This page is about Mind Control. Here you will find interesting, and unsettling articles pertaining to this controversial subject. Be prepared to hear something in this section that may disturb you because it sounds all too familiar, or else, because it strikes a chord within you that perhaps you might hope could not relate to you. Either way, you will find some astonishing data here, and it is well worth the read. To begin with, check out the following article. This will sort of jump you right into the subject, so, be prepared for some shocking news...SPY GOVERNMENT by Omar V. Garrison published by Lyle Stuart, New York 1967 Excerpts: "In the totally controlled society of George Orwell's nightmarish novel '1984' the individual had one retreat that Big Brother could not penetrate: "Nothing was your own except a few cubic centimeters inside your skull."But in America today, even those "few centimeters" of cranial refuge are under seige. With the support and participation of the federal and state governments, a multitude of subliminal snoopers calling themselves behavioral scientists are assaulting the national psych. Their instruments include: Brain manipulation procedures that seek to control human behavior by such means as drugs, chemicals and tiny electrodes implanted in the brain (and teeth). Some of these secret research projects are being carried out by the U.S. military services.The overall program, still in its infancy, is already so widespread, and so alarming in its possibilites that it has inspired growing public debate, and has touched off a full-scale investigation by Congress.The legion of psycho-spies who are prying into people's minds now holds dominent positions in schools, hospitals, armed services, police courts, the U.S. Civil Service Commission, the Peace Corps, U.S. Office of Education, about one half of the nation's major corporations, and a constellation of federal agencies, most of which have nothing to do with security.The American people have never been consulted about the claims of behavior pundits that they are entitled to subject everyone a mental third degree in the name of science. Yet the lives of many citizens in this country-job, schooling, marriage, reputation are already being charted by their secret reports.& Thousands of unwary school children have been subjected to the same unsettling intrusion into their emotional lives, under research projects financed by the U.S. Office of Education and, although the massive testing program was paid for with tax money, parental consent was neither sought nor given." Ready for more???This is the story of the Kats family. They wish everyone to know what happened, what is happening to them. So I am including their story here. It is horrific, if it is true, which I would think must be, because there are many inclusions within this article which can be verified by anyone. GUINEA PIG FROM SILICON VALLEYThe story seems to start somewhere in the middle of it. I must have lost the beginning. It will make sense though even without the first few lines. Sorry!"Years ago he requested his personal file under the Freedom of Information Act. Two weeks later, when he received it, inside he found, just covered with black ink, secret pages from some kind of classified documents. I was waiting for what he would tell me next.Winton took a pause, and then slowly said, "Believe it or not, after studying the clandestine pages he committed suicide." Everything he said sounded very strange. On August 27, 1992, after previously refusing to release the file, the San Francisco office of the FBI, on their own, exactly two weeks after Winton had spoken, suddenly sent us two pages of secret documents covered with black ink. December 17, 1992. We had just finished work and I walked outside to wait for my wife while she was closing up the shop. A stranger approached and said that he would like to talk to me. The next moment he told that he knew I had an operation on March 11, 1991, and that during that seven hour operation some kind of sophisticated electronic device was implanted in my skull. Continuing his speech, the stranger said that I would have to be ready for harassment and other psychological pressures. The reason he gave for this was that those who were behind this crime would like to see me back in the hospital. I told him that this was all crazy. He said, "watch out for your brain; you may lose your memory, and with it your bright musical talent." My wife walked out of the shop. "I have to go," said the stranger; good luck." After that, he slowly walked away from the place where we were standing and disappeared at the end of the street. After this incident I made a report to the Palo Alto Police Department but, unfortunately our explanatory statement was disregarded for circumstances unknown to us. On July 23, 1993 after we were obtain list of the Palo Alto Police Department reports, the office GIBSON marked case #93-082-0931, with --**-- which means(**no report written, incident number only.) As indicate our record, my family brought three different times support statement for the case #93-082-0931, and for some reason our statement never was accepted. Why? Is Palo Alto P.D. following instructions from the top? Overall it's unconstitutional. For the whole year (1993) we tried to contact people who would be able to help us get out of this dirty mess we are in. It seemed that our letters and phone calls never reached their destinations. despite our persistence, we couldn't get any answers from those whom we chose. Just a few of the names whom we addressed our letters to: Ted Kopple ABC. No answer. Sally Rafael. No answer. Donahue. No answer. Heraldo Revera. No answer. 