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Chanute Air Force Base

This page has a lot of pictures and may take a minute or so to load.

These are photos I took at Chanute AFB in July 2004. It was the first reunion of the 3345th Security Police Squadron. I was stationed there from 1977 - 1980 and again from 1981 - 1984. The base officially closed in 1993. Most all of the base housing his been bought by private individuals. Of the "industrial" areas, some buildings are empty and some have been bought by private businesses.

This is the view of the Mall looking north.

This is the view of the Mall looking south. You can see that not much been done lately to the landscaping.

This is the front of the Cafeteria. I think it was called the Gold Shield?

This is the front of the Airman's Club. Again, not much done on the upkeep.

This is Theater #1.

This is Theater #2.

This is the base personnel office.

This is the base hospital. Note the window air conditioners. I spoke with a guy there who told me an individual bought the hospital and uses it to house migrant farm workers.

Monument behind the HQ building.

Monument behind the HQ building.

The NCO Club.

The NCO Club.

The NCO Club.

When I first arrived at Chanute the Security Police dorm was in the 800 Area.

This is where the dorm was but at some point it has been torn down.

This is the dining hall we ate at.

This building had a mini Airman's Club and a small BX in it.

Another view of the dining hall.

Inside the dining hall.

Another view of the dining hall.

This is the road leading to where the small arms range was. It is fenced off now and as best as I could see the CATM building is gone. The sign says "Environmental Area of Concern".

This is where the fire school students did some of their outside training.

This is some type of portable building that I thought was kind of odd. Reminds me of the bee building from the X-Files movie.

Not sure what these are but they reminded me of the containers used by the military in the Living Dead movies to hold the toxic zombies...didn't stay there long...can you tell I watch too many movies?? Anyway there was lots of junk like this all over the 900 area.

Another toxic sign. I think this road led to an area we did Air Base Ground Defense Training at a couple of times.

Check this sign out. Note the playground equipment in the background. Nothing like taking the kids for a romp on the old toxic landfill!!

This was Bud's Bar And Bowl. A place frequented by the squadron members. It just so happened that while we were there for the reunion it was being torn down.

Another view of the demolition.

This is apparently his new place. Didn't go in but maybe next trip.

This is where I used to live. The housing area was called Chapman Courts. It has all been torn down now. A developer has put up some new houses at the other end of the old housing area.

My old house would have been just in front of the big dirt pile with all the weeds.

A view of the street.

One big change to the landscape was the area around the North Gate.

The North Gate area looking from the west.

The North Gate area looking from the north.

A wider view looking from the west. I believe the transportation squadron had some buildings in what is now the open field.

This was where the old West Gate was. The gate has been torn down.

They still left the missle standing though.

The following are some shots of building P-3. Most of the classes taught at Chanute were held in this building. Besides being the largest building on the base it was one of the larger military buildings in the U.S.

Shots from one of our dinners

This was the entrance to the security police building after it was remodeled.

The double doors was the old entrance.

The old holding cells.

Mark Boguski, Loren Rudd and me.

This was where the old Desk Sergeant area was. I spent a lot of time working there.

Someone had some fun with the building directory.

New confinement cells.

New Desk Sergeant window.

Armory window.

Pistol locker.

Mobility room.

Central hallway. Note the grafitti on the walls.

The sign that hung outside the old 800 area SP dorm.

The 70's crew.

Byron Graham.

Tom Gaskins.

Rick Nobel, John Ahrens and me.


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