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Welcome to my page, dedicated to my fav. band...the sneaker pimps

Here is a picture of the Sneaker pimps chillin with Marilyn Manson.

The sneaker pimps didn't like working with Marolyn Manson...You've gotta love Kelli's quote for Mtv.."we kind of jumped on the chance to polish a bad they weren't that good at all..."

here is a picture of the sneaker pimps sneakers.

The band got their name when one of the beasty boys got in contact with them about some hard to find sneakers that he wanted...they found them and were nick-named the sneaker pimps as a result...

The sneaker pimps start to fall apart...

A while ago, Kelli, the lead vocalist, left the band to check out a solo career... I wonder what it will sound like...Well anyways, right now the sneaker pimps are looking for another vocalist...maybe I'll try out...8^)

Here is my Picture Gallary, full of pictures of the Sneaker Pimps.RARE PICTURES TO FIND!So come on in and enjoy.