60 Minutes. No answer. CNN letters came back not opened. Sam Donaldson. No answer. 20/20 Barbara Walters. No answer Oprah. No answer. Diane Sawyer. No answer. Day after day harassment, humiliation, and mental torture became more and more obvious. To describe all that happened to us in this short letter would be impossible. 1994 was the continuation of the previous year. We finally were able to sell our house that was on the market for over two years and move out of Palo Alto where we had experienced so much bad luck. Our destination was Vancouver, British Columbia. The complications of getting working permit made us come back to the U.S. and for two months we resided in Mill Creek, Washington. Eventually the kids started asking us to go back to California where we abounded once before blooming "JAZZ FOR HAIR." We returned to Palo Alto and I started preparing myself to visit Sweden and possibly ask for political asylum there. Prior to my trip I wrote 50 letters to U.S. Senators. None responded.<p>I flew to New York City and tried to see newspaper editors, journalists, attorneys, and anyone who would be able to help us. I tried to visit the office of Mrs. Magdalene Albright, the Representative to the U.N. from the U.S.A., but was stopped by the police. I left a letter for her at the door of her office, but received no response. I crossed the United Nations square and decided to visit an International Human Rights organization, and ask any organization be able to help us somehow; police physically stopped me. The first time, they tried not allowing me to enter the building. The second, when I finally entered, I wasn't even able to approach the directory board. Instead, I was gently redirected to the information center where I was told that the whole organization had moved to Geneva, Switzerland. In New York, I felt like I was being hunted no matter where I went. When I came back to Palo Alto, I ordered two tickets to Sweden, one for myself, and the other for my son Jay Martin. On October 5,1994, we arrived in Stockholm, Sweden."Wassa Park Hotel" was the place where we stayed for the next three weeks. After visiting Police Department located at Stockholm central train I was directed to the Lans Landsting Hospital. I waited almost a week to see the E.N.T. specialist, Doc Brudemo. After the first visit, it took another eight days to take X-rays of my sinuses, then another few days to finally hear that the doctor couldn't show me my X-rays. When I told doctor that implant painfully bothered me, Dr. Brudemo prescribed some kind of medicine telling when it hurts take as directed.<p>I had paid for all the services in full with my credit card. During the waiting period between appointments I tried to see anybody from the Swedish Red Cross Organization (department of human torture). For three weeks we had to wait in Sweden and the only available time to see me was "coincidentally" matched to the same day and time as my appointment with Dr. Brudemo. The conspiracy of such behavior was so obvious that I decided to leave the country as soon as I could. At the hospital's office, I was told that my X-rays would be delivered to my home in Palo Alto as soon as it was ready. But now I'm still waiting for it. On the way back to Palo Alto we stopped in Geneva and visited the World Organization Against Torture (Eric Sottas, Dir., PH. 22-733-3140). After a one hour conversation with one of the workers she promised to send me a list of some people who could possibly help us fight such organizations as the FBI and CIA. Such a list was never delivered to me.In the meantime, while working on all sorts of information related to my case, my memory suddenly recalled March 11 of 1982, the day when my son was operated on at Stanford Hospital. He was hospitalized on March 10. After the operation that was performed by Dr. Allan Hillel and Stephen Henenberg we were denied access to see him for 24 hours, making a total of 48 hours that he was solely in their custody. On March 12, around 4 PM, the nurse pulled a toy play wagon with a four year-old boy in it. He was laying inside like a vegetable. After we found out what happened to me years later, we became suspicious that the same could have happened to my son. While observing him, my wife and I saw what looked like a surgical scar crossing part of the roof of his mouth. If what we saw is what we are afraid of, the only place the scar could lead to is my baby's brain. On Feb. 1, 1995, after being refused by nearly all Bay Area Hospitals, at last we were able to set up an appointment with Dr. Ammerman at Lucile Salter Stanford Children's Hospital. Prior to appointment, we wrote a short letter to Mr. Dave Packard, a beautiful person who spent personal millions of the dollars to build Stanford Children's Hospital and asked him to just monitor Jay's visit. Another words simply verified with radiologist: implanted Jay or not.