Pics of The Great Tentacled One

Thes Pics are of, my hero, The Great D'argo! Some of you may be thinking, "What does she see in Him?" Well, I don't give a rat's ass what you may think, for I think he is MARVELOUS! I won't go into a big description of what he is like on Farscape. If you're that curious, GO WATCH THE SHOW!!! I will say that Anthony Simcoe, the fabulous actor who portrays D'argo, is FANTASTIC!!! I would LOVE to meet him someday. His portrayal of The Great One is superb! I feel strongly that there are great things in store for Mr. Simcoe. Fabulous actor, Fabulous Face, Fabulous Body, Fabulous VOICE! (Can you tell I like the guy?) You may not be able to tell listening to D'argo (they use a hidden microphone to give his voice that deep, growling quality) But I can hear the tone of his voice underneath. I just have to meet him, so I can find out if I'm right. (Which I believe I am)
Why do I like D'argo so damn much? I know I'm going to get asked this sooner or later, so I'll go ahead and answer that now. Could it be the way he carries himself? His attitude? The fact that he is hard on the outside, and vunerable inside? Or could it be that I just happen to like strong, don't take s*** from anyone aliens with tentacles? It is probably a combination of all of these. I have often wondered while watching Farscape, "Why exactly do you adore D'argo so much?" And you know I can't come up with a clear and simple answer. I just do. Deal with it if it bothers you!
Now you may wonder if I had similar obsessions with other alien characters on other shows. The answer to that is no. I don't even watch the various other Sci-fi shows on Tv today. I like Star Trek, and some of the others on TV, but If I do watch them, I don't ever get any kind of obsession with any of the characters, Alien or otherwise. I never, ever have. So it's not some kind of alien lust that constantly reoccurs with me. I do drool over other characters I see on TV. But not one of them is anything Like D'argo. And I'm not obsessed with any of them. So why D'argo? I keep coming back to that, and I think it is a combination of the character himself,(His looks, attitude, etc.) and the fact that Anthony Simcoe just makes him come alive! D'argo would be just another bad-ass alien without Anthony, and I am forever grateful to whoever cast Anth in that role! I hope they realize what a great job they did when they picked him! I can't be obsessed over D'argo w/o obsessing over Anthony as well! Anthony seems like my kind of guy from what I've seen and read about him.(And on a personal note: Anthony, if you ever read all this, I just want you to know, I am NOT some freaky stalker. You don't have to worry about that! But I would definitely enjoy meeting with you someday, If the chance ever arises. I think you are a wonderful actor, and admire you greatly. End of story!)