Natalie Portman

My thoughts on Natalie....

It was around February when one night, bored out of my mind, my curiousity on the new Star Wars Episode I came to me. I searched the web and found a page. There, this beautiful young lady caught my eye immediately. But a picture doesn't tell me enough about this rising star. I continued my search and found out that Natalie Portman has more than beautiful looks...she is very intellegent. A straight A student at her high school, Natalie plans to attend an Ivy League school next fall. Where? I'm not sure and it's none of my business. But Star Wars wasn't her first film by far. She has been acting all thoughout her childhood/teen years in such films as "The Professional", "Everyone Says I Love You", "Beautiful Girls", "Mars Attacks!" and, of course, "Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace." If you've seen Star Wars already, then you know how she takes on two roles in the film and does a stellar job! Portman has already signed to be in the next episode of Star Wars and will balance school in her busy schedule as well. Natalie Portman is truly a gifted actress, an intellegent student, and a beautiful young lady who's future looks promising.

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