<p> During initial telephone conversation the secretary of Mr. Packard was shocked about what had happened to us. Tone of her voice was soft and she even said that Will do the best she can to deliver our letter to Mr. Packard. Unfortunately when we arrived at Mr. Packard's office located at Page Mill Rd., Palo Alto, CA, about 1 mile from our former house, she suddenly changed attitude, instead angrily refused to accept letter and almost forcefully pushed us out from the building. February 1, 1995. Lucile Salter Children's Hospital at Stanford. What a day. At the end of long hours we had spent at the hospital, Dr. Ammerman called radiology department and requested to take X-ray of Jay's skull. For some reason instead of the skull, radiologist Sandy Malet presented to us an X-ray picture of Jay's neck. It was very strange. After short argument Dr. Malet took a snap shot of Jay's head and finally we were able to observe the full skull of my son. In the room where we were standing it was very quiet. It took me a few seconds to identify location of implants. I turned my head toward Dr. Malet and we looked at each other. It seemed that she wasn't prepared to see such a horrible negative. He face became red and drops of sweat appeared on her face. What is this I asked her? I don't know was her answer. Finally after a few seconds Dr. Malet said that Dr. Ammerman will present to us the full report tomarrow. I started insist to perform snapshot of the side view to get dimensional location of implants. Once again after ten to fifteen minutes of arguing an X-ray was performed and surprise!<p>As it is our understanding, the X-ray was purposely over-exposed by radiologist Mrs. Malet. How could it happen that such an expensive, high quality machine over-exposed the film? It was no answer. At the same evening we bought one copy of Jay's skull X-ray and I picked up from the garbage over-exposed X-ray of side view (third snap-shot). On the next day Dr. Ammerman presented to us the report executed by radiologist Dr. Blankerburd.<p>The report of Dr. Blankerburd once again confused us. How it could happen that original film may disappear from the hospital. I called Chief Dr. David Cohen and explained to him that the copy of an X-ray we have is a good quality and we would like to meet Dr. Blankerburd and ask him to evaluate the visible part of soft tissue. In response, I got a phone call from Dr. Bergman, Assistant of the Chief L.S.H.S. After short conversation Dr. Bergman asked me to write him a letter. It was the last time we were able to at least communicate somehow with the Lucile Salter Children's Hospital. After we reviewed the boy's medical record we couldn't understand some description of its contents. As I mentioned above, back then the boy had disappeared behind the doors of Stanford Hospital for 48 hours. Based on the Dr.s Hillel and S. Denenberg statements it was due to complications after surgery, but medical record tells: Complications none. The patient tolerated the procedure well, and was transferred to the postanesthesia room in satisfactory condition. Estimated blood loss 80 cc.It seems that fate is not very kind to our family. During World War II almost my entire family was tortured and murdered by the Nazis After the war, when we got a chance, we ran away from the Communist regime. It was our dream that when we immigrated all that would have been history. Hopeless hope. What happened during our son's March 11, 1982 48 hour disappearance behind the closed doors of Stanford Hospital? Was it just a tonsils operation? On March 11, 1991 it took seven hours under general anesthesia to remove the polyp from my right sinus. On this day I was turned into a "guinea pig" and became the object of a scientific experiment. The U.S. Government is trying to cover up this crime. So please help! I would like to repeat. People please HELP. Just tell the context of this letter to a friend, or someone you don't know, in the U.S. or outside, or to a subcommittee of investigation, or to President Bill Clinton. He should know about this ugly story. Every American should. At the present time I am working on my book which I am naming "Guinea Pig from Silicon Valley." If this ugly story will ever be printed you'll be able to find in it the details of this unprecedented medical experiment.Sincerely, Ed Kats"Our address: Family Kats 493 W. Charlston Rd., Palo Alto, CA 94306 Tel: (415) 494-3383 fax same. e-mail: edwardj@jps.netMore Stories to come!!!How about a book review? Here's one that would be a good read on the subject: MIND CONTROL WARS" by Bernie NelsonExcerpt: "The real Maria is my CRYSTALLIZED soul. Not many earth humans have accomplished this. The soul is not bound by space and time. It is like a hologram. You can cut off a peice, no matter how small, and the entire image will still be in that tiny peice. The soul is like that. Every place you have been, my love, everything you have experienced is engraved on it. And when leaving that place or experience, a small peice of your soul hologram stays. And when going through what you call death, the soul hologram does not forget your historical trail. Very few, upon death, can pick up the peices of their hologram on earth and move up to greater realities. Most come back at some time in the future, in another human form, unconsciously walking their old paths.Some attach importance to a certain earth location. They won't let go of the place or the experience. This attachment is so concentrated, poeple on earth may interpolate this energized piece of soul hologram as ghosts or haunts......"