Playname : 1-3-1 Trapping Zone Press



Thats the only word I know to describe this press at the youth level.I`ve watched youth teams score 75 + points per game using steals from this defense.

This is a high pressure,ball stealing,and fast breaking defense.

I have used this in the Backcourt,Midcourt,and Frontcourt areas on the Basketball court.It is a halfcourt trapping defense.

I`ll show how we use it at Midcourt.

I`ll use my small forward at the "chaser or point position " here.


let your 2,4 and 1 players stay about halfcourt of maybe even a few steps behind.Stick your good 3 player 10 feet or so past midcourt line.The 3 waits on the ballhandler.
The 5 stays around the free throw line or top of circle untill action get started.

Each player has a job.I`ll describe them later as we go along.Each player must know their job well.You may give up a few easy baskets,don`t worry,keep the pressure up.


The job of the 3 or "chaser" is to push or steer the ballhandler to the sideline.Either sideline will do.They need to have the offense at the sideline before halfcourt.

In this diagram,let have the 3 push the 1 to the side line about midcourt.


Bear in mind you have 10 seconds to get across midcourt,or 5 seconds after the offense stops dribbling.Hold them.

Notice where the 5,4,and 2 are in relation to the ball and players.


If the one tryes to pass to the 2,the green 2 picks off the pass and lays it up for a easy score.


if the 1 tryes to pass to the 3,the 4 does the same.2 points!


if the one goes other side line,you do the same.

in this frame,the 4 covers the offensive 4 who is on the sidelines.The 1 then covers midcourt.

If the ball is passed to the 2,the 3 and 1 cover untill defense recovers and sets up accordinally.


duties of the defense

the 3 is the point player,or chaser.Many coaches play their point guard here,but I prefer a fast bigger person here with quick hands and feet thats not afraid to put the pressure on.

That frees up my 2 guards to steal passes and do layups.

The 4 needs to stay inbetween the basket and ball in most cases.The 5 is the last line of defense between the basket and the ball So they need to know to defend the lane in case of a breakdown.


places to trap the ball

before halfcourt.That way,you have a extra defender,the sideline out of bounds line.Here we have the point stuck at midcourt,with the clock running down.They will likely panic and throw a bad pass,and we will pick it off.

If they try to pass to the sidelines tothe 5,our 5 should be close enough,to pick off the pass,or contain the player should the pass be completed.

The 2 and 4 take away the center of the court.


past midcourt

here we have the point trapped,and we have 2 extra defenders.The halfcourt and out of bounds line helping us.We just have to tie her up for 5 seconds and we get the ball back.

When trapping on the sidelines,make sure you seal off the side;line,don`t leave room for the point to get thru.

see 1-3-1 part two for futher details

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