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J and Lara are Walking
Border to Border

Here it is folks! Your direct link to we merry outcasts. Lara and I are hiking from Mexico to Canada. And now using the latest in technologies you to can learn all about the PCT from the comfort of your own home. This coming summer, as we lay down to sleep in a rain puddle, enveloped in a fog of mosquitoes and begin to digest our blandly spiced pasta for the sixth time in a week you can lay beside us without having to give up your down comforter. [end sarcasm] Actually, we want to present an opportunity for everyone to see the majesty of these remote places that draw us in. We want to attempt to express what drives and inspires a person to live without ammenities and learn great lessons about themselves while doing so. We wish everyone would take whatever opportunity they have to get outside and live a little, be it for a weekend or a lifetime. Come and walk with us from "Mehico to the Great White North".

Now some of you may being saying to to yourself, "Self. Who in the world dreamt up the Pacific Crest Trail and gosh-golly, it's just beyond me why in the heck someone would want to live on it for half a year?"

We'll we're glad you asked.....

Explore our site and we'll try to answer those questions. If you ask us there's no better place to be. Interesting Tidbits About our PCT Hike

Journal Entries Daily Thoughts and Dreams
Our Itinerary in California
Our Itinerary in Oregon and Washington
Photos of the Outcasts
Photos of Breathtaking Spots..OOOOHHHH
A Map of the Progress to Date

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