vom Meisenhaus Photo Album

Welcome to our photo album. Included our photos of our female Elsa and several of her pups. As you view the pictures, remember the following quote. It is one of my favorites.

"A full bag is a proper goal of any hunt. But more worthy and rewarding goals are being outdoors, sharing simple pleasures with friends, taking pride in making a difficult shot, watching a retriever go through his paces, finding secret places other people don't go, and working hard to do a job right..." Wade Bourne, Clarksville, Tennessee

This is what it is all about.

Our first Drahthaar, Emma vom Hinterwald (Elsa).

My son and Astra vom Meisenhaus at VJP. He was the youngest handler (at 7 years old) in GNA at the time, possibly in the history of the JGHV and VDD. I wore that same coat and pants during my first hunting season (at 11 years old).

Familie vom Meisenhaus: From left to right, Anna(w/ Jack Hicks), Argo(w/ me), Astra(w/my son), Axel(w/ Kevin Barr), and Dux vom Steinweg(w/ Ron Nichols).

Argo's first wood duck.

Axel vom Meisenhaus (Panzer) and Tyler.

Bobby vom Meisenhaus (Baron) and my son.

Nick Starika, his pup Beta vom Meisenhaus, our first ruddy duck of the year, and me (on the left) after a successful diver hunt. We also bagged three bluebills and screwed up shots on a pair of mallards.

Elsa at the beaverpond (der Bieberteich), relaxing after fetching a hen woodie (in the tree).

A little shaggier and heavier, Elsa and the 870 after a nice hunt, i.e. my first (drake mallard, black duck, and banded hen mallard).

My son's pup, Argo vom Meisenhaus and my A390 Christmas present after a successful morning at the beaverpond.

Exhibiting a lot of heart, here is Beta vom Meisenhaus (55#) @ 26 months retrieving her first fox (10#) from a drag.

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