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2 Timothy 4:3, "For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears..."

From the Epistle of Ignatius to the Trallians: "I therefore, yet not I, but the love of Jesus Christ, entreat you that ye use Christian nourishment only, and abstain from herbage of a different kind; I mean heresy. For those (that are given to this) mix up Jesus Christ with their own poison, speaking things which are unworthy of credit, like those who administer a deadly drug in sweet wine, which he who is ignorant of does greedily take, with a fatal pleasure leading to his own death. I therefore, yet not I, out of the love of Jesus Christ, entreat you that ye all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you; but that ye be perfectly joined together in the same mind, and in the same judgment.' For there are some vain talkers and deceivers, not Christians, but Christ betrayers, bearing about the name of Christ in deceit, and "corrupting the word of the Gospel; while they intermix the poison of their deceit with their persuasive talk..."

Quote from "THE GREAT EVANGELICAL DISASTER" by Francis A. Schaeffer

Writes Schaeffer: "It does seem to me that evangelical leaders, and every evangelical Christian, have a very special responsibility not to just go along with the 'blue-jean syndrome' of not noticing that their attempts to be 'with it' so often take the same forms as those who deny the existence or holiness of the living God. Accommodation leads to accommodation—which leads to accommodation…"

As Scripture says, "Of making many books there is no end...", yet, like brother Luke, I want to be sure that nothing is left unsaid or misunderstood concerning the True Church. The True Church was established by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, not any of His apostles. Throughout the Gospels, Jesus is teaching His disciples, His Apostles and those who believe and will believe, the Truth. First of all, He said, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life; no man cometh unto the Father except by Me". He also said, "I and My Father are One", for which He was almost stoned because the Saducees and Pharisees understood very well what Jesus had said. He had asserted His Deity to them. Again, He said, "Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the Way, which leads to life, and few there be that find it".

2 Timothy 4:3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;

There are Presbyterian Church U.S.A. members who have organized themselves in order to change forever the historical and Orthodox polity and doctrines of PCUSA. One of these groups is called "Stonecatchers". Stonecatcher's consist of PCUSA Elders and Pastors who advocate the ordination of gay and lesbian members. However, the following sites state quite succinctly why this cannot be the case. These links are a must visit and must print and desimminate among PCUSA congregations nationwide. Also, if you are living in the homosexual lifestyle or supporting someone who does, please read the following pages Homosexuality and the Church and EXODUS International. The Governing bodies of the church should consider closely the 1998-1999 Book of Order G-9.0102, Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, to resolve this question of doctrine and of those things necessary to the peace, purity, unity, and progress of the church under the will of Christ." Until this is done, the Governing bodies are not working as they should. Using Paul's analogy of the body, it appears we are decidedly fragmented as a church. The sessions, presbyteries, and synods of many PCUSA churches have irreconcilable differences and the sooner this is recognized the sooner our denomination will be able to draw the lines and heal the schisms between us. In the medical field, to cut off a leg that is about to infect the whole body is a viable form of healing; less acceptable is to do nothing and watch that body die. Consider what this same Book of Order states in G-9.0103, "...The governing bodies are separated and independent, but have such mutual relations that the act of one of them is the act of the whole church performed by it through the appropriate governing to the express provisions of the Constitution...". Consider G-14.0207 Constitutional Questions to Officers (b). Do you accept the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments to be, by the Holy Spirit, the unique and authoritive witness to Jesus Christ in the Church universal, and God's Word to you?" It is presupposed that the answer should be yes and if so, how can they then believe that homosexuality is an acceptable lifestyle before God? Please see this page Christian Answers How can PCUSA governing bodies be so errant in their understanding of what constitutes an acceptable answer for a prospective member or officer of the church?

There are two sides to this tragic battle within PCUSA, as well as many other Christian churches. The main struggle is to witness to and influence homosexuals and lesbians for Christ through repentance of those caught in the trap of homosexuality. Jesus not only died for our sins but He died that we might be enabled to "Go and sin no more". Secondly, but not least, is to defend the church and our children and grandchildren from the untoward influence of those who propose these lifestyles as just an alternative to heterosexuality. For information on life expectancy of homosexual men as opposed to heterosexual married men, see "Homosexuality and the Church" linked above. These statistics were gathered by the Center for Diseasse Control and have nothing to do with the Christian church. It cannot be considered biased in this respect. We cannot allow innocent children to be taught in our churches or the public schools that homosexuality is an acceptable lifestyle.

