will let you know how you can qualify to get more online time with this board. Also for you evils out there this board currently has an 8 second P-torp duriation and 2 day port regen cycles. Hope too see you playing their soon. The telnet address for this board is

It seems that a new 20k sector game has been started at the elusive board and that it seems to be going well. This is a free site to telnetters and seems to me that it has a decent speed. I like this game but I would like to see some new mods for this game as soon as possible. The telnet for this board is

Also, in the Intergalictic news today, Rippers BBS seems to be on the come back from a crippling blow from one of thier very own sysops. They have cut all their local lines and have gone straight telnet now. They have a good following and seem to have some very good players on this board. The telnet for this board is

USCOM seems to be having a good game this bang and does not look like they will be having a Rebang anytime soon. This game is about four months old now and to be truthful I like games that go for a extended period of time. The telnet for this board is

If there are any boards out there that you are currently playing be sure to email me and I will see about posting them in the top ten list ASAP.

Thank you all for your continued patronage, AVATAR

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