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Special Forces Association Chapter 62


Updated 19 January 2000

The Most Visited SFA Chapter Website On The Internet

The First Special Forces Regiment Chapter
The Voice of Smoke Bomb Hill
PO Box 72633, Fort Bragg, NC 28307-2633

Our mission: To support the active duty Special Forces soldiers,
the JFK Special Warfare Museum, the Special Forces Chaplains,
and Special Forces Family Support Groups at Fort Bragg, NC


See the Newsletter link below for details

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Hot News
--The JFK Museum Gift Shop Is On-Line
Special Forces News
--MG(ret) Lutz Passes Away
--JFK Museum Assn Issues Son Tay Art Print--See it and Order Here
--News story on Son Tay Art Print Release
--Media wrong on "ex-Green Beret" story. SFA corrects the story.
--CNN and Time wrong on Operation Tailwind story. SFA sets it right.
--Author wrong on SF in MLK death says SFA and ABC News
--Article on SF in Foreign Service Journal, Sep 98
--More Special Forces News

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JFK Special Warfare Museum Gift Shop
Open Tuesday-Sunday, 11:30-4:00
Ardennes and Marion Street, Fort Bragg, NC
Call 910-436-2366
Accepting Visa and Mastercard over the phone

The JFK Museum Gift Shop Is On-Line

Help Support the JFK Special Warfare Museum
Join the Special Forces Branch
Historical and Memorial Museum Association


The Museum needs committed volunteers to help with packaging orders.
Best times to volunteer are all day Monday, 9-11 Tuesday-Sunday.
Please call 436-2366 if you can help.

Directory of Army Museums

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