>> Please see the following pages which show you just what tactics homosexual activists, who call themselves Christians and PCUSA members, use to establish themselves and their agendas in the church. Their agendas are in total opposition to PCUSA Book of Order and Scripture. The person involved in the Stamford case of Homosexual Ordination vaguely defines his relationship as a "...loving, commited relationship", yet he refuses to answer whether they are actively practicing homosexuals. The following pages reflect the seriousness of this debate within PCUSA. It is likely that all other issues will be overshadowed by what should have been an already settled vote on this particular issue. Presbytery & Synod Judicial Commissions, the First Presbyterian Church, Stamford, CT. and the Presbyterian Forum We can readily see that these activists, seeking "the things of the flesh", are obscuring the work of the church to spread the Gospel to all the World and to teach them the things that Jesus taught His disciples. The battle is raging all around us. Only the Holy Spirit is holding back the tide and influx of this kind of mindset among the majority of PCUSA churches.

Indeed, there is room for all sinners in the church, but only as seekers and those believers/members who have confessed their sins, sincerely, and repented (turned away) from their sins. God performs the miracle of new birth, spiritually, and believers no longer find peace or comfort in fleshly things, that is those things that scripture clearly teaches are sinful and hurtful to ourselves and/or others, and this includes our sexual lifestyles. Yes, we must do this within the context of Christian love and mercy but not without the authority of Scripture, God's Word. You cannot separate Jesus from God's Word because Jesus is also the Word made flesh. In other words, He became the Word of God incarnate. Therefore, they are One. Jesus did nothing, said nothing, taught nothing that did not come from the written Word of God. He opened the Scripture to the disciples and all who had ears to hear. He taught them as no other teacher had concerning the Scriptures. He made them come alive and He fulfilled them. Why should we love and cherish the Scriptures? Because Jesus did! He rebuked many who professed to be "teachers" and "preachers" saying, "Ye do err, not knowing the Scripture"! The Psalmist said, "Thy Word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee...Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path". The Word of God is what Christianity is all about and therefore it is no wonder that so much confusion comes from the mouths of those who do not honor it as one should honor God. It did not come from man, it does not proceed from man today, but from God through His Holy Spirit. May those who abuse the Word of God through vain arguments beware that they do not commit the sin of blashpheming the Holy Sprit Who is the author and interpreter of holy Scripture.

We must face the facts, Christianity, as Christ established the church, and PCUSA polity, is under bold attack by not only antithetical Chrsitian doctrine about sexual sins, but about many other historical Christian doctrines concerning what constitutes a Christian lifestyle and Christian values. We must insist that Christians live up to the high aspiration contained in this timeless and beautiful hymn, "Faith of our fathers, living still, in spite of dungeon fire and of our fathers holy faith, we will be true to thee 'til death!...and preach thee, too, as love knows how, by kindly words and virtuous life. There is a striking resemblance between the plight of Christian churches today and that of Moses on his journey to the promised land with a people bent on returning to Egypt and all its fleshly lusts. Where are the Moses', Caleb's and Joshua's for todays people of God?

Yet, how can we expect much of anything else when the most powerful institutions of this country do not lend their support to Christian ideals and values. They do lend their full support to those that are antithetical to the Book on which our Christian faith is founded. Yes, Goliath is alive and well in the form of secular thought which is the only politically correct religion of our nation. The historical Orthodox, Conservative Christian church, is the only bulwark against this powerful influence aimed at our children and grandchildren's minds. Like David, our church must take the offensive against this destructive thinking. It is evident that the teaching of evolution has done its dirty work and that the seeds of doubt which were planted in the minds of children have produced the most skeptical and confused generation since its inception, given its total acceptance as truth rather than theory. However, if the scopes monkey trial could take place today, the Christian churches of our land would prosper and be filled. See this link The Wadjak Man

Another thorn in the side of the Christian church today, which PCUSA needs to address, is the stance we will take to preserve our denomination from outright heresy and paganism. The radical feminist movement today, within our church, represents just one more front of many that is being posed by that roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Spiritual women, and men, fear before God and the Lord Jesus Christ before they desire to speak in the Church. But these women demand position and do not seek to serve in a spirit of meekness and selflessness. They dwell on themselves and their "sex" as oppressed when women today have more power politically and financially than many men. It is not equality that they want but total control and total authority. It is Godly men and women who need to be defended against the wiles of these unworthy women, and the men who agree with and support them. Godly men and women agree with Christ that the highest post His followers can have are as His servants. True Christians of either sex are taught by Christ to serve one another and not to seek to "lord it over" any of the flock of Jesus Christ. The ultrafeminists among us are one of the most destructive forces PCUSA faces today. Please see the following page. This book is a must read for all PCUSA women and men who should heed and take heart in the reading of it. Not 'Til I Have Done by Elizabeth Achtemier (Book Review).

