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Playname : 1 Cone Layup


Place a cone at the top of the circle.Give your player one minute to dribble down for a right handed layup.He/she then rebounds and dribbles around the cone[marked here with a `c`] for another layup.Time them for one minute.I allways let them know when there was 10 seconds left.Continue to do this untill all players have had their turn.Then switch sides and do left handed layups for one minute.Keep score and see who makes the most!Kids like this,but it`s hard work and tires them out.Make them dribble around the cone with their body between the cone and ball also.That teaches them to use their body to protect the ball.
Stress making layups,not making attempts.It`s more inportant for them to make a few shots than miss a lot of shots.




Use every basket in your gym,saves time.You may have to get a parent to time them.I allways let my players keep their own score.You can also have them do a 10 shot instead of a layup,or set the distance for yourself.

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