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"It is a world transformed, where things are not what they seem. It is the world of the transformers...a world of heroic autobots and evil decepticons!"
----from the 1984 Transformers merchendise catalog

Transformers are one of the most popular action figure lines to date. They were being produced in Japan by Takara in the seventies, and eventually made their way into the U.S. to be produced by Hasbro in 1984. Here in the U.S. the line lasted for about six years, inspiring a cartoon series and comic books (it is interesting to note that the cartoon, comics, and toys all had different storylines). The toy line was only gone in the U.S. for two years, when it returned with generation 2, followed by Beast Wars, and most recently Machine Wars.
What I'm going to attempt to do for this page is have a list of descriptions, tech specs, and accessories for as many of the generation 1 Transformers as I can from 1984-87 (ones after that kinda sucked; ie: pretenders, micromasters). As you may suspect, this will take a long, long time. For right now I will list the ones that I own, and give the bio specs for as many as I can, as well as the accessories that came with them. To save space, I'll go ahead and mention that none of the autobot minibots came with accessories. This page is divided into categories based on years. Each year is divided into autobots and decepticons.


Optimus Prime- tractor trailer
Function: Commander
"Freedom is the right of all sentient beings."
Optimus Prime is the largest, strongest and wisest of all Autobots. Feels his role is the protections of all life, including Earth-life. Fights unceasingly to defeat the Decepticons. Splits into three autonomous modules: 1) Optimus Prime...the brain center known as the Commander; 2)Roller, the Autobot scout car...a spy who operates up to 1200 miles away; and 3) Autobot Headquaters...the comabat deck equipped with a versatile mechanic/artillery robot. Injury to one module is felt by the other two.

Bluestreak-gray datsun z
Function: Gunner
"I never met a Decepticon I didn't dislike."
Bluestreak often talks incessantly and inanely. Lightens the situation for all Autobots with his good natured manner. Despite formidable weaponry and blazing speed, he hates war. Haunted by memory of Decepticons destroying his home-city. Fires bombs up to 8.3 miles and lightning-like 80,000-volt beam up to 12 miles of limited accuracy. Often inhibited by his disdain for combat.

Brawn - green minibot jeep
Function: Demolitions
"Might over microchips."
To Brawn, Earth is essentially a hostile environment - and he loves it. Strong, rugged, agile - the most macho of all Autobots. Delights in challenges. Sorry for those not as tough as himself. Second strongest Autobot - can lift up 190,000 pounds and knock down a small building with one punch. High resistance to artillery fire. Vulnerable to attack by electromagnetic waves.

Bumblebee - yellow minibot vw bug
Function: Espionage
"The least likely can be the most dangerous."
Small, eager, and brave, Bumblebee acts as messenger and spy. Due to his small size, he dares to go where others can't and won't. He idolizes the bigger Autobots, especially Optimus Prime and Prowl, and strives to be accepted. He is the most energy efficient, and has the best vision for reconnaissance and salvage missions. Although physically the weakest Autobot, his stealth more than compensates for this inadequacy.

Gears - blue minibot truck
Function: Transport, reconnaissance
"Nobody wins a war - somebody loses."
Gears is anti-social, a self-proclaimed misfit. Finds fault in everything and everyone. Acts this way to help cheer others up. Tremendous strength and endurance. Totes heavy loads long distances. Launches to height of 20 miles, floats down on compressed air. Becomes an easy target due to limited maneuverablility. Can detect infrared.

Hound - green jeep
Function: Scout
"Observe everything, remember even more."
Hound loves the natural wonders of Earth, prefers it to Cybertron. Brave, fearless, loyal. Secretly desires to be human. Uses turret gun as radar scope, infrared radiation collector. Tracks machines as well as humans. Hologram gun projects 3-dimensional grid laser-light topographical maps. Vulnerable to thermal and electromagnetic interference.

Huffer - orange minibot semi-cab

Mirage - blue indy car
Function: Spy
"Who and what I am I hide from the enemy."
Mirage is not thrilled about being an Autobot freedom fighter. Prefers hunting down turbofoxes on Cybertron with his high-priced friends. Effective fighter, more effective intelligence gatherer. Electro-disrupter can cast illusions altering his physical placement and appearance for up to 6 minutes. Expert marksman with armor-piercing rocket-dart hunting rifle. Unsure of Autobot cause...can't be fully trusted.

