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Anyone who had any Marvel comics from 1982 should be able to remember seeing ads for Remco's "The Saga of Crystar" figures (Available at K-Mart!). Actually, I think that was the only place that Crystar figures were advertised. They weren't exactly very popular, and lasted for only one series. It was a fantasy-based line consisting of seven 3 1/2- 4 in. figures, and some vehicles and accessories. The story behind them was that on the planet Crystalium, there were two forces: Order and Chaos. The two rulers, the brothers Crystar and Moltar, decided to ally their people with one of these forces. Crystar sides with Order and Moltar with Chaos. After that...well, a bunch of battles take place.Each figure came with a plastic prisma crystal. The good guys had blue ones, and the bad guys had red ones.

Crystar - Ruler of Crystalium for Order
A translucent blue crystal-like figure with red gloves, belt and boots.
Accessories: A translucent blue sword, shield, and helmet with red wings on it.
Origin: When Crystar and Moltar first decided to ally there people with either the forces of Order or Chaos, Crystar decided to side with Ogeode, the champion of Order, while Moltar decided to side with Zardeth, the leader of Chaos. Their uncle, Feldspar, tried to talk Moltar out of his decision, but Moltar thought his uncle was favoring Crystar. Moltar then kicks Crystar and Feldspar's asses and goes to seek Zardeth. Back on the Crystal Palace, Crystar and Feldspar are dying, but suddenly Ogeode appears with his prisma-crystal. In order for Crystar to live, he must merge with the crystal, and a few hours Crystar reappears with his body transformed into a crystalline form.

Ogeode - Wizard champion of Order
An bald elf-like figure with a white beard and blue pants.
Accessories: A big gray spoon, a staff/scepter(?). I think he also came with a yellow cape, a gray table, and a cauldren.

Feldspar - Crystar and Moltar's uncle


Moltar - Ruler of Cystallium for Chaos
An orange lava/rock-like guy with a lot of raised dull knobs on his head, arms, and back.
Accessories: A red lava ax and club.

Zardeth - Wizard leader of Chaos.
A human-like guy with a black helmet that covers one eye, a red robe with a gold belt, and brown pants. He has the exact same body as Ogeode, just a different head.
Accessories: An orange mace

a translucent green figure with an eyepatch

Magma Man
A red lava/rock guy similar to Moltar, but smaller.
Accessories: A red whip and a red club. His club was more of an oval shape than Moltar's.

Vehicles and Accessories

Crystal Dragon

Lava Dragon

Crystal Shatterpult

Lava Shatterpult

Crystal Castle