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Walnut Cove Masonic Lodge # 629

P.O. Box 894
812 Summit Street
Walnut Cove, NC 27052-0894
(336) 591-8171

Greetings Brethren!

Welcome to our Website!


Please join us on a tour of our Lodge through these Web Pages. Click on the "Index" page below to enter our web-Lodge. Our News Letter can accessed on the Index or this page.

Our Lodge is growing and we are proud of our accomplishments. As you tour the site notice our pride and activities. We sponsor a Golf Tournament in April in which the proceeds are donated to the Oxford Children's home. Our Christmas Parade, on the second Saturday in December, involves much of the community and the proceeds are donated to local non-profit organizations.

After your tour, return to this page by a click on "Home." If you wish to speak to a Brother then click on the e-mail address at the bottom of this page.

I welcome all Brothers whom wish to attend our Lodge meetings on the first and third Tuesday of each month. Please indicate if any group of Brothers are attending by sending an e-mail.


Fraternally yours,
Roger Vance, Worshipful Master

Dinner at First Stated each month beginning at 6:15

The First Stated meal will be catered for 2014. Join us for fellowship and bring a friend! Good food and fellowship - what more can we do for you? REMEMBER CATERED DINNER FOR A SMALL CHARGE AND LASTING FELLOWSHIP!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Come back in December!

As of September, 2014 this site is up again!
We switched websites and are on facebook. Fortunately all the sites now have the latest news. Go to

We did not eliminate this site for the present and the old codger webmaster still remembers most of the codes. For the next several weeks you will see a combination of old and current news.


New OFFICERS: For more information go to Welcome link below. And go to Index page and click on officers.

New officers are:

Master: Roger Vance
Senior Warden: Tommy Simmons
Junior Warden: Harold Davis
Senior Deacon: Gray Jarrell
Junior Deacon: Will Carter
Senior Stewart: TBD
Junior Stewart: Mike Collins
Chaplain: Ronnie Powell
Tyler: Keith Morgan

No News letter for November

New Brothers as of 2013:

We are blessed with many men interested in Masons and more particularly in our lodge! Thus far in 2013 we raised Brother Barry Conaway on July 23. Initiated Brothers Kyle Kritchman, David Collins,David Lee Smith and Nathan Wall. Brother Barry Conaway was passed to Fellow Craft on May7. In 2012 we raised six brothers to the sublime degree of Master Mason. Brothers Mike Marshall, Doug Lawson and Tom Landon were raised on November 12. Brother Chad Williams was raided on October 23. Brother Gray Jarrell was raised on August 14, 2012. Brother Dan Cooke was raised on May 12. Brother Mike Reid with Kernersville Lodge 669 and Brother Alan Galimore of Walnut Cove Lodge 629 were raised on March 13. On October 9 we passed brother Doug Lawson and Mike Marshall to the degree of Fellow Craft. On May 22 we passed Brother Gray Jarrell to Fellowcraft. On March 27 we initiated brother Gray Jarrell to Entered Apprentice. On July 19 we initiated Brother Mike Rogers. In 2011 we initiated eleven new brothers. We welcome ya'll aboard! Go to the Index Page and click on 'New Brothers' for more information.

" 2 B 1, ASK 1"

News Letter

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