...This means, my love, the technology exists on your planet to control the minds of key people. They can erase true memories, and add false memories. Their weapons are REMOTE HYPNOSIS- the use of subconscious suggestion delivered by electronics. RHIC-Radio Hypnotic Intracerebral Control; the application of suggestions to control another person. EDOM-Electronic Dissolution of Memory, to produce screen and programed memories in the mind of the target using electromagnetic fields. MICROWAVES; used to communicate with implanted persons at a nonionizing radiation level of ten cycles per second-causing metabolic changes, altering brain functions, and disrupting behavior patterns. ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS; affecting the human brain at (1 mw) 4 Hz magnetic sine wave. DESIGNER MK DRUGS; not detectable by standard medical tests."For details on purchasing this book, go to: Control by Ethel Gillette"Mind control is more prevalent than you think. A large department store uses it to prevent employees from stealing on the job. The soothing music you hear as you glide up and down the escalators has a powerful tool you don't consciously hear. The message is there, coherent, repetitive, yet so soft only your subconscious hears it. A message that reaches the sub- conscious only, telling the workers continuously that they would not steal. The department store reports employee stealing was cut 68% during the first six months they used the control tapes. A company manufactures the tapes to order. The ethical questions are many. The mind is our most private and sacrosanct domain. We are repulsed by the thought of anyone entering our sacred domain without our knowledge.The pros and cons of mind control are many. Formerly regarded as unbreachable bastions of the mind, thoughts are not only now forced into the open, but our very thought processes can be controlled. We willingly submit to mind control at relaxation, no-smoke and weight control seminars. Biofeedback is used to help us control hypertension and other disorders. This is mind control. The difference is that we are aware of what is being fed into our minds. We agree with the message and know it will help us overcome a deficiency.Going back to the department store, the message is not known to the workers exposed to at least 40 hours a week to it. It is not suggesting they do anything wrong. To not steal makes them a more acceptable person. The ethical question here is invasion without knowledge or consent. Who knows what other subliminal messages are being fed to us along with the music. The possibilities are unlimited. A political campaign could influence many voters without their even knowing it. Department stores could have messages to buy-buy-buy. The message could tell us not to worry about budgets - live for today. Think about that for awhile."These next two articles came from one of the websites that you will find a link to at the bottom of this page; ( Government Psychiatric Torture Site. I am presenting as much material on this topic as I can find, because I want the public to know just how very real this is, and just how deep it goes, and especially, how long our precious mental faculties have been under seige.Counter Measures Warfare Applications"With the revelations of the Senate Church Committee in 1976, the CIA's infamous MK-Ultra program was brought to light. For decades during the height of the cold war, the U.S. intelligence establishment aggressively pursued the development of advanced psychiatric and psychological warfare control technologies.Millions of tax dollars have been spent developing such neurological weapons. Billions more have been spent developing a similar arsenal of electronic warfare and electronic counter-measures warfare technologies." ************************************************ "In the early 1960s [Allan H.] Frey found that when microwaves of 300 to 3,000 megahertz was pulsed at specific rates, humans {even deaf people} could "hear" them. The beam caused a booming, hissing, clicking, or buzzing, depending on the exact frequency and pulse rate, and the sound seemed to come from just behind the head.At first Frey was ridiculed for this announcement, just like many radar technicians who'd been told they were crazy for hearing certain radar beams. Later work has shown that the microwaves are sensed somewhere in the temporal region just above and slightly in front of the ears. The phenomenon apparently results from pressure waves set up in brain tissue, some of which activate the sound receptors of the inner ear via bone conduction, while others directly stimulate nerve cells in the auditory pathways. Experiments on rats have shown that a strong signal can generate a sound pressure of 120 decibels, or approximately the level near a jet engine at takeoff.Obviously such a beam could cause humans severe pain and prevent all voice communication. That the same effect can be used more subtly was