Ironhide - red van
Function: Security

Sideswipe - red countach
Function: Warrior
"I don't break rules, I bend them - a lot."
Sideswipe is nearly the equal of his twin brother, Sunstreaker, in the combat arts, but less cold-blooded. Relishes a fight to the finish with an opponent. Uses underhanded tactics when absolutely necessary. Arms act as powerful lile drivers. Flies for up to 2 minutes with rocket backpack. Fires flares visible for 18 miles. Rash actions often lead to injuries to himself. Takes them all in stride.

Sunstreaker - yellow countach
Function: Warrior
"They can't beat the best."
The most complete egotist, Sunstreaker thinks he is the most beautiful thing on Earth. Loves his sleek styling, contemptuous of other Autobot race cars (particularly his twin, Sideswipe). Fires laser-guided ground-to-air rockets and high energy electron pulses at 300 bursts/sec. Tough polymer-steel skin resists artillery. Not a team player. Can be baited into dangerous situations, but is a very calm, competent and ruthless war machine.

Trailbreaker - black camper
Accesories: Radar Scanner, 2 twin blaster weapons, 2 missles, and 2 fists.Wheeljack - white maserati
Function: Mechanical Engineer
"Never do what your enemy expects you to do."
Wheeljack is the mad scientist of the Autobots. Always inventing new weapons and gadgets. Most adept at driving while in car mode. Likes to show off his stunts. Flying range of 800 miles using solid-fuel rockets in arms. Shoots magnetic inducer, shrapnel-cannons. He is his own worst enemy. Often injured while experimenting with new weapons.

Windcharger - red minibot firebird
"Quick action equals quick victory"
Windcharger is the fastest Autobot over short distances. Good in situations requiring, defensive action. Enthusiastic but impatient. Short attention span. Casts powerful magnetic field wich can attract or repel large metal objects. Smashes them at closer distances. These abilities use up tremendous energy. Often burns himself out due to carelessness.

Megatron - silver walther P-38(gun)
Accessories: 2-piece silencer, 3-piece telescope sight, 3-piece stock, and high density infrared laser cannon
Function: Decepticon Leader
" Peace through tyranny."
Megatron combines brute strength, military cunning, ruthlessness, and terror. Aches to return to Cybertron to complete conquest after destroying all the Autobots on Earth. Plans to possess all Earth's resources. Incredibly powerful and intelligent. Fires nuclear-charged fusion cannon. Can link up inter-dimensionally to a black hole and draw anti-matter from it for use as a weapon. No known weaknesses.

Buzzsaw - golden cassette/condor
Functon: Spy
"My bite is worse than my bark."
Civil and sophisticated yet very cruel and destructive. Approaches his lethal tasks like a fine artist. Each deadly mission is like working on a new masterpiece. Can pinpoint and photograph a thumbtack from 20 miles away. Flies at 250 mph. Carries twin mortar cannons. Diamond-hard, micro-serrated beak can carve up almost any opponent. Due to large ego, will often sulk rather than proceed if his plans go astray.

Frenzy - blue cassette
Function: Warrior
"Slow panic and surrender will bloom"
If Frenzy needed to breath, war would be his oxygen. He knows no cause, only craves to spread fear and destruction. His efforts are appriceated by other Decepticons. His devotion to warfare makes him hard to dealwith on a personal level. Can roll his drums to produce a high pitch,grating sound of 200db. Disorients and disrupts electricial flow in opponent's circuitry wich makes them malfuncition. Phsically weak. His maniac attack can be countered with cool logic.

Laserbeak - redcassette/condor
Function: Interrogation
"The only point I like in Autobots: melting point"
Laserbeak takes pleasure in hunting down his prey...usually the straggling survivors of a battle. Noticeably not brave. Will run for safety if threatened. Flies at speeds up to 250 mph. Uses two independantly targetable laser cannons with extreme precision to getinformation from caprives. Shortabe of ruby crystals that power the lasers can panic his system into shutting down.

Ravage - black cassette/jaguar
Function: Saboteur
"Today’s Autobots are tomorrow’s scrap metal."
Ravage operates best alone. A creature of the night. Craftiest of all Decepticons. Adept at devising deadly new strategies. Remains aloof from others, but his deeds command their respect. Can virtually escape detection-emits an electromagnetic emission shield, has a soundless walk, disappears in subdued light or shadow. Carries 2 powerful heat-seeking missiles. Light-sensitive. Can be blinded.

