Masters of the Universe
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Masters of the Universe

Mattelís Masters of the Universe was the first successful line that had action features. It lasted from 1981-87 (I think), and returned for about a year in 1990 under the name He-Man. That series really sucked. The original line, however, was so cool that it inspired the cartoon, comic book, and that wanna-be-movie. Most of the figures that were released during the first couple of years of production, had the same body molds, with only the head being original. Most of them also had the same "Power Punch" action feature. New molds and action features began to develop later on in the line. A mini-comic book was included with each figure. The figure list below is arranged by year of release, with the heroes first, then the villains, then -where applicable- the subgroups like the Horde and Snake-Men. Listed under each figure is: the figure bio as given on the package, figure description, then accessories. I was unsure about when some of the figures were released, so some of them may be under the wrong year. The vehicles & accessories list is coming soon.


He-Man - "Most powerful man in the universe!"
Human figure with blonde hair. Features "Power Punch" action when waist is twisted.
Accessories: gray chest armor, a gray ax, a gray shield and a gray sword.

Man-At-Arms - "Master of weapons!"
Human figure with green body, and a blue helmet. Features "Power Punch" action
Accessories: yellow body armor, one yellow arm cover, 2 yellow shin guards, and a yellow mace.

Stratos - "Winged Warrior!"
Gray figure with a mostly red head, black goggles, and a gray beard. Features "Power Punch"
Accessories: red jet pack and two red or blue wings.

Teela - "Warrior goddess!"
Brunette human female. Features "Power Punch" action.
Accessories: dark red snake head-dress, a shield, and a long snake staff.

Skeletor - "Lord of destruction!"
Blue figure with a yellow skull head, purple hood. Only the front half of his feet was purple. Features "Power Punch" action.
Accessories: Purple armor, purple havoc staff and a purple sword.

Beast Man - "Savage henchman!"
Orange beast-looking figure. Features "Power Punch".
Accessories: Red armor, two spiked red arm bands, and a black string whip.

Mer-Man - "Ocean warlord"
Green fish-man figure. Features "Power Punch".
Accessories: Yellow armor and a yellow sword.


Man-E-Faces - "Heroic humanÖrobotÖmonster!"
Robotic blue and orange figure with a human, monster, and robot face. Button on top of head rotates faces and features "Power Punch.
Accessories: Big orange gun.

Ram Man - "Heroic human battering ram!"
Short red and silver figure with fused green legs. Features "springing" action when legs are pushed into body.
Accessories: Silver ax

Zodac - "Cosmic Enforcer!"
Figure with a red and gray helmet big black eyes and gray boots. Features "Power Punch"
Accessories: Red armor and a gun.

Evil-Lyn - "Evil warrior goddess!"
Female figure with yellow skin. Features "Power Punch"
Accessories: Light blue scepter.

Faker - "Evil robotic He-Man impostor"
Blue version of He-Man with a sticker showing circuitry on his chest. Features "Power Punch"
Accessories: Orange armor (like Skeletorís), and a navy blue sword.

Trap Jaw - "Evil & armed for combat"
Blue figure with a green face, movable jaw, and a purple helmet with a string-hole on top. Features "Power Punch", and interchangeable attachments for his right arm.
Accessories: Green belt, black chest armor on his right side, and three arm attachments: a gun, a hook and a claw.

Tri-Clops - "Evil & sees everything"
Human figure with a rotating green visor that has three eyes on it. Features "Power Punch" and rotating eyes.
Accessories: Green body armor and a green sword.


Battle Armor He-Man
He-Man figure with silver armor. Features armor that shows dents when hit.
Accessories: gray sword and a gray ax.

Buzz-Off - "Heroic spy in the sky!"
Brown and yellow bee-guy with brown claws. Features "Power Punch" or "Wing-spreading" action.
Accessories: Removable yellow helmet, 2 yellow wings and a beige ax.

Fisto - "Heroic hand-to-hand fighter"
Human figure with brown hair, a beard, and a big silver fist. Features a spring loaded arm and "Power Punch".
Accessories: Purple and silver snap-on body armor and a purple sword.

Mekaneck - "Heroic human periscope"
Human figure with a blue body, silver goggles and a red helmet. Features an extending neck when waist is twisted. Darn, no power punch.
Accessories: Red snap-on body armor, and a big yellow or orange club.

Orko - "Heroic court magician"
Small magenta figure with blue hands and ears, and no legs. Features spinning action activated by a rip cord.
Accessories: Pink rip-cord, a red hat, and a magic trick with three blue coins.

