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Links And Upcoming Events Page

Visit one of our Missions, The Fellowship Tract League Home Page
by Clicking HERE
,  or to order some Tracts, Click HERE.

Fundamental Broadcasting Network
WOTJ 90.7 FM
"Winning Others To Jesus"
Is a Listener Supported Christian Radio for the Family.
You may go to their Web Site to listen to REALTIME FBN audio on the internet at or you can just click HERE
to go there.

Our Pastor is a graduate of  Emmanuel Baptist University.
You my visit the site by Clicking HERE.

If your Bible is a NIV, Click HERE,  or if your Bible is a NKJV, Click HERE.
If you want a more in-depth Bible comparison, Click HERE
Other interesting links are below.

This is the website with FAQ of Sam Gipp

This is Jody Adair's site, good stuff. He has some good links to other good sites.

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