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Tozjia is a very tall 1/2 elf (6' 4" tall, approx. 230 lbs.). Tozjia is actually 3/4 elven - .5 Grey, .25 High, and .25 Human. he gets his build and height from his father.

He is dressed in mostly browns and greens. Brown leather britches, knee high brown boots, a brown leather tunic, a green cloak. He carries two short swords on his left side. One of the swords has a larger than normal pommel (approx. 1.5 hands). The metal of this particular pommel, appears to be twisting vines and branches. Upon His head is a black hood which covers his facial features. The hood (more like an executioners hood) is actually separate from the cloak he is wearing. A black cat is his constant companion.

When his hood is pushed from over his head, Tozjia can be seen to have very Elven facial features. In fact if it were not for his height and build, Tozjia would appear to be a full elf. Brilliant Emerald green eyes can now be seen. As the cloak is removed, a longer than waist length braid of hair, pure white in colour can be seen.

His feline friend is Morlome (More-low-ma).

Tozjia is generally a quiet individual. While he is slow to anger, vengeance can come swiftly. He values family, friendship and loyalty above all else.

Tozjia is a wanderer, a practioner of both the Druidic arts, and the ways of the woodland warrior. Tozjia is a Shadoweir to her Lady of the Wood Mielikki. His past is a mystery to most, for this is one aspect of his life that he does not discuss with any, but his closest, and most dearest friends. There is aire about this druid, one of confidence, and self assuredness, he will never back down from a challenge, especially if it concerns his friends or family. For he is a protector.

It would seem that his wanderering have brought him back to the one place, other than his beloved grove, that he can call home. Having found the #Sword&Serpent in its earlier days, when it was run by the Water Sprite Tessa, Tozjia made the Inne his second home. Having shown Lady Tessa that he was able to care for the Inne in her absence, the Lady did hire the Druid to watch over the Inn whilst she was away. Alas after a time, the wanderlust in the Druid's heart did grow, and he visits to the Inne did dwindle. Eventually the Inne was closed, and Tozjia lost touch with his dear friend.

Yet one fateful day, a yearning did fall over Tozjia, and he was compelled to visit a place he had not been to in ages. Expecting to see the empty shell of what once was The Sword and Serpent, whose only inhabitants would be the ghosts of memories past, Tozjia was pleasantly surprised. For there were people in the Inne. None he recognized, but people none-the-less. Entering the Inne, he was greeted by Lady Shayde, Sir Lancer, and Lady Raegan. Much to his surprise the Lady Shayde did recognize him... It would seem the Lady Tessa upon selling the Inne, did inform Shayde of its previous employees. The Lady Shayde did offer him his old job back, and Tozjia quickly accepted. Though he is not fully sure he had a choice.

In his heart, he knew that this was where he was meant to be, but he did not know why he felt this way. This feeling did persist within the Druid for a long period of time. He did meet a young beautiful woman, Dawn by name, but it would seem that their relationship was not meant to be. Tozjia fell back to the one thing he needed and knew to do. Protecting his friends.

And it was doing just this, at his dear friend Kyndra's wedding, that Tozjia met Kalendra. Having gone to the wedding in the guise of the Shadow Lord, Tozjia was there with but one purpose in mind, to ensure that Lady Kyndra's wedding would go unblemished, and the sanctity of the day, and the sacredness of the vows would not be ruined. Upon entering the wedding hall, he was stopped, by a young Amazon warrior, who it would seem also wanted to protect Kyndra. At first Tozjia was angered, that someone dare try to stop him from doing what he felt was his job. As he allowed his senses to flow, Tozjia could sense the sincerity of her task, and he knew that Kalendra was there for the same reason as he. But there was also a strength and determination within this woman that he had never witnessed before. There was also a wall, a wall of emotion, that she was hiding behind. Who was this strong, fiercly determined Amazon women, but a better question was, who was the person that was hiding beneath a wall of stoic emotion, and hatred of men?

Kalendra did seem to except him. Was it because he refused to back down from her, or because they did have a similar goal. Tozjia did not know. What he did know, was that he wanted to get to know her better. But it would seem the fates would decide against him, or so he thought.

A few weeks after the wedding, Tozjia was the victim of a magical gating gone awry... With his magics and memories ripped from him, Tozjia found himself in an unknown land, with his mind only being able to function by instinct alone, little thought or logic. Just raw elven instinct. But through the haze and fog of his amnesia a face did appear... Kalendra! She had come to rescue the Druid's "Sorry Hide." Even upon returning to his Grove, and his friends, Kalendra was the only person that he knew...

If you were to ask him why, his answer would be that "Her memories were stored here..." and he then points to his heart, "... and not here", pointing to his head.

They are bonded, their thoughts, their lives, and their hearts are as one. And not even death will separate this bond. And this is a bond, that Tozjia will explain began at the wedding of a very dear friend. And he recieved the wish that he had made that day, for he now knows the woman behind the wall.

Tozjia is now complete, he has his friends, and he has found Kalendra, his one true love, and soul mate. And even the Lady Tessa does drop in from time to time to sit by the hearth, and share a mug of Honey Meade with her old friend. What more could one ask for.

What of his time before the Sword and Serpent? Well that my friend is a story given only to his closest friends. So come dear reader, befriend the Druid, and perhaps one day, you too may know. But until that day, I leave you with his oath...

"May the Faith of Erinithldae,

the Hope of Lond Daer,

the Promise of Edhellond,

and the Ways of Mielikki protect and keep thee safe always."

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