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In my opinion, LJNís Thundercats were some of the best toys ever made. The line lasted from 1985-1987. With renewed interest, possibly due to the re-airing of the cartoon on Cartoon Network, it has recently become one of the most sought after action figure lines. In 1985, when they were first released, LJN created the Thundercats cartoon which was based on the toys. After that, the toys were based on the cartoon. The main line of figures, the good Thundercats and the evil Mutants, featured battle-matic action -a lever on their back made their arms move. Two sub-groups were also available: Companions and Berserkers. The Companions didnít have any action features - they were just poseable. They didnít sell very well when they were released, and are the hardest Thundercat figures to find now. Smaller, unposeable versions of some of the companions were included with the re-release of a few of the Thundercats in 1986. The Berserkers were evil mutant pirates, each having a unique action feature. A third group, the Ram-Pagers, were available in Europe. Each of these also had a unique action feature. The list below is divided into release years, with each year being divided into Thundercats and Mutants, and then the sub-groups where applicable.


Lion-O - "Thundercats Leader"
Orange figure with red or orange hair and light-up eyes.
Accessories: Red-orange glove, the sword of omens, and a red thing that could make his eyes light up.

Yellow cheetah-like female with orange suit.
Accessories: A yellow staff

Gray bald figure with pointy ears and spiked blue shoulder-straps
Accessories: Red and blue nunchuks

Tygra (young)
Orange tiger-like figure with a blue suit
Accessories: A blue and orange bolo-whip

Evil Mutants:
Mumm-Ra - "Evil Mutant Leader"
Blue figure with red loincloth, light-up eyes, and black and red ribbons on his shoulders.
Accessories: A red headdress with two black snakes on top, a black sword with red handle, a curvy dagger, and a red thing that could make his eyes light up.

Brown jackal-like figure with a yellow chest
Accessories: A brown club, and green shoulder armor with yellow spikes for his left shoulder.

Flesh colored monkey-like figure with white hair on his head and back.
Accessories: A red and silver helmet, and a gray chain mace

S-S-SlitheA green reptilian figure with a tail.
Accessories: A big ax.

Astral Moat Monster - Guardian of the Mystical Prison
A really big blue monster with red dots on itís back, and red feet and wings.


Lion-O w/Snarf
Exact same as original Lion- O, but this one included Snarf - who had his right hand on his face.

Cheetara w/Wilykit
Same as original Cheetara, but also included Wilykit - who had her left hand on her hip

Human samurai figure with a tan suit and blue chest armor. His "battle-matic action" button was on his side, and made him turn at the waist.
Accessories: A blue helmet and a gray samurai sword.

Snowman of Hook Mountain- A big yeti-looking figure with a brown face and a blue suit
Accessories: A snow shield and staff

Tuska Warrior
Walrus-like figure with tan and green suit
Accessories: A green and silver gun

Tygra (young)w/ Wilykat - Same as original Tygra but also came with Wilykat - who had a rope in his left hand

Tygra (older)w/ Wilykat
A more muscular and tougher looking Tygra

Evil Mutants:
Mumm-Ra w/ Ma-Mut
Exact same as original Mumm-Ra but also included Ma-Mut - a purple dog with a spiked red collar

Mumm-Ra (mummified)
Mummy with a red hooded robe and a blue face. Was available as a special mail-in offer and was also included with Mumm-Raís Tomb Fortress
Accessories: A black staff with a red-horned head on the top

Grune the Destroyer
A brown cat-like figure with one saber-tooth, silver chest armor, red pants and a red helmet.
Accessories: A silver mace and brass knuckles

A rat-like figure with a green and orange suit and a poseable mustache.
Accessories: Two sliver swords

Well, it looks like a vulture-man
Accessories: A gray staff with a bird claw on the end.

Berbil Belle
A silver and brown robotic bear with a pink flower on her head
Accessories: None

Berbil Bert
A silver and tan robotic bear

Berbil Bill
A silver and dark brown robotic bear
Accessories: None

A dark grayish-purple dog with a spiked red collar
Accessories: None

A red cat with a white face and yellow tuft of hair on the top of his head
Accessories: None

Wilykat Young orange Thundercat with orange and whitish-yellow hair with two black stripes in it, and a orange and black suit.
Accessories: A red hoverboard

Wilykit Young flesh colored Thundercat with orange hair with a black stripe in the middle, and a blue and purple suit.
Accessories: A blue hoverboard

Yellow and black cybernetic pirate with a gray beard, a big silver foot, and a huge black hand. His hand featured gripping and smashing actions.
Accessories: ?