Rumble - red cassette
Function: Demolitions
"Destroy what’s below and what’s above will follow."
Rumble is your basic street punk. Small but always acting tough. Quick temper and mean disposition. Follows Megatron’s orders eagerly. Transmits immense low frequency groundwaves to create powerful earthquakes. His small size limits his physical strength, but his ability to shatter the ground makes him difficult to approach in a fight.

Skywarp - black jet
Function: Warrior
"Strike when the enemy isn’t looking."
Skywarp is the sneakiest of all Decepticons. Enjoys playing cruel pranks on fellow Decepticons and appearing out of nowhere to attack Autobots. Not too smart. Would be useless without Megatron’s supervision. Top speed of 1500 mph. Can instantly teleport up to 2.5 miles. Carries heat-seeking missiles and variable-calibre machine guns.

Soundwave - blue cassette recorder
Function: Communications
"Cries and screams are music to my ears."
It is said Soundwave can hear a fly sneeze. Uses anything he hears for blackmail to advance his status. Opportunist. Despised by all other Decepticons. Sensors can detect even lowest energy radio transmissions. Able to read minds by monitoring electrical brain impulses. Acts as radio link for others. Locates and identifies Autobots, then informs Decepticons. Carries a concussion blaster gun. Often target of retaliation by his comrades.

Thundercracker - metallic blue jet



Beachcomber - blue minibot dune-buggy
Function: Geologist
"Know the conflict within before facing the conflict without."
No interest in warfare; prefers long trips into deserts and along coasts...only places he feels he can escape to and relax. Cool headed, low key, personable - what Earthlings call "laid-back". Fights when called upon despite anti-war feelings. Range of 800 miles...can go over very rugged terrain. Sensors can determine chemical composition of land and find need resources. Susceptible to mental stress.

Blaster- red boombox
Function: Communicator

Cosmos - green minibot spaceship
Function: Reconnaissance & Communications
"Reach for the stars, but never leave your friends."
Lonely in outer space...relieves boredom by scaring humans by hovering over their backyards at night or zig-zagging through meteor showers. Can achieve Earth orbit, even go to Moon and back with enough fuel. Acts as communications satellite...optical sensors can see bicycle at 600 miles. Has pinpoint accuracy, high-powered particle beam. Not well-suited to function on ground as robot.

Grimlock (Dinobot) - Tyrannosaurus
Function: Dinobot Commander
"Among the winners, there is no room for the weak."
Most fearsome and powerful Dinobot. Although dedicated to the Autobot cause, resents authority. Cold merciless, but a valiant warrior. Has contempt for the weak, including all humans. Great strength, uses jaws to break almost anything in two. Carries energo sword and galaxial rocket launcher in Dinobot mode. Other than arrogance and lack of speed, has no real weaknesses.

Inferno - red fire engine
Function: Search & Rescue
"Where there's smoke, there's me. "
The hotter things get, the better he likes it, and this goes for fires and fights! Inferno can do anything Earth fire trucks can in vehicular mode, but is often distracted from his job to engage in combat. His great strength is thanks to his ceramic-plated armored skin that can withstand 8000 degrees Celcius. He also has an extinguisher rifle that shoots flame-suppressing foam, an energy dampening beam to counter other beams and forearms that shoot missiles. Unfortunately, he doesn't follow orders well and isn't very mobile as a robot.

Perceptor- microscope
Function: Scientist

Powerglide - red minibot plane
Function: Warrior.

Seaspray - blue minibot hovercraft
Function:Naval Defense

Slag (Dinobot) - Triceratops
Accessories: Energo sword, Electron blaster, Rocket Pad, 3 rockets
Function: Flamethrower

Sludge (Dinobot) - Brontosaurus
Function: Jungle Warrior

Snarl (Dinobot) - Stegosaurus
Accessories: Energo sword, Electron cannon, Rocket pad, 3 rockets
Function: Desert Warrior
"Only in war is there happiness."
An unhappy loner of few words and fewer opinions. Finds joy only in battle. Hates his Dinobot form, longs to return to Cybertron. Large golden plates on spinal assembly are solar collectors...strength increases tenfold in sunlight. Tail can shatter 20 foot concrete cube. Armored hide resists most missiles. Vulnerable to nighttime attack due to his weaker state. Slow..uncooperative nature hinders others from helping him.

Swoop (Dinobot) - Pteranodon
Function: Dinobot Bombardier
"Fear can hit targets unreachable to bullets."
Enjoys watching enemies scatter before him as he dives down from sky...considers spreading fear his greatest weapon. This Dinobot’s kind, good-natured side disguised by his horrifying form...even his comrades shy away. Flies at 250 mph...air-to-air missile launcher under each wing fires missiles equivalent of 5000 lbs of TNT, 8 mile range. As robot, uses launchers and 4000 degree C thermal sword. Fragile wings vulnerable to enemy firepower.