One sign that ultra feminists doctrine may be influencing PCUSA polity unduly is the quota of women Elders and Deacons. It appears that the spirit in which this PCUSA attempt to support the election of women as Elders and Deacons has been usurped by a more feminist type radicalism and thus I am totally offended at this apparent hierarchical demagoguery. This should be dealt with at the next GA by the delegates. They should be reminded of 1998-1999 Book of Order, "In implementing this commitment, consideration should be given to the gifts and requirements for ministry(G-6.0106) in persons elected or appointed to particular offices or tasks, and to the right of the people to elect their officers.>. Otherwise, some small churches that may not meet their quotas because of legitimate reasons may be unduly penalized. Good intentions have a way of being subject to wrong definitions, as we have seen concerning our own country's Constitution. We should not let it happen to our PCUSA polity.

Under the auspices of Church Women United, the ultra feminists have revived goddess worship. This group is addressed very well by several groups. See the link to Voices of Orthodox Women. There are heretics among us and we had better be aware of them and refuse to support them financially or any other way Voices of Sophia. We should demand that all these aberrant and heretical groups be officially denounced by the PCUSA General based on the "purity" doctrine contained in the 1998-1999 Book of Order G-9.0102 b.

The inclusiveness of the True Church is the fact that all may come to God the Father through confession and repentance of sins. They will exhibit a new direction of life, desiring to be holy as Christ is Holy. Desiring to please God the Father through obedience to His Word; being conformed to His image, not conforming Him to our sinful selves. The fact of the exclusivity of the True Church is that, "Not all Who call Me Lord, Lord, will enter the Kingdom of Heaven."

What can YOU do to help PCUSA stem the tide and encroachment of false teaching and doctrines within our churches? You can check out the Voices of Orthodox Women WebPage which is linked below. We need to support these women and men who are taking a concerted stand for Conservative and Orthodox doctrine and Scriptural Christian values within PCUSA. You should be sure the delegates from your church will represent historical, Orthodox PCUSA church doctrine and stand ready to defend us against its opponents. Many Christians today say they believe we are living in a "post Christian" era. However, I fear we are closer to the era when "none will hear sound doctrine" and true believers are persecuted and denigrated not only by the world, but by many claiming to be Christians within our churches.

We must also seek to influence Congress, as the laws they pass will directly effect what we can or cannot do within our churches or in practicing our faith. Please see World Net Daily Exclusive. We must insist that the so-called phrase "separation of church and state" applies equally to protect individual Christians and Christian churches from the encroachment of government infringment on our "free exercise thereof". The phrase "separation of Chruch and State" is not even in the Constitution, but it is taken out of context from a private letter written by Thomas Jefferson in answer to a Christian church group who was fearful that the new government would have undue power over the church. The Constitution is explicit that "Congress shall make NO laws..." which infringe, in any way, on our freedom to worship. However, many in our government seem intent on doing so under the guise of protecting our country from religious people, especially Christian Americans. E-Mail Your Congressman The original intent of Jefferson's phrase "separation of church and state", is to protect the church FROM the state. In other words, if the state won't preach the church won't legislate. But inherrently, the church and its members, through the acting out of their faith, will influence society for good and thereby the government. Christians are under a mandate from Scripture to obey those who are in authority over them. Why would not any government honor such a people? The government is to protect its people by the rule of law, not tyranize them by it. No one in government, or without, is authorized under the U.S. Constitution, to legally require a church or individual Christians to interpret scripture according to the legislation of Congress. The Bible itself strictly teaches that Scripture is NOT personally interpreted and cannot be. It must be spiritually discerned, therefore personal preference plays no part in sound doctrine. "Separation of Church and State" purists insist on a "One Way" street going their way and by doing so, simply seek to deny the Constitutional protection for Religious Freedom intended by its writers. We must hold fast to the original intent of this article or Religious Freedom will give way to personal preference in matters that Constitutionally belong only to the church. Please see Original Intent Please browse this site for excellent and informative documentation of how far our government has evolved, through Supreme Court rulings, into "a people who are governed by" as opposed to a "government of the people, by the people, for the people."

