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Hibbard ' Bailey ' Montanaro Website Design

Hibbard'Bailey'Montanaro Website Design

Hello and welcome to our Website Design Homepage. My name is Sandra Hibbard and I am one of the three partners that own this business. I feel that there are not enough affordable Website designers on the web today and I feel that you would like someone who is not going to cost you an arm and leg just to have a place on the web to call your home. We have started this new business to not only make some money, but to also help those who do not know how to create websites, and to help those who do not have the time to create a website.

It is our wish to make a wonderful website that not only looks professional but also is very easy for you to navigate. If you click on the link below you will go to my website that I started building back in 1996. I have made a lot of changes to my website and this will give you a little knowlege on my expertise as an html programmer. I taught myself html and all of my personal webpages are made using just html. I am now starting to add java script to my websites and will be making them beter as time goes by. I was going to North Carolina Central University for a BS Degree in Business CIS. That was taking too long so I decided to go to ECPI Technical College here in Ralegh NC and that is what I am doing right now. My friends are fellow students here at ECPI and we are currently striving for a Deploma in Computer Information Technology and Networking.

Personal Websites

This Website is just for businesses to have an affordable business website created for them. Our personal website design site is here. This is where you come to get a great looking personal website made just for your little space on the web. My own section is the Personal Website Design section. This is where you get very afordable website design and a free website hosting for your website. You will have alot of free places on the web to choose from. We will create the website account for you and make your first start page to help you get started. We will also maintain the sites for you if you do not have the time to do so. This will all be explained when our website is up and running. Please come by and give us a look.

Our Business Website Design Section

This is the section that my fellow partners will be incharge of and where small businesses can come and have a Website Account made for them and created at, again, a very low cost. Please tell your friends and family about our website. Lord Willing You will not be disappointed.

Our Personal Garantee

Our personal garantee to you is that you will be completely saticfied with your new home on the web or we will completely do it over at no extra charge. We will also adhear to your wishes about what you want on your page, as long as our rules are adhered to. Just click on the rules link and see what our rules are. They are very streight and to the point and as long as you adhere to them there will be no problems.

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Sandra Hibbard / PO Box 11533 / Durham, NC / 27703 / (919) 596-7435
This page was updated on the 28 of Feb. 2001.

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