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Welcome Home All Travellers

In an age long forgotten, in a realm lost in find a forest bordered by the ocean and a winding path through the woods. As a weary traveller you are looking for place to find food, drink and adventure. As you walk the path you see from a distance an Inne with a thatched roof, large wooden doors and diamond shaped windows that reflect the sunlight like a prism or shimmer in the sullen moonlight..depending on your time of arrival in the realm. You can hear the shouts of laughter in the very air around you. A sign above the door beckons you, entrusted with strange writings..magic runes from even a more ancient time, it sways in the ocean breeze as if it has a life of it's own drawing you closer to the warmth and adventure lying behind the doors. Once inside you hear all turn to greet you in various stages of distractions. But the ever present Lilith will always be the first to smile and make you welcome. She is the barkeep and will fulfill your long as they are properly asked..she will see you have the ale or fare you require to make your stay pleasant. The warmth of the fire in the greatroom calls you to the hearth, as you look around a large mahogony bar, buffed to brilliance by Lilith, dominates the room. Tables and chairs of heavy smooth wood placed around the inne for your comfort.

You will see an elven woman of small stature wandering the inne..or merely standing by to watch. She is the owner Shayde...You will recognise her by her bold attitude and appearance..but mostly by her sharp quips and wit. She is an elven warrior, she surveys the room her silver hair casting sparks of moonbeams about her, ice blue eyes speckled with silver, flash around the room. Her lithe body is covered by a bodice of wolfskin, soft doeskin breeches and knee high boots of soft leather that make her footsteps almost silent. An ash bow, a silver quiver of arrows strapped across her back and a sword at her side reveal her warrior status . The red crystal of her ancestors swings from a silver cord bound into a red streak in her hair...she nods a silent greeting . Her faithful hound, Strabo, a white wolflike creature who was born of Magicks gone awry, stands as silent sentry near the elvish lass. He stands 4 feet tall at the shoulder and has a weight of 150 pounds. He wears a woven leather collar with a red crystal identical to Shayde's..he is still a pup and growing rapidly. Shayde can abruptly disappear for months at a time as the wanderlust overrides her sense of stability, her faithful friend Lilith will see all runs accordingly until her return. Whenever that may be...Shayde will one day write her adventures to share with those who would have an interest...


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