A large blue and silver figure with an orange beard and blue and silver gloves. He had a button on his foot that would make him pivot backwards, and close his arms.
Accessories: none

A fat red and black dwarf-like figure with a yellow beard and a wheel on his stomach
Accessories: none

A purple, silver, and black figure with a purple helmet that had two yellow horns on it. One horn is broken. A lever on the back of his feet could make the top-half of his body spin.
Accessories: A purple shield


A blue and white tiger-like figure.
Accessories: A blue hammer

A light orange figure with a white beard, a blue cape, and a green partial-suit.
Accessories: Sword of Omens like Lion-Oís and a red helmet with a Kaiser-point on top.

A bald figure with a black and red suit, red headband, a white mustache, and an orange and black beard.
Accessories: A shield

A flesh-colored female figure with brown hair with a white stripe in the middle, and a dark brown suit.
Accessories: a sling

Evil Mutants:
Capt. Cracker
A blue-green pirate with a red headband, an eyepatch, peg-leg, and a black and yellow shirt with tan pants
Accessories: A gray pirate sword

Capt. Shiner
A droopy-cheeked figure with an eye-glass, and a green suit
Accessories: A red and gray gun

A gray and blue goat looking figure with a light purple face
Accessories: big scythe

Safari Joe
A bald human figure with an eye-glass, a black mustache, and a tan poacherís suit
Accessories: A brown and silver gun similar to the Tuska Warriorís

Tongue-A-Saurus - Deadly Devouring Monster
A big green crocodile-like monster with a long red retractable tongue. Itís tongue could spring out and wrap around a figure, and then retract back into itís mouth.
Vehicles & Accessories

Thundertank - "Lion-Oís Powerful ĎTransformingí Battle Tank"
A white-gray tank with black claws and treaded back wheels. The front could spring open revealing a red cannon under each claw, and a pop-up pivoting cannon in the cockpit. Seated one to two figures.

Catsí LairA white and blue electronic playset. It had a big, pivoting catís head on top with a laser light in itís mouth. It came with a purple mutant attack vehicle which could "blow" the lairís red entryway doors open, or if the laser light eyes on the lair hit the mutant vehicle, then it would "blow up". An automatic counter on the lair registered hits from the mutant vehicle. The lairís claws could be raised revealing secret battlestations.

A white trigger driven hovercraft with two side flaps and a blue cannon in the front. Seated one figure. Also known as the Blue Stalker vehicle.

A white and yellow hovercraft that featured mechanical mutant-trapping action. Seated one figure. Also known as the Flying Claw vehicle.

Stilt Runner - "Ground Transport Craft"
A large white set of legs with red feet that could seat one figure at the top. A trigger allowed "running action".

Evil Mutants:
Mutant Nose Diver - "Land and Sea Attack Vehicle"
A red one-man vehicle with a spinning black nose and a gray air tank on the sides. It featured an adjustable body shield and a spinning "rock-crusher" nose.

Mutant Skycutter - "Air and Ground Attack Vehicle"
A gray and black plane-like vehicle that featured large flapping wings operated by a trigger, and could also be transformed into a ground-based vehicle. It could seat one figure.

Mumm-Raís Tomb Fortress
A gray playset that included a mummified Mumm-Ra figure. It had a large grayish-white skull in the middle with glow-in-the-dark eyes and teeth. There was a red sarcophagus in the middle of the skullís mouth, where Mumm-Ra could transform. A large beast was on each side of the skull - the left one a black alligator and the right one a brown bull - both having moving arms, head, and tail.

Mutant Fistpounder - "Evil Earthshaking Combat Machine"
A big blue vehicle with a face in front, two large light-blue fists, and a tilting, swiveling, rear gun-tower. As the vehicle rolled the faceís jaws would "snap" and the fists would "pound". It held three figures, two inside and one on the gun tower.

Laser Saberís Energy Pack
A red or black backpack with two shoulder cannons that could "shoot and receive" laser light beams.

Luna Lasher - "Battling Coat of Weapons"
A black backpack-type of device with two red arm-like extensions. A trigger activated the arms for "pounding" action.
Thanks to The Ultimate Thundercats Page for the use of some of the images.

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