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Raegan's is a tale somewhat like another ye have heard...Once upon a midday sun, a babe was placed beneath debris in an effort to save her life. Came a time when "her lightness", Godess of the #Valley of Light was wandering the boundaries of her property when she heard the cries emit from the underbrush of a ledge. Indeed...

Raegan 's parents lay dead beside her, and the kind light godess took Raegan back to the Castle Darkblayde to live and grow under her exquisite supervision. In respect of the child's race, her royal lightness demanded that Raegan be treated as the mortal she is. Surrounded by the protection of those under Godess' rule...

Raegan was not allowed to practice magic or hone any sort of skill that would be considered unusual for a human. In this effort, Godess did manage that Raegan's life be as normal as any other commoner.

Raegan , though used to the finer things that comes from living under roof with royalty, finds that a simpler life suits her. She set out at the age of eighteen upon her graduation, to "see the world" and was hired on as barmaiden at #Broken_Dagger... Raegan , a friend to Shayde and Sir_Lancer, was at one time sitting absently in the #Broken_Dagger, when was called upon by Shayde to help out at her establishment. Nothin better to do, she followed to #Sword&Serpent, intending to help with the struggles of restructuring the place, only to stumble into a position there!

Raegan , of course, has no idea just what her job is there, but she does busy herself with whatever happens along! This golden-haired maiden is just full of common talents, don't ye know?

Raegan , settles comfortably among the patrons of this tavern, dipping into conversation here and there, though her mind forever be on Tanais...need ye ask who he is?? Do so, and she will delight ye with stories of him until ye ears do burn and ye cry "mercy!!"* Raegan , now twenty-four years in age, looks forward to making light the hearts of those who mourn the unforgiveness of life...and so it is, that this fair skinned lady seeketh the broken-down for a chance she might make a difference.

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