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Playname :Weave 2-1


3 or more players 1 or more balls

In a weave player 1 passes to player 3 and player 1 runs behind player 3.

Player 3 passes to player 2 and player 3 runs behind player 2.

Than player 2 passes to player 1 and runs behind player 1 starting the begin situation.


At the end line the player with the ball in this case player 2 puts the ball down to the floor.

Player 1 and 3 touch the end line and player 3 get the ball.

Player 2 sprints back to the opposite bucket.


Players 3 and 1 play a 2 against 1 offense.
While keeping the court spread.

The objective for player 2 is to stop the dribble (and with that the flow of the play) of player 3


If defender 2 stops the dribble of player 3.

In a two against one the defender falls back to prevent the pass from player 3 to player 1.

He does give player 3 the opportunity to take his shot.

You can also play this drill half court.

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