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Baby's Stall Sign

Baby joined our family in October 2007. He is a 5 year old Sorrell gelding.

Ronda and Baby posing.

Baby is an unusual horse, in that he adjusts his demeanor depending on who is in the saddle, and their apparent riding ability.

He is gentle enough that he has had 3 children on him at once, yet spirited enough to give an avid rider a wonderful gallop in an open field. He is also exhibiting a hint of a saddle gait.

Ronda and Baby again.

Ronda and Baby again.

Several people have told me that Baby has my personality. Speak to him in a harsh voice, and he will drop his head in embarassment. But he will scream like a banshie, and shake the waterhose in his mouth, if his bucket is not full to his liking.

Baby loves attention, and will press his nose against my nose, and stand there with his eyes closed. He will occasionally grasp the hem or collar of my coat, and just stand there holding it.

Ronda and Baby both grinning for the camera!

Baby loves apples, and will figure out quickly when Michael has one with him.

Come back here with that apple!

"When I get my apple, you get your hat back!"

I'll make a trade with you!

Baby brings a great deal of joy, laugher, and love to me. Everyone should have such a life!

Baby watching the painted mare down the road.

Getting some exercise in the practice arean.

Ronda and Baby in the arena.

What a great way to spend an afternoon!

Ronda and Baby just cruising along!

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