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My Maker

Helen Burns
I see my Maker
And my mind's at rest
There will be no pain to feel
Only joy within my breast
I see His goodness
Soon I'll be exalted
And My should will be set free
Once I had faith like your's
Doubting heaven was really such a place
But soon, I will walk its shores
And I will see His face
Just as clearly as I see your's
I see my Maker
Peace has come so fast
I will be restored to Him
Freedom comes at last
Young Jane
I'll stay with you, dear Helen. No one shall take me away.
Are you warm, darling?
Young Jane
Goodnight, Jane.
Young Jane
Goodnight, Helen.
Miss Temple found me the next morning, laid in Helen's little crib, my face against Helen's shoulder, my arm round her neck. I was asleep, and Helen was dead.
I see my Maker
Peace has come so fast
You will be restored to Him
Peace has come at last

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