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"The earth is under attack! The Inhumanoids...incredible creatures from beneath the earth want to control the world and destroy mankind. The Earth Corps, a courageous team of scientists equipped with exploration suits and glowing helmets, must do everything in their power to stop these subterranean giants. In their search for the Inhumanoids, the Earth Corps scientists ally themselves with creatures called Mutores who help them on their dangerous mission."
---from the Inhumanoids merchandise catalog

Hasbro's Inhumanoids line is one of my favorites, even though it only lasted for less than a year in 1986. Based off the very unsuccessful cartoon, the line consisted of three different types of figures: four 6-1/2" human figures, six 8" Mutores, three 14" Inhumanoids, and two vehicles.
The four human figures- Herc Armstrong, Dr. Derek Bright Bright, Auger, and Liquidator- wore exploration suits with removeable "glow-in-the-light" helmets (they looked really cool with the helmets on, but when you take them off..yuck!). Each came with an arm attachment that had a special feature- Auger had a drill, Herc had a retractable grappling hook, Dr. Bright had movable claws, and Liquidator had a backpack that would shoot water.
The Mutores consisted of: three tree-like figues known as Redwoods--Redlen, The Redwoods, and Redsun; two rock-like creatures called granites--Granok and the Granites; and another figure- Magnokor. Each type had glow-in-the-light eyes. The three Redwood figures could be extended to "grow." All three redwoods had the same mold, but they were different colors. Redlen-the leader- was yellow, Redsun was brownish-orange, and the Redwood was gray. The two Granite figures could collapse by haveing their arms and legs slid in front or behind their torso. Both of these also used the same mold, so Granok was gray and the Granites was a tan-like color. The other Mutore- Magnokor- could be split into two figures: Crygen and Pyre. The way it splits though is really crappy- Crygen covers Pyre so when he is removed it is just the immovable plastic front of Magnokor (confused?).
The three Inhumanoids were Tendrill, D.Compose, and Metlar. Each of these had glow-in-the-light fangs. Tendrill had bendable tentacles on his arms. D.Compose had a ribcage that could be opened to figures captive. Metlar was the leader of the Inhumanoids and didn't have any special action features.
The two Earth Corps vehicles were the Terrascout and the Trappeur. The Terrascout had a glow-in-the-light scanner and movable gun. The Trappeur had a movable claw in the front, a retractable grappling hook, and a hovercraft.
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Inhumanoids Character Specs.
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