Prince Adam - "Heroic "Secret Identity" of He-Man"
He-Man figure with a white body and light purple tights (It looks really gay). Features "Power Punch"
Accessories: Purple velvet vest and a magenta sword.

Battle Armor Skeletor
Skeletor with purple armor. Features armor that shows dents when hit.
Accessories: Purple sword and a purple havoc staff.

Clawful - "Warrior with the grip of evil"
Crab-man with a red head a claw, and a really big claw. Features pinching action and "Power Punch"
Accessories: Red snap-on body armor and a beige club

Jitsu - "Evil master of martial arts"
Asian human figure with a big golden hand Features a spring loaded arm for a power chop and "Power Punch"
Accessories: Gold and red snap-on body armor and an orange sword.

Kobra Khan - "Evil master of snakes"
Green figure with a snake head and brown boots. Fill emí up with water, push down his head and it features mist-spraying action. Fun for kids that owned cats.
Accessories: An orange gun.

Webstor - "Evil master of escape"
Dark blue spider-guy with purple boots. Features the infamous "Power Punch"
Accessories: Purple armor, a backpack, grappling hook with string, and an orange rifle.

Whiplash - "Evil tail-thrashing warrior"
Green lizard-man with a rubber tail. Featured tail whipping action AND "Power Punch" when waist was twisted.
Accessories: A long beige spear.


Thunder-Punch He-Man
He-Man figure in orange body armor that could hold caps. Features "Thunder-Punch" when waist is twisted. Oh wowÖthe power punch with sound effects.
Accessories: Caps

Moss Man - "Heroic spy & master of camouflage"
A green repaint of Beast-Man covered with moss-like fuzz.
Accessories: Brown club

Roboto - "Heroic mechanical warrior"
Clear figure with multi-colored gears inside, a silver head, red jaw, blue arms, and red legs. Features gear-spinning and mouth-opening action when itís waist is turned.
Accessories: Three silver arm attachments: a claw, gun and ax.

Sy-Klone - "Heroic fist-flinging tornado"
Blue and yellow figure with a blue face, a radar screen on his chest, and a wheel on the back of his waist. Features fist-flinging tornado action when the wheel on his waist is turned.
Accessories: A yellow shield and a red head band.

Dragon-Blaster Skeletor
Skeletor with a red dragon on his back that could spray water. This Skeletorís feet were entirely purple. Featured "Power Punch" action
Accessories: Red dragon, and silver chains.

Spikor - "Untouchable master of evil combat"
Purple figure covered in spikes with a silver trident in one arm. Featured trident-extending action when waist is turned.
Accessories: Spiked orange club.

Stinkor - "Evil master of oders"
Black Mer-Man repaint with white skunk stripes. Featured a distinctive odor. Oh, it also had a "Power Punch"
Accessories: Orange body armor (like Mekaneckís) and a blue shield.

Two Bad - "Double-headed evil strategist"
Two-headed blue and purple figure. Features punching fists when pulled back - as well as the power punch!!!
Accessories: an orange shield.

The Evil Horde:
Hordak - "Ruthless leader of ĎThe Evil Hordeí"
Gray vampire figure with a big white skull-like head with black boots and gloves that wore black armor. Featured "Power Punch" action.
Accessories: Black snap-on armor w/red bat horde symbol, a white crossbow, a red bat, and a red plastic cape.

Grizzlor - "Hairy henchman of the evil Horde"
Brown werewolf figure covered with fur. FeaturedÖ a lot of fur.
Accessories: Green crossbow and removable yellow armor with the Horde symbol.

Leech - "Evil master of power suction"
Large green Leech-monster with suction cup mouth and hands. His mouth featured "Power-Suction" when the button on his back was pushed.Included a maroon crossbow.

Mantenna - "Evil spy with the pop-out eyes"
Blue and black figure with a big red head and ears. Featured extending eyes.
Accessories: Gray crossbow.

Modulok - "Evil beast of a thousand bodies"
Red figure with a lot of interchangeable body parts. Features a challenge to create over 1,000 different monsters.
Accessories: Two heads, one chest, two sets of arms, three sets of legs, two body segments, two tail segments, five connecting joints, and a two-part black gun.


Extendar - "Heroic master of extension"
Pearl-colored figure with armor and a gold face. Featured extending neck, arms, legs, and waist.
Accessories: An extending red shield.

Rio Blast - "Heroic transforming gunslinger"
Human figure with a blue shirt and tan pants. He had hidden guns in his chest, legs, and on his wrists.
Accessories: Silver backpack with guns attached that could be folded over his head

Rokkon - "Young heroic comet warrior"
Blue, silver and orange figure that could be turned into a rock.
Accessories: Purple gun with a silver shield on the front.

