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Pusher's Rising Storm

Pusher's Rising Storm, known to the family as Stormy, is a Black Tobiano mare, born 21 July 2006, in Mount Vernon Kentucky.

Pusher's Rising Storm

Originally registered with the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeder's and Exhibitors Association as "Zack's Little Bit" #20606140/BL/TO, she is registered with the National Spotted Saddle Horse Association as "Pusher's Rising Storm" #619662.

Stormy joined the family on Saturday, 17 January 2008, and immediately took to Michael's handling and working on a lead rope.

Pusher's Rising Storm

Working with her starting the Sunday after her arrival, and in the evenings after getting home from work, Stormy proved to be very intelligent and highly responsive. She accepted being saddled and ridden the next Friday afternoon, with just one problem encountered. Her underestimated comprehension of "woah" was both humbling for the rider, and amusing for the onlookers!

Stormy and Michael continued to work together during the following week, for a couple of hours each evening, to achieve the next milestone.

First ride under bit

On 16 Febuary 2008, under saddle and a training bit, Stormy entered the outdoor training area for the first time. She finished the training session with little difficulty, having once again risen to the occasion.

Stormy is not only a filly that displays potential as a NSSHA show horse, she is a partner and a friend.

Out for an afternoon!

As Stormy and Michael get more accustomed to each other, and continue to train and learn together, their future together gets brighter and brighter!

Out for an afternoon!

I think it's safe to say that we trust each other!

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