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It was a dark, cloudless night when the Sword&Serpents doors opened to the figure in white...her long hair brushing her thighs as she entered the room...a distinctive pair of eyes scanned the occupants, one emerald green...the other blue, the color of fire burning at it's hottest. Her name? Kyndra.... She is one of fire and grace...her heart holds nothing but goodness and love for most she meets. Her distinctive eyes sparkle with kindness, her smile ready for all. She laughs and the air about her fills with the sounds of the most melodic chimes...she speaks and her voice touches your soul. A better friend few will find...Her blade always ready to defend those she loves...her arms always open to comfort. No one can explain why she is hunted...only that she perseveres...for her daughter, her friends and for the memory of her family. The words she lives by echo in the halls of her family home...As long as one heart still holds on, then hope is never really gone.

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