Snout Spout - "Heroic water-blasting firefighter"
Orange figure with a big gray elephant head. Featured water-blasting action through itís trunk.
Accessories: Silver ax.

Stonedar - "Heroic leader of the Rock People"
Gray, blue and gold figure similar to Rokkon. Featured meteor-transformation action..
Accessories: A red gun with a gold shield on the front.

The Evil Horde:
Hurricane Hordak - "Ruthless leader with the wicked whirling weapons"
Hordak with a wheel on his back. Featured arm spinning action.
Accessories: three red weapons to spin: a shield, a mace, and a bat.

Dragstor - "Transforming evil warrior vehicle"
Blue, red, and black figure with an engine on its back and a wheel on its stomach. Featured "Roariní ripcord action".
Accessories: Gray rip-cord and a crossbow.

Horde Trooper
A light gray robot. Featured "self-destruct" action when the Horde symbol on itís chest was hit.
Accessories: A red staff.

Multi-Bot - "Evil robot of a thousand bodies"
Black robot figure like Modulok. It had Modulokís feature also.
Accessories: Included two heads, two chests, two pairs of arms, three pairs of legs, three body segments, five connectors and a purple two-piece gun.


Flying Fists He-Man - "Heroic leader with the arm-swinging action"
He-Man with snap-on silver armor. Featured arm-swinging action.
Accessories: A spinning shield, mace attachments, and a removable red clip for the back.

Gold, gray, and black robotic figure with a green face. The two halves of his body would blow apart.
Accessories: A black and white blast cord (he's no fun without it), and a big red ax-like weapon.

Clamp Champ - "Heroic master of capture"
Black human figure. Featured "Power Punch" and his weapon could "snatch" people.
Accessories: Blue snap-on body armor (like Fistoís) and a big gray clamp.

King Randor - "Heroic ruler of Eternia"
Human king with a beard, and removable crown. Featured the legendary "Power Punch"
Accessories: A blue cape, red and gold snap-on armor (like Jitsuís) and a gold spear.

Legless top-looking figure. Featured "Super Gyro spin action" to drop foes.
Accessories: A red ax, a gray stand, and a gray frame with three toothed wheels.

Human female figure with white hawk-head hood, white chest, blue arms, and orange wings. The wings could spring open.
Accessories: A long white staff.

Terror Claws Skeletor - "Evil leader with the claw swinging action"
Skeletor with snap-on purple chrome armor. Featured "clawing action".
Accessories: Two large purple gloves, a biting skull weapon, and a red clip for the back.

Ninjor - "Evil ninja warrior"
An Asian human ninja figure. He had a twist and chop action (like Jitsu).
Accessories: Black cloth robes and mask, a gray sword, bow & arrow, and nunchuks.

Scare Glow - "Evil ghost of skeletor"
A Glow-in-the-Dark skeleton. Featured glowing action.
Accessories: Purple cloth cape and a green scythe.

Another legless top-like figure similar to Rotar. Featured "Super Gyro Spin" action.
Accessories: A purple and orange ax, an orange stand, and an orange sickle.

The Evil Horde:
Buzz-Saw Hordak
Hordak with a golden buzz-saw that bursts out of his chest.
Accessories: A white crossbow.

A black figure with a big red mosquito head and a clear chest-plate with red liquid inside it. Itís chest featured "Pumping" action.
Accessories: A purple gun

The Evil Snake-Men:
King Hiss - "Dreadful disguised leader of the Snake-Men"
A human figure with green armor. Featured body and arms that could be removed to reveal brown snake body with snake arms.
Accessories: A red shield and a green snake-staff.

Rattlor "Evil snake-men creature with the extending head"
Dark red figure with a rubber tail that had a rattling noise. Featured neck-extending action when the button on his back is pushed.
Accessories: Dark red snake-staff.

Snake-Face - "Most gruesome of the Snake-Men warriors"
Gray mummy-like figure that featured red snakes that would pop out of itís eyes and other places.
Accessories: A green snake-staff.

Sssqueeze - "Evil long-armed viper"
Green alligator-like figure with one long bendable arm
Accessories: A purple snake.

Tung Lashor - "Evil tongue shooting Snake-Men creature"
A magenta and orange froglike creature with purple stripes and a wheel on its back. Featured "Tongue-lashing action".
Accessories: A purple snake-staff and a green dragon-fly.

Blade - "Master of swords"
Bald human from the movie that had an eye patch. Featured sword-swinging action
Accessories: Two silver swords.

