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Sailboat Support Systems

JOWI Sailboat Support Systems...

...are adjustable, folding steel sailboat cradles. JOWI cradles are proven the best and absolutely safest method of hull support for building, transporting, and storing sailboats. JOWI cradles come in six models which quickly adjust to fit any sailboat of up to 20 tons displacement; larger sizes are available by custom order. These cradles are specified for and used worldwide by navies, boat yards, the US Coast Guard Academy, yacht clubs, and top boat builders such as Eric Goetz Custom Sailboats, Carroll Marine, and Concordia Yachts.
* Rugged MIG welded tube steel frame; will not twist.
* Folds flat when not in use.
* Painted or galvanized finish.
* Available for immediate shipment anywhere.
* Eliminates worry of rotten, sagging wooden cradles or spindly boat stands that demand frequent attention and adjustment.
* For storage or transport over-the-road or overseas.
* Excellent for dry-sail fleets.
* Can be furnished with wheels.
* Thousands in use worldwide.
* Custom sized cradles are available.
* Works great for marine railways.

Custom cradle for 90' sloop "Savannah"
Custom cradle for 90' sloop "Savannah"
Diagram of a JOWI cradle, 5.9k
Model 1 Cradle

1. Pads are made with pressure-treated wood with outdoor carpet padding, and will not rot.

2. Large diameter screws with wing nuts allow quick, easy, vertical adjustment of stands.

3. All fasteners are zinc-plated to resist corrosion.

4. Keel board is made from pressure-treated lumber, and will not rot.

5. Crossmembers are positioned so the cradle may be lifted with slings or forks without additional blocking.

6. Unique vertical assemblies quickly adjust inward to fit varying hull widths, and will fold flat for storage.

7. Extra heavy rectangular steel tube frame provides greater torsional rigidity.
Custom Cradle for One-Design 48
Custom cradle for One-Design 48
About JOWI Cradles

We build six sizes of cradles - their individual specifications are listed below. The right cradle for your boat is generally determined by displacement. The cradle can be adjusted to any hull shape, and the vertical tubes can be sized for any draft. At one time or another, we have cradled most of the modern sailboats and have all of the dimensions on file, so we can help with the exact tube lengths for your boat.
There are a few exceptions, such as some of the lightweight high performance sport boats that can have a rather deep draft in relation to displacement and length. An example of picking which cradle: Say your boat is 29 feet long, displaces 7,200 pounds with a 4 and a half foot draft, the Model 1 is the obvious choice. It has a capacity of 10,000 pounds and can accomodate 30 feet of hull length. Now, say your boat is 40 feet long, 7,200 pounds in displacement and 7 and a half feet in draft. The Model 1 is clearly too short, so we may suggest a Model 2.
All models have flat black enamel finish and 2" X 8" pressure-treated keel boards as standard equipment. Galvanized finishes are available optionally. Custom cradles, wheels, and modifications are available.

The JOWI Product Line
  Capacity Boat
Model .5 5,000 lbs 25' 105" 60" 4 9" 250 lbs
Model 1 10,000 lbs 30' 120" 68" 4 11" 452 lbs
Model 1.5 15,000 lbs 35' 144" 68" 6 11" 700 lbs
Model 2 20,000 lbs 40' 160" 94" 6 16" 900 lbs
Model 3 30,000 lbs 50' 192" 96" 6 19" 1850 lbs
Model 4 40,000 lbs 60' 240" 96" 8 27" 3000 lbs

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