demonstrated in 1973 by Dr. Joseph C. Sharp of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. Sharp, serving as a test subject himself, heard and understood spoken words delivered to him in an echo-free isolation chamber via a pulsed-microwave audiogram {an analog of the words' sound vibrations} beamed into his brain. Such a device has obvious applications in covert operations designed to drive a target crazy with "voices" or deliver undetectable instructions to a programmed assassin. There are also indications that other pulse frequencies cause similar pressure waves in other tissues, which could disrupt various metabolic processes. A group under R.G. Olsen and J.D. Grissett at the Naval Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory in Pensacola has already demonstrated such effects in simulated muscle tissue and has a continuing contract to find beams effective against human tissues." "The Body Electric, Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life" Robert O. Becker, M.D. and Gary Selden (Quill/William Morrow, NY, 1985)At this point I want to inject something which describes the very ugliest nature of the mind control experiments that have been done; specifically to the children. Those children, are now some of us. We grew up, and we have continued to behave just as we were "trained" to. Look at our lives, and ask yourself, "Was it not strange that I would end up doing some of the things that I have during the course of my life so far." Ask yourself, "Did I really want to be there, or did I really want to engage in the activity that I did during (whatever particular time) that time period? "why did I do those things?" "It wasn't the way I wanted it to be. It wasn't my personality," or "it wasn't who I am." These questions NEED to be asked. I have asked them, and I have discovered a real sense of astonishment at the realization of what my answers were. I was horrified. I was sure, then, that those things were not who I am. I now can focus clearly on what it is that I want in life, and who I am, and what I will be doing. I now can accept that I was dancing to a drummer who played an encrypted tune in my brain, and that I "believed" in what I was doing, then. And so, the following articles will reveal just how atrocious and how cold and uncaring and self-serving certain groups of people who call themselves "human" really are. They will reveal the source of many of our dysfunctions and our pain in life. They will unveil the inhuman practice of taking control over another human being which has been going on far too long, and they will allow us to realize that we are unwilling to be "directed" any longer.I know these things I speak of here, not because I have read other's stories, and I just believe that I, too, experienced it. I know these things because I experienced them, and because I remember a great deal of it, and because in my quest to find one of my missing parents, the government has behaved toward me in such a way that there can only be one truth to the disappearance of that parent, and they have denied me a lot of vital information that I have a constitutional right to have. And, I even went directly to the Chicago Mob boss, and spoke with him personally, and they were, unlike the government, willing to deal with me, and to answer my questions, and to help me in my quest. I told one of the FBI agents from the Chicago feild office, in a conversation that took place shortly afterwards, that it seemed funny to me that the mob would talk to me so openly, but that my own government wouldn't. These reasons are only the tip of the iceberg for my certainty that the stories in this website that I am sharing are valid, and that I, too, was a guinea pig.The one thing that could not be stolen from us, the way our innocense was, and the way that the natural course of our childhood experience was, is our memory. The human being does have safeguards. And one of them is the memory. Memory is a permanent record, which can be shuffled and replaced and buried very deeply, but it cannot be removed. And so, we have the safeguard in that there are ways to expose, through the applications of memory surfacing, the truth. And when we come to a point in our lives, where we feel the strongest desire to know that truth, whatever it is, then we do what we have to to get to it. We fight tooth and nail to retrieve it. Why? Because it is ours. Because we have a right to know about our past. Because we have one thing and perhaps one thing only in this world that truly belongs to us, and us alone: that's our memories. No-one-and I do mean NO-ONE, has the right to steal that, nor can they, or to prevent us from knowing the truth about things pertinent to our life, our past, our legacy, our journey here. Now we are getting into an area which is a personal belief of mine, which not everyone shares, but which I have a strong enough conviction about that I do not intend to keep it to myself. That is the fact that we have a thing called duality going on here. And in keeping with the program of this duality, we are, at the inception of our birth, seperated from our total being. And here on earth, we have a lower density physical portion of ourself going on. And in some cosmic, higher realm we have a higher portion of ourself. And