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Dawn is about 5'6". She has long blond hair with shimmering blue eyes and ruby red lips. She wears a red silk shirt and a green skirt. Around her neck is a small crystal which contains the soul of her mother and a small gold amulet.

Dawn came across the Sword and Serpent about a week before it opened. She was wondering in the town looking for a place to stay, when Sir Lancer brought her to the tavern. She introduced her to everyone. She helped with making sure everything was ready for the opening day. She was offered a job by Shayde to be a barmaid and she accepted. Everything was finally looking up for her, she had a purpose in life, she found friends, and a real family. She also found the man she loves Tozjia. For once in her life the world was perfect, her three year search for a family finally came to an end.

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