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July 2004 *** The heat of summer has now arrived as well as some much welcome time off. Time for reflecting upon and enjoying life. JupiterSpace would like to share some recent messages from Graham Field as he reflects on Rare Bird and other projects and a peek into the future as he works on current projects.

"RARE BIRD as a guitarless band which played a creative mix of classical music and Zappa influenced jazzrock was a dream for me which only came to fruitation when, as a result of ads in the music press, I met first Dave, the fantastic electric pianist, then Steve who I always thought was a world class singer, and later Mark who was such an interesting and creative rock drummer. When after two years on the road and two albums we had to split to gain release from contracts which would have kept us poor for our whole professional life, it was heartbreaking.. the senseless defeat of something really good in popular music.....More to follow G. Field"

To read more from Graham click here.

May 2004 *** As the old saying goes, "Time flies when your having fun", it's hard to believe that it is already up into May. 2003 was an exciting year for Rare Bird fans around the world. Looking back in review there was quiet a bit that kept everyone's interest peaked with excitment.We had the CD release of Dave K's newest musical project with Tattoo Blue. Also Dave's announcment of a 'Rare Bird' project that he has in the works is keeping us on the edge of our seats. We had Mark Ashton's exhibition of his fine paintings in France. Then there was Mark Krueger's most excellent interviews with Dave K on his PlanetProg radio program. (Admin note- we will have links for this two part interview online this week.) 'Born Again' surfaced at the tailend of 2002 on a Red Fox CD release, and we had an official 2003 Polydor release which included two very excellent live tracks. Also in 2003 we saw Steve Gould's 'Runner' album released on CD which included previously unreleased tracks. This may not have been an official release but it became available anyway. Overall it was a good year for Rare Bird and their fans. Now in 2004 we hear the great news that Steve is working on a solo project and now wonderful news from Graham Field as he reflects on Rare Bird. Graham also reveals a bit of what he's been up to and some of his plans to keep an eye out for in the future. Very good news indeed!

August 2003 *** A recent communication from Mark Ashton-Vey finds him very well living in the south of France. Mark was recently living in New York for six years and was head of A&R for an independent record label called APG Music. He has now left the music industry and instead of using drum sticks, he is using paint brushes! He has an important exhibition due on the 19th of September in Aix-en-Provence. Check out Mark's art at www.planr.com/vey

May 2003 *** Dave Kaffinetti is putting his incredible musical talents to good use as the newest member of the California based blues band 'Kathleen Cairns & Tattoo Blue'. The band is putting the finishing touches on their new CD and are looking for a June 2003 release date. They will be playing some CD Release shows in the northern California area. For more information on the band, check out TattooBlue.net

December 2002 *** Just in time for the Holidays, the long wait has ended for a release of Rare Bird's 'Born Again' album on CD. Born Again was released last Monday in France on the Red Fox label. Most vendor's aren't showing it in their catalogs yet, but I'm sure that they will be soon. As of now the CD is available from TCLImports.com. I don't know if it has any bonus tracks on it such as 'Don't Be Afraid', 'Virginia', or 'Passing Through', But that sure would be nice!!! ***Happy Holidays from JupiterSpace!***

November 2002 *** Nic Potter is in the process of building his 'new' website for Zomart Records. It is under construction and can be found here at ZomartRecords.com . There is a link there to contact Nic.

January 2001 *** Rare Bird bassist Nic Potter's website for his new label, Zomart Records has been up and running for a year or so now. There is some fine music available there.

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