JAMES R. CARLSON: Sample Scores


for solo alto saxophone & narrator (optional)

Labyrinth p. 1 Labyrinth p. 2
Available through Dorn Publications.

Moses and the Serpent

for solo alto saxophone & percussion

MS p. 1 MS p. 2 MS p. 3 MS p. 4
Available through Dorn Publications.


for solo piano

Gryllus p. 1

Her Shell's Golden Rays

for flute, violin, cello & piano

Her Shell's p. 2
Her Shell's p. 3

Motets & Marginalia, a cantata

Motets & Marginalia p. 1 Motets & Marginalia p. 2 Motets & Marginalia p. 6 Motets & Marginalia p. 7 Motets & Marginalia p. 8 Motets & Marginalia p. 9
Here are three 2-page excerpts from the score. The first two pages are from the work's opening, the second two are from Marotele's Motet ("Mille Fleurs"), and the the last two are from the concluding section.

A Sound As Yet Unheard

(SATB & piano)

A Sound As Yet Unheard p. 1 A Sound As Yet Unheard p. 2

Nowel Syng We


Nowel Syng We p. 1 Nowel Syng We p. 2 Nowel Syng We p. 3

Magnificat/Nunc Dimittis

(SATB & organ)

Magnifcat p. 1 Magnifcat p. 2 Nunc Dimittis p. 1 Nunc Dimittis p. 2
Here are the first two pages of each movement.

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