If the present leadership of PCUSA, both elected and appointed, will not lend themselves to the voices of Orthodox and Conservative lay people we must work hard at home to be sure we elect members who will represent our traditional values and beliefs; those who are as concerned for the purity of PCUSA as the majority of PCUSA laity. If they continue to yield to the demonstrations of emotional extremist's groups, we must insist on equal time for Conservative members to demonstrate also. Those of us who hold fast to the historical Presbyterian Church polity and its historical Statements of Faith and Books of Order must insist on equal voice in the government of our church. Some today contend that those precious saints from whom we inherited our historical PCUSA polity were somehow less enlightened than they of this "superior" age. However, these saints are far superior to them in their spiritual discernment. Many of the proposed changes to the Catechism, Creeds and Book of Order are giant steps toward total destruction of the spirit and original thought of our church fathers and thereby PCUSA church polity. There appears to be a presupposition by its proponents that all PCUSA members know what the phrase, "Unity in Our Diversity" really means. This is a politically correct phrase, very vague. The kind practiced by Clintonites and others who wish to hide their real agendas. Let me preface my remarks by saying, yes, we indeed are under the Scriptural mandate to "love the brethren", to "love our neighbors as ourselves" and we intend to do this. However, we are NOT under a Scriptural mandate to fellowship with unbelievers nor with those who actively seek to live sinful lifestyles. On the contrary, we are admonished by Scripture to "defend the faith once delivered to the saints". This faith does not include people who mock our Lord Jesus Christ's death on the cross by continuing to live in sin; by blatantly living contrary to Scripture. We will have to ignore the teachings of Paul, Peter and Jude altogether if we are to concede that homosexuals and those who practice pagan rituals are indeed bonafide brethren. Love is a lot of things but it was ultimately exemplified by Jesus on the cross of calvary. He took the sins of the world, including homosexuality and lesbianism, upon His own body on the cross. He did this that we might be reconciled to God through the forgiveness of our sins, once confessed and repented of, yes. But also, and often overlooked, His redeeming act on the cross empowers us to overcome the power of sin in our lives. He admonishes us all to "...Go, and sin no more". None of us has the right, as Christians, to continue in our sins, else, again, we must concede that Scripture is in error. I will never concede this. I think I have the spirit of the message concerning sin in all its forms. It is powerful, but it is not more powerful than the blood of Jesus. Our answer to Moderator Oldenburg should be that we cannot have unity with those who deny that homosexuality, male or female, is sinful and contrary to all that creation teaches us. There is no unity with Christ and Satan.

Some in PCUSA leadership positions try to link opposition to homosexuality to racial discrimination, playing right along with the homosexual political agenda (Please see our link to "Homosexuality and the Church, above). The church is not meant to be a playground for the worldly, for the pride of mankind to be condoned in any and/or all of its fleshly lusts; it is a place of fellowship between forgiven sinners who seek to encourage one another, admonish one another and call one another into accounability before a Holy and Just God, and Savior who died for our sins, for our "old ways". Paul teaches us that we must indeed put up with and allow for it IN the world, but we dare not put up with it or allow it in the church. It appears that many are equating political correctness with PCUSA polity and doctrine. This is the problem, as I see it. There are factions within that do not have the best interest of her at heart, but rather seek a particular social and political agenda to be incorporated into the polity of our denomination, a polity that would be totally in opposition to Christian faith and values, and our historical, Orthodox foundation. Please read the following page Voices of Orthodox Women. I may have no power, personally, to answer any of the questions that will be posed at this meeting, but I will be praying fervently that God will prosper those delegates who clearly understand the Holy Spirit's Word on the subjects and that they will prevail mightily.

May God preserve the purity and holiness of PCUSA and her members, and deliver us from the ungodly counsel of the "unity in diversity" that will allow for membership and fellowship of all manner of sin and unrighteousness of mankind.

We must defend the faith of our fathers, many of whom gave their very lives to preserve her for our generation. What will we give to hand her over, intact, to our beloved children and grandchildren? Many Christians are dying for the true faith, being mocked and persecuted in many ways. Our battles are no less dangerous. What will we answer our Lord in that day as to why one of His churches, Presbyterian, U.S.A, in our generation, on our watch, was given over to lasciviousness and all manner of false doctrines? Please see these pages VOW Editorial, Sylvia Dooling, Editor> and VOW Editorial(Cont.) by Sylvia Dooling, Editor

Following are informative links concerning the fight against encroaching heresies and antiChristian factions within PCUSA and other Conservative Christian churches:

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