this higher portion, this higher self, knows the truth, and we have the capacity, the perfect will, to ask this higher self things we need to know down here for our ultimate success in this journey. And when we desire the truth enough, our higher self feels us asking, hears us crying out, and perceives us reaching for a higher voice to advise us. And it does. Many times, we do not listen. Many, many times throughout our lives, we do not hear. Often, we do not look at the answers that are right in front of us, given to us, at our asking, to reach the truth.So, it oftentimes takes many long and difficult years for us to come to the point of being ready to receive the truth. But when we do, we get it. We don't just get it handed to us on a silver platter. It doesn't work that way either. We get the instructions, like a handbook, through which we will build our case, through which we will peice together our stories, through which we will come to the place of total absolute truth.The people in these stories that are presented here, the individuals who have spoken out and shared their horrors, their pain, their innocense betrayed; they have listened. They have looked. They have reached out and taken the handbook, and they have followed the instructions that they-themselves, their higher selves, have provided them to find the truth they so deeply seek. And they have chosen to accept whatever that truth might end up being. Because they have realized that the truth must be remembered. That the truth must be told. That the truth must be unveiled. And they have found the courage to take that path, and not turn back, no matter how uncomfortable, and no matter how frightening it might get. They have stayed on that path, because the one thing that remains clear to them is that nothing but the absolute truth will quench the thirst, or heal the pain, or put out the fires that are burning within them. They know what they must do. They must share what they have gone through, and they must be willing to go the long haul in bringing it all out in the light, for the whole world to see. And now, I am going to help deliver that in my small way, by putting their stories out in this website. Brace yourselves. It's not a story you will forget too easily. It will stick, and it will elicit your own questions.<hr><b>Claudia Mullen's StoryGood afternoon. Between the years 1957 and 1984 I became a pawn in the government's game. Its ultimate goal was mind control and to create the perfect spy, all through the use of chemicals, radiation, drugs, hypnosis, electric shock, isolation in tubs of water, sleep deprivation, brainwashing, verbal, physical, emotional and sexual abuse. I was exploited unwillingly for nearly three decades of my life and the only explanations given to me were "that the end justifies the means" and "I was serving my country in their bold effort to fight communism." I can only summarize my circumstances by saying they took an already abused seven year old child and compounded my suffering beyond belief.  The saddest part is, I know for a fact I was not alone.  There were countless other children in my same situation and there was no-one to help us until now. I have already submitted as much information as possible including conversations overheard at the agencies responsible. I am able to report all of this to you in such detail because of my photographic memory and the arrogance of the people involved. They were certain they would always control my mind. Although the process of recalling these atrocities is not an easy one, nor is it without some danger to myself and my family, I feel the risk is worth taking.Dr. L. Wilson Greene received $50 million dollars from the Edgewood Chemical and Radiology Laboratory as part of the TSD, or Technical Science Division of the CIA, once described to Dr. Charles Brown that "children were used as subjects because they were more fun to work with and cheaper too. They needed lower profile subjects than soldiers and government people so only young willing females would do. Besides, " he said, "I like scaring them. They in the Agency think I am a God, creating subjects in experiments for whatever deviant purposes Sid and James could think up" (Sid being Dr. Sidney Gottlieb; James is Dr. James Hamilton).In 1958 They told me I was to be tested by some important doctors from the Society, or the Human Ecology Society and I was instructed to cooperate. I was told not to look at anyone's faces, and to try hard to ignore any names because this was a very secret project. I was told all these things to help me forget. Naturally, as most children do, I did the opposite and remembered as much as I could. A Dr. John Gittinger tested me, Dr. Cameron gave me the shock, and Dr. Greene the X-rays. Then I was told by Sid Gottlieb that "I was ripe for the big A" meaning ARTICHOKE. By the time I left to go home, just like every time from then on, I would remember only whatever explanations Dr. Robert G. Heath, of Tulane Medical University, gave me for the odd bruises, needle marks, burns on my head, fingers, and even the genital soreness. I had no reason to think otherwise. They had already begun to control my mind. Click here to return to Europa's Hompage
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