Topsin (Jumpstarter) - blue Cybertonian vehicle w/white torso
Accessories: Twin ion impulse blaster
Function: Land & Sea Assault
"The thrill is in the journey."
No mountain high enough, no river wide enough to stop this one robot wrecking crew. Has superior mobility due to his Cybertronic vehicular form. Views conquest of rough terrain as much a victory as beating Decepticons. Uses 2 rear jet engines to go 300 mph on water with 2 front pontoons...has 2 hi-voltage electric cannons and 2 hand lasers built-in...carries a powerful twin ion impulse blaster.

Twin Twist (Jumpstarter) - white Drill Tank w/blue torso
Accessories: Twin ion impulse blaster
Function: Demolitions
"War is wherever I want it to be."
Nothing feels better to him than sinking his drills into a slab of steel. Loves the scrap metal results of his destructive fury and showing off...will attack anything: enemy Decepticon or harmless lamppost. Optimus Prime worries about his wild, uncontrollable nature. Goes 200mph...has two 6000 rpm diamond-tipped drills...twin ion impulse blaster shoots explosive 100 lbs. TNT shells. Goes from vehicle to robot in 4 sec.

Warpath - red minibot tank
Function: Warrior

Astrotrain {Triple Changer} - train/space shuttle
Accessories: Ionic displacer rifle
Function: Military Transport
"In confusion there is opportunity."
Creating confusion is his specialty. As a Triple Changer, can switch from space shuttle to train to robot almost instantaneously. Thrives on foes’ panic and fear. As shuttle, travels at 20,000 mph in orbit, up to 50,000 mph out of orbit...can launch weapons and satellites. Carries cargo. As a train, top speed is 400 mph, range 1700 miles. As robot has great strength, carries powerful ionic displacer rifle.

Blitzwing {Triple Changer} - tank/plane
Accessories: Gyro-blaster rifle, Electron somitar, 3 concussion missiles
Function: Ground and Air Commander
" Destroy first, think later. "
Ability as Triple Changer to rapidly transform makes him one of the most dangerous Decepticons. Cruel sense of humor, loud-mouthed, belligerent, and brash. Flies at mach 2.7, range 1500 miles, has heat-seeking concussion missiles as plane. As tank, has track- mounted cannon that fires explosive shells 3.5 miles. As robot has electron-scimitar and gyro-blaster rifle. Often gets stuck in mid-transformation.

Bombshell (Insecticon) - purple/black boll weevil

Bonecrusher (Constructicon) - green bulldozer
Function: Demolitions
"Hit it till it stands no taller than dust."
Rubble-strewn wasteland is his idea of beautiful landscape. His wild ways create fear and terror. As vehicle, at 30 mph exerts 800,000 psi...has short-range concussion bomb launcher. As robot, carries laser pistol. As left arm module, combines to form giant robot "Devastator".

Dirge - blue jet w/copper wings

Hook (Constructicon) - greencrane

Kickback (Insecticon) -black grasshopper
Accessories: Electrothermic blast tube
Function:Aerial Assault
" Friend is another word for fool. "
Charming, but cruelly clever... makes friends so he can influence them to do his bidding by digging up facts he can hold against them. Humans particularly susceptible to this Insecticon. In insect mode can jump 40 ft. for a distance of .1 miles... kick a hole in 1/4 inch steel. In robot mode can fly 30mph up to 100 miles. Sub-machine gun fires 300 rounds per minute. Very vulnerable as insect and flying in high winds.

Long Haul (Constructicon) - green dump truck
Function: Transport
"A battle front is only as good as its supply line."
Unhappy with unglamorous role, but understands its importance...helps build Decepticons’ massive energy-recovery installations. As vehicle, can carry 90 tons for 1200 miles, use a dual heat-seeking missile mount. As torso module, combines with fellow Contructicons to form giant robot "Devastator". Can be goaded into fight in which he’s overmatched.

Mixmaster (Constructicon) - green cement mixer
Function: Materials Fabrication
"How strong the steel, how quick the conquest."
Nothing is safe from him...will use anything from unliving rock to living robot in making new materials. Uses acids and bonding agents to reduce and recombine almost anything inside mixing drum...a chemistry lab on wheels. As left leg module, combines with fellow Constructicons to form giant robot "Devastator".

