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Ty and Mary Ashley

These are the joys of my life! He's nine and she's three years old and we are absolutely thrilled with them!

Family Cooking

My other passion in life is cooking. I own a list called Family Cooking with around 220 members. They contribute recipes each week and at the end of the week, I pick a favorite and post it on my Family Cooking Website. It is a tough decision, as you might imagine, but well worth it. I think you'll agree! If you'd like to join, too, click here. We'd love to have you!

A bit about me

I grew up in a small town called Crestview in Northwest Florida. My family usually spent most of our summers at our beach house in Seaside. I met my husband, Dustin , in high school there. We both went to college at the University of Alabama, graduated and married in January of 1995. We moved to Atlanta to begin our new life and after having been there only 3 months, Dustin got a job offer from Fruit of the Loom in Arkansas. We moved to a small town (again!) called Osceola and lived there for 3 years. The best thing that came out of that was that my son, Ty, was born, though I delivered him in Memphis, TN. Dustin was offered another position in North Carolina and we hopped on it! We are so happy here! It is gorgeous ! The mountains are about an hour away and the beach is about 3 hours away! Perfect! I've compiled a few great places to visit if you ever come to North Carolina. If you'd like to have a look, just click below!

We were blessed with a new baby on New Year's Eve 2002! Mary Ashley Zick came into the world 3 months early, but what a fighter! She's our miracle baby, and you can read her story by clicking her picture above.

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