Danica McKellar

My thoughts on Danica....

Not many TV shows today interest me too much. Why? I like a show or sitcom to show heart, sincerity, and good quality drama. Most shows today are primarely either a poor attempt to humor an audience through stupid plots/jokes or the attempt to entertain people through sexual innuendos and lust. One show that has never ceased to lose my interest is "The Wonder Years." This show is the best example of a show that has heart, sincerity, and excellent drama. Without Danica's role of Winnie Cooper, the show wouldn't have been the same or near as successful. When the show first started, Danica was just a little girl. After about 120 episodes later and years later, Danica grew up to be a beautiful young lady and a talented actress. After "The Wonder Years" ended, Danica attended UCLA, majored and recieved her bachelor's degree in mathmatics. She continued her acting ability after college by casting as "Rizzo" in the broadway production of "Grease." Danica also has a web page where she personally answers any questions dealing with math, school, or anything in general (The official website of Danica McKellar). Danica McKellar is a very attractive young lady and a talented actress.

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