Ramjet - white jet w/black wings

Scavenger (Constructicon) - green steam shovel
Function: Mining & Salvage
"Everything is worth something, even me."
Desperately tries to prove his worth to his comrades by trying to find things of value-whether by digging up a hillside or a backyard. Only tolerated by Megatron because of ability to use shovel’s magnetic, ionic, electrical, gas sensors to detect presence of fuels, metals, etc. As right arm module, combines with fellow Constructicons to form giant robot "Devastator".

Scrapper (Construction) - front end loader
Function: Contruction Engineer
"My work is a monument to-and of-my enemies."
A wizard at designing fortresses and energy plants, but modest. Shows his true malevolent genius by incorporating defeated Autobots into his buildings’ structures. Shovel can slice through 12 in. thick carbon-steel, lift 30 tons. As right leg and part of torso, combines with fellow Constructicons to form giant robot "Devastator".

Shrapnel (Insecticon) - black beetle
Accessories: Gammaray detonator


Rodimus Prime - red futuristic truck
Accessories: Photon Eliminator, 2 blast shields
Function: Protector
"Experience is the benchmark of maturity."
A vanguard for the Autobot ranks. Possesses acute military prowess. Speaks with the savvy of seasoned veteran. Expert tactician with exceptional maneuverability in battle. Can be hot-headed at times. Has a tendency to act first and ask questions later. In robot mode, carries a photon eliminator that shoots high voltage electricity. Range: 500 miles. Speed: 200 mph. Sole purpose is to protect all life. His only weakness is his compassion for other living creatures.

Air Raid (Aerialbot) - black F-14 (jet)
"If you look first you may not leap"
Prefers streaking into a cluster of Decepticons to shooting them from long range. Says "that always sparks their wires a bit."Tacticly the most fearless Aerialbot. Just wants to have fun. Fliesat Mach 2.5 at a range of 2 400km. Carries air-to-air heat seeking missiles uses tourqe rifle with a beam that applies 80 000 psi. With fellow Aerialbots forms Superion.

Blurr - blue futuristic car
Function: Courier
"The faster it is, the better I like it. "
The fastest Autobot land vehicle -- and he talks even faster; often has to be told to slow down so he can be understood. Nervous, high-strung, loyal, determined. He is a superior messenger and can quickly whisk information from one place to another. In robot mode he carries an electro-laser that reverses the polarity of an enemy robot's microcircuits and leave them motionless. In vehicle mode, maximum speed: 750mph, range: 1500 miles. He leaves a blurred image in his trail.

Fireflight - red F-4 phantom (plane)
Function: Reconnaissance
"When I'm flying no enemy is safe...nor friend"
If Aerialbots needed pilots licences he'd never have gotten his. A hazard in the skies. Dosesn't pay attention to where he is going since he is too busy marveling at scenery. Flies at Mach 2.0 at a range of 1600km. Carries flammable fire-fog missiles. Uses photon displacer gun that distorts light by displacing light waves. With fellow Aerialbots forms Superion.

Hot Rod - red race car
Accessories: 2 photon lasers
Function: Cavalier
"My actions speak louder than words."
Hot Rod is an all-American-boy Autobot. He’s a typical adolescent who dreams of being heroic and important. He tends to follow rules too closely. Although he means well, Hot Rod’s impulsive actions often get him into trouble. He carries two photon lasers that temporarily electromagnetize an enemy robot’s microcircuits. Speed: 120 mph. Range: 4 miles. He can be hotheaded, but he’s always a well meaning, admirable lad and a brave and honorable fighter.

Hot Spot (Protectobot) - blue fire engine
Function: Protectobot Commander

Kup - blue-green futuristic pickup truck
Accessories: Musket laser
Function: Warrior
"The past is the greatest teacher. "
A grizzled veteran with 10,000 tall tales from his 1,000 adventures -- has advice for his pals in any situation, whether they want to hear it or not. He's as brave and loyal as they come. In robot mode, he carries an old-style musket laser that shoots short bursts of metal-corrosive hydrochloric acid. Speed: 100 mph, range: 800miles.

