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In 1986, Kenner released itís line of Silverhawks action figures to go along with the cartoon. Each figure had itís own unique action feature., and most of them came with some sort of special-attack bird. Kenner made some really nice looking figures for this line, but sadly it only lasted for two series.

Bluegrass w/Sideman
A metallic turquoise-blue figure with a red bandanna around his neck. His guitar/bird could be launched off his back when his legs were squeezed.
Accessories: a brown cowboy hat, and Sideman - a gray guitar that turned into a bird when you push the neck in.

Copper-Kidd w/May-Day
A metallic copper figure with a pale face and silver wings. It featured spring-out wings.
Accessories: An orange bird (May-Day)

Flashback w/Backlash
A metallic green figure with green and blue wings. His left arm was exposed.

Hotwing w/Gyro
A bald metallic silver figure with red wings, and fire on his right leg. It featured spring-out wings.

Quicksilver w/Tallyhawk
A metallic silver-blue figure, with silver spring-out wings.
Accessories: Tallyhawk- a gray and blue bird.

Stargazer w/Sly-Bird
A bald figure with a silver cybernetic plate on the left side of his head. Heís wearing a white shirt with a tie and red suspenders, and blue pants.
Accessories: Sly-Bird- a yellow bird

Steelheart w/Razor
A metallic blue female figure with silver spring-out wings.
Accessories: Rayzor- A blue bird

Steelwil w/Stronghold
A metallic blue figure with spring-out silver wings. His left arm is exposed.
Accessories: Stronghold- A blue bird

Buzz-Saw w/Shredator
A green and black figure with yellow buzzsaws for hands and shoulders. Featured spinning buzz-saws.
Accessories: Shredator- an orange bird.

Mo-lec-u-lar w/Volt-ure
A yellow and olive-green bubbly figure. Featured a snap-apart body, with interchangeable arms and legs, and his head could be rotated into his chest cavity.
Accessories: Volture- a red bird with wings that snapped closed when you pushed itís tail. He also came with a red and orange molecule-linked weapon that could be attached to his body.

Mon-Star w/Sky-Shadow
A red figure with red spikes on his head. He also had a different head that had a flesh-colored face with a red and black star on his left eye. It featured the "evil head change" when his legs were squeezed.
Accessories: Sky-Shadow- a red robotic bat that featured gripping wings when his head was pushed in.

Mumbo-Jumbo w/Airshock
A brown and yellow bull-like figure with black horns. It featured "battering-ram head action" when his legs were squeezed.
Accessories: Airshock- A dark red bird that featured hammer-like wings that would close when itís head was pulled.

Bluegrass II
Bluegrass in an ultra-sonic suit

A guy with a white shirt with black straps, brown and gray pants, a cybernetic left arm .and a silver head with a brown mohawk.
Accessories: A black weapon with a red shooting claw, and Jet Stream - a brown bird/backpack. Itís wingís pop out when itís tail is pulled, and itís head is Condorís helmet when itís used as a backpack.

Another green silverhawk

Quicksilver II
Quicksilver in an ultra-sonic suit

Steelwill II
Steelwill in an ultra-sonic suit

A little troll guy with a backpack. A very large backpack.

A green guy with long orange hair and a brown dress-like garmet.
Accessories: A purple tuning fork.