Gwildor - "Heroic creator of the cosmic key"
An elf-like figure from the movie with multi-colored robes and orange hair. Featured "Cosmic-key Spinning" action.
Accessories: A red and silver cosmic key.

Saurod - "Evil spark shooting reptile"
Lizard-like bronze-armored movie figure. Featured spark action through itís mouth.
Accessories: A black gun.

Action Figure Accessories

Weapons Pack
a bunch of recolored weapons ní armor
whatís in it? - 2 Yellow Beast-Man arm bands, yellow Beast-Man armor, Black Stratos gun, Red Man-E-Faces gun, a blue He-Man ax and sword, a gray rifle, shield, club, sword, and ax, a black Beast-Man whip, and black Zodac armor.

Cliff Climber
Yellow armor with a rope-wind on the back and a rubber roller on the front. They were ran by an electric brown motor. It came with clear head-dome, a drill, a rope and hook, and some silver climbing shoes.

Jet-Sled - "Heroic Rocket Sled and Backpack"
A silver jet with blue handlebars and missiles which was connected to blue snap-on body armor.

Mega-Laser - "Heroic Wind-Up Beam Blaster"
Wind-up silver cannon attached to the top of red body armor. It also had a black rubber belt.

Light blue armor with air tanks and a propeller ran by an electric blue motor. It came with a clear helmet, some blue flippers and a rifle that shot water.

Slime Refills
little slime buckets for the Slime Pit.

Stilt-Stalkers - "Heroic Battle Stilts"
Blue and silver stilts with removable black cannons and radar which could attach to blue snap-on body armor.

Tower Tools
Light brown armor with a claw arm and an electric roll on the top of the back that moved it horizontally across a rope. It came with a clear-head dome, a saw, a rope, and some gray shoes with hooks.

Animals, Vehicles, and a few Playsets

Battle Cat
A non-poseable green tiger with yellow stripes.
Accessories: A brick red face mask and a saddle

Battle-Ram - "Mobile Launcher"
A blue vehicle with a detachable front "sky sled" that seated one figure. On the back of the vehicle were hand-grips for a second rider. It had an orange button on the right side which was used to fire the battering-ram missiles it came with.
Accessories: A lot of orange battering-ram missiles. (They had weird faces on them.)

An evil non-poseable purple panther (like Battle-Cat) covered with a fur-like material.
Accessories: A green saddle like Battle Catís.

A one-man green aircraft with detachable yellow wings and tail rudder, and a yellow grappling hook on the front. On the top of the front part of the vehicle, there is a yellow ornamental piece that would wind the grappling hook up.

Attack-Trak - "Battle Machine"
A red one-man vehicle with four blue battery-operated treads and two blue rotating laser guns in the back.

Castle Grayskull - "Fortress of Mystery and Power for He-Man and his Foes"
A green castle with a large skull face on the front and a draw(jaw)-bridge. It opened on hinges on the side. The interior had two stories with removable floors on for the second story. There was an elevator on one side and a trap-door that was activated by a throne on the other. It also had: two big orange floors, two small green floors, a brown and orange laser cannon, a throne, an elevator, a flag, a brown training device with an orange claw perch, a lot of brown ladders, cardboard inserts and a yellow weapons rack with a lot of extra weapons.

Point Dread & Talon Fighter
This was like three toys in one. The Talon Fighter was an orange and blue two-man bird-like aircraft with an opening canopy with a radar dish on it. It had red wings and feet which could attach to the top of Point Dread, a green stone base with one opening and a blue perch on top for the Talon Fighter. Point Dread could also fit on top of Castle Grayskull.
Accessories: A 45 (one of those little 33 RPM records for those of you that even know what records are), and a read along adventure book.

An orange, white and blue falcon with flapping wings. Included removable red battle armor and a perch.

A blue, purple and red falcon with flapping wings. Included removable red battle armor and a perch.

Dragon-Walker - "Sidewinding Beast/Vehicle"
A green dragon-headed one-man vehicle, which rested on a base that had three legs in the front and three in the back. The head would travel from one end of the base to the other and then the base would turn, giving the vehicle the ability to travel. Oh yeah, it was battery-powered.

Night-Stalker - "Evil Armored Battle Steed"
A non-poseable black and gold one-man robotic horse (like Stridor) with a purple seat and tail. It had two pivoting puple guns on itís shoulders, and there was a purple rotating gun in the back.

Road Ripper
A green three wheeled one-man vehicle with a rip-cord powered rolling action.
Accessories: An orange rip cord.