Metroplex - white city/battle station
Accessories: 1 shoulder antenna, 2 fists, 2 kneecaps, 4 accessory cannons, rear tower, tank/side tower, 1 double barrel cannon, small car/robot (Scamper), robot body/tower, chest/tower top, 2 cannons/arms, 1 small laser pistol, 1 laser pistol,3 missiles
Function: Autobot Battle Station

Silverbolt (Aerialbot) - off-white concord (plane)
Function: Aerialbot Commander
"Don't look down, look straight ahead"
Scared of heights. Brave, grimly determined warrior but struggles maintain that image in order to hide his phobia. Selected by Optimus Prime to command so he would be to worrying about others to worry about himself. In jet mode can travel at speed of Mach 1.9 at a range of 7500km. Carries an electrostatic battery that releases an electric bolt of up to 150,000 volts through hi nose cone. Uses electrostatic rifle in robot mode. Combines with other Aerialbots to form Superion.

Skydive (Aerialbot) - gray F-15 (plane)

Slingshot (Aerialbot) - white Harrier (plane)

Tailgate - white minibot firebird
Function: Scout
"Let my fellow mechanical beings go!"
He sometimes has his mind stuck in low gear, believes 55 mph speed limit is infringement on rights of cars. Garages are prisons to him...doesn’t understand Earth machines are not alive. Goes 180 mph, range 600 miles. Uses ferrocobalt magnet under hood to be pulled by and within a few feet of other vehicles, reducing his fuel use to near zero. Prone to overheating.

Ultra Magnus - red/white/blue car carrier
Accessories: 2 small fists, 2 large fists, large robot head, chest shield, 2 cab connectors, laser gun, 2 missile holders, 4 missiles
Function: City Commander

Wreck-Gar - orange/brown futuristic motorcycle
Function: Junkion Leader
"Collect and save, collect and save."
Wreck-Gar leads the Junkions, a race of junk robots. He's made of rusted scraps, chassis bits, manifold parts, and dented odds and ends. A little scatterbrained, he speaks in odd-ryming, pieced-together sentences. His words are a junkyard collection of broadcast fragments from T.V. commercials and radio jingles. In robot mode, he carries an armor axe and a decelerator laser that inhibits an enemy robot's flow of cerebral impulses.

Galvatron - gray electronic laser cannon
Function: Commander
" My power is everything; defeat is absurd! "
Galvatron is a cold-hearted robotic villain. Determined to lead the Decepticons. Possesses enough strength to pulverize an Autobot into scrap metal. Unconquerable. Arrogant and compassionless. Plots against his allies, thus weakening his position. In robot mode, he carries a laser that emits chemically-produced, direct-current electricity.

Cyclonus - purple space jet
Function: Sabotuer
" Compassion is the Autobots' downfall. "
Cyclonus is huge and emotionless air warrior. He has vast resources of power and can draw strength in direct proportion to his need. Cyclonus is equipped with nuclear-powered turbine engines which enable him to reach speeds greater than Mach 2. In robot mode, he carries an oxidating laser that fuses an enemy robot's internal mechanisms. Cyclonus has no weaknesses and no interests other than conquest

Motormaster (Stunticon) - black/gray tractor trailer
Function: Stunticon Commander

Octane {Triple Changer} - tanker truck/jumbo jet
Accessories: Tail rudder, Flamethrower

Onslaught (Combaticon) - dark blue missile transport
Function: Combaticon Commander

Reflector - 3-piece camera

Scourge - blue hovercraft
Function: Sweep Leader
" Desolation follows in my trail. "
Scourge is fearsome, merciless and implacable hunter. Created from Decepticon wreckage, he leads "The Sweeps", a wolf pack of tracker-terminator's designed to hunt down and eradicate Autobots. Scourge possesses powerful high-tech scanning equipment and a disintergater ray that can cut through solid rock. In robot mode, he carries a laser blaster that shoots short bursts of intense heat. Scourge's only weakness is his arrogance.


Hardhead w/Duros (Headmaster) - green tank

Highbrow w/Gort (Headmaster) - blue helicopter

Searchlight (Throttlebot) - white race car

Blot (Terrorcon) - dark blue/purple monster

Cutthroat (Terrorcon) - green vulture

Hun-Gurrr (Terrorcon) - gray two-headed dragon
Function: Terrorcon Commander

Mindwipe w/Vorath (Headmaster) - purple/black bat

Overkill - gray cassette/tyrannosaurus

Rippersnapper (Terrorcon) - gray/blue lizard-shark

Scorponok w/Lord Zarak & Fasttrack (Headmaster) - purple/green defense base/giant scorpion
Function: Headmaster Decepticon Base

Sinnertwin (Terrorcon) - yellow two-headed dog

Slugfest - green cassette/stegosaurus
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