An evil round, black, one-man vehicle with a spinning red blade around it. It had two red guns in front of the seat.

Snake Mountain - "Evil Stronghold of Skeletor"
A purple and gray mountain with a big monster face on it that had a moving jaw. The playset opened on hinges- the outside featured a gray bridge to get from one side to the other, a ledge with chains above it to hold prisoners, a large pivoting green snake with yellow stripes that could knock figures through a gray gate with a wolf-head on it, a trap door, a large opening in the back that served as a secret entrance, (breath) AND a gray wolf headed microphone that could distort voices. The inside, on the other hand, sucked. It had a post for a net- Whoopee. Oh, it also had the box that could turn the microphone on.

Stridor - "Heroic Armored War Horse"
A non-poseable brown and silver one-man robotic horse with orange legs, seat, and tail. It had two pivoting orange guns on itís shoulders, and there was an orange rotating gun on the horseís ass.
Accessories: An orange head-dress
A heroic red triceratops-like one-man vehicle, with a long orange arm with a big silver boulder at the end of it. When the button in the back was pushed, the boulder would spring forward.

Battle Bones - "Collectorís Carry Case"
A white dragon skeleton with poseable legs and jaw. Twelve figures could fit in itís ribs, and accessories could be stored in its mouth.

Blaster Hawk - "Heroic Land & Sky Disc Launcher"
A big red ground/air vehicle with a detachable gray tread base. It could shoot eight orange discs. It also had a removable silver radar dish and a black rubber seatbelt.

Evil Horde Fright Zone - "Trap-filled stronghold of terror"
A brown rock fortress with: a tree with moveable branches, a prison door, a spring-action rock monster, a rubber dragon hand-puppet and a cave for it.

An evil magenta and blue one-man vehicle with a large shark head in front. The jaw opened when the vehicle rolled.
Accessories: A removable magenta seat-back, a gray engine cover, and two big gray cannons.

Spydor - "Evil Stalker"
A large black one-man spider vehicle with six orange legs and two front pincers. It had red eyes and two red guns in the front. It had a battery-powered walking feature.
Accessories: Six orange legs and two red guns.

Beam-Blaster and Artilleray
A battery-powered light-shooting backpack, and a cannon. The artilleray would throw the figure on it off when the beam blasterís light was fired at it.

Laser-Bolt - "Heroic Road Rocket"
A red one-man vehicle with eyes and three gray wheels. When the button on it was pushed, the wheels and two silver guns would spring up.

Evil Horde Monstroid - "The Ultimate Battling Monster"
A black four legged monster with yellow eyes and two red pincer arms. It could be wound up to feature "wild whirling action."

Slime Pit
A gray stone structure with a skull at the top, and a skeleton hand at the bottom, which holds prisoners as slime is poured over them. Included removable skull plate and orange vat of green slime.

A tremendously HUGE playset. Itís got three towers: the Grayskull, Snake, and Eternia towers, all connected by a blue monorail track. The green Grayskull Tower features a brown prison cell door activated when the monorail knocks a silver ball on a chain off the track, supported by four brown connectors. The red and brown Snake tower features a rotating red snake head and silver chains connected to four gold track supports. The silver and blue Eternia tower features gold gargoyles, a brown draw bridge, a large cat head with moving jaw and claws, working elevator, silver seat and control screen, and four blue floors. But wait, thereís more: three monorail cars, a purple cage, a gray gun, and a white ship with windshield and silver gun attach to a silver battery powered motor pack which rides around the track. There is also a red laser cannon with a windshield on a round gray base. Also: a gold weapons rack, Many different silver and gold weapons, grappling hooks, three flags and mounts, a ladder and a manta ray are included. And finally there are two brown walkways which can connect to the Castle Grayskull and Snake Mountain playsets.

Fright Fighter
A purple, blue, and black dragon-fly like ship with four flapping black wing. Also: a transparent cockpit cover, silver engines, two rotating front cannons, a rear cannon, and a radar dish.

A big gray, black, and red praying mantis with two front claws and four black legs.
Accessories: a removable red saddle and black gun in the rear.

Grayskull Dinosaur series:
Bionatops - "Heroic Bionic Dinosaur"
A green Triceratops with detachable silver cannons that fit over its horns.

Turbodactyl - "Heroic Reptile with jet wings"
A blue Pterodactyl with detachable weapons and a harness.

Tyrantisaurus Rex - "Most Terrifying Dinosaur in the land of Preternia"
A large purple tyrannosaur with a mount for a figure on its back and a trap door in its stomach which released a wind up green robot with two arms.

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