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dr.who?'s   Sonic Screwdriver
(and other tools in the TARDIS Tool Kit)

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The TARDIS Tool Kit contains many tools and devices which allow maintenance and repairs to made to the TARDIS. Their uses are many and all have their own power source.


toolbox with indicator lights

All the tools are kept together a special case, which is opened by activating the personalised touch sensitive lock, which can be set by holding the pressure pads for three seconds. There will be no lock code if the toolkit has never been used before. When the indicator lights turn to blue, hold your thumb against the pressure pad for five seconds. During this time, the three indicator lights will slowly switch from blue to amber. When all three indicator lights has switched to amber, take off your thumb. The lights will turn back to green, flashing twice to indicate a successful lock code change.

sonic screwdriver

The SONIC SCREWDRIVER is one of the primary tools that can be found in the TARDIS Tool Kit. After my first regeneration I found that certain areas of my mind had become inaccessable, while others became more open to me. One of theses areas gave me the skills and technological awareness to construct the Sonic Screwdriver. This multi-function tool is perhaps the most versatile and useful addition to the standard TARDIS Maintenance and Repair Kit. About the shape of a large fountain pen with a ring-and-cone sonic emitter at one end, the sonic screwdriver produces variable pulses of ultrasound. These pulses create vibrations in solid objects (particularly those objects constructed of metal), which can be controlled to produce kinetic energy.

Its primary and most simplistic function is to act as a screwdriver and can thus drive or remove screws, bolts, or other fasteners with ease. This can be done from a remote range of approximately 20 cm, depending on the local noise and interferrence levels.
sonic screwdriver

The Sonic Screwdriver works by the manipulation of sound waves for a variety of uses. It can be used to manipulate any small and simple device such as a lock or latch. Properly focussed, the sonic screwdriver can throw mechanical or electronic switches, thus activating simple mechanical devices. A concentrated Sonic setting allows for a thin needle point of energy to be directed at a target. This concentrated setting is often used as a cutting tool. Widened into a more general beam can produce detonation of objects similar to landmines and other explosives. A high intensity pulse of energy is also availiable for the remote detonation of bombs, or the remote operation of equipment. Additional explanation is provided below.

Like the other tools in the TARDIS Maintenance and Repair Kit, the sonic screwdriver has an internal power supply that is automatically maintained and recharged when it is placed into the special case that houses the kit. Because of this tool's remarkable utility, however, it is equipped with a long-life, on board power pack that allows for weeks of normal use between recharging. Many operatives keep this tool on their person when in the field.

When operating in the Ultra-sonic coherent wave generator mode, the Sonic Screwdriver provides a sonic wave that produces vibration in one direction only and allows a screw to be taken out of its respective screw hole. The intensity of the produced wave can be altered by the Intensity controller. Increasing the intensity of this sonic wave allows larger sized screws to be removed.

sonic screwdriver - narrow beam

The sonic wave produced by the Hyper-amplitude beam emitter has a very high frequency and amplitude. The wave thus emitted is then focused into a SASER beam. Any particles or matter coming into contact with this highly focused beam will melt. This mode enables the Sonic Screwdriver to act as a laser. With low power and with the focus offset, the resulting sonic beam acts as a solderer, enabling cut wires to be reconnected. If the focus is totally offset, a semi heat wave can be produced. If the focus is offset only a little and the power increased to full, the sonic screwdriver can be used as a primitive sonic-lance.

sonic screwdriver - wide beam

While there are many uses for the Sonic-Electro Impulse generator mode, the general function is to send a sonic pulse a short distance of around four metres and produce a high degree of static electricity and radio waves. This acts as a trigger, initiating an electrical circuit, if it is a sensitive circuit, or if the circuit contains sensitive components. As previously stated the sonic beam produced in this mode could be used to set off bombs, start an electronic circuit, trigger an alarm, etc. By reversing the polarity, the impulse wave can stop a circuit, eg, halt the detonation of a bomb.

The General harmonic frequency audio producer mode simply produces a harmonic tone by using the sonic emission cap. It can be used to hypnotise people, or can act a a general test for the Sonic Generator. NOTE: For all modes there will be some audio leakage from the sonic cap, but in this mode the audio production is intentional. By reversing the polarity, it can take people out of a hypnotic trance, or override a neural brain control.

The Sonar wave generator mode enables the sonic screwdriver to act a a kind of metal detector, detecting hidden masses of metal. It works only through a solid or liquid, and has a maximum penetration range of about one metre. If a reverse current is used, it can be used to detect variations in voltage as in a current detector.

Because of the way the Sonic screwdriver works, its circuitry can also be adjusted to function as an Anti-matter Detector. To enable this function, the intensity should be set at low, the emission cap closed and the polarity reversed. The feed back from the atomic crystal cell thus generates a sonic wave that will rebound off traces of anti-matter. This rebounded wave will hit the baffle ring area and produce an audio pulse.

When functioning in the Linear molecular wave emitter mode, the sonic screwdriver's useful but complex function enables repairs to be made on electronic circuits. The repair functions are only simple, such as reducing wires, reducing components, etc. It functions by rearranging molecular structures by small vibrations to the central structure. The correct intensity to each of the component parts must be used if any success is to be made in with the repair. If the polarity is reversed, the Linear molecular wave emitter can damage and physically destroy electronic parts by sending out a vibrant ultra sonic wave. The effective range of this wave is around four metres.

When functioning in the Kinetic Impulse Generator mode, devices such as mechanical locks can be operated by the production of vibrations with a high kinetic potential. This same theory applies to any virtually mechanical machinery. The remote range of this function is about 20 cm. By reversing the polarity, the Sonic Screwdriver can create a strong magnetic field, acting as an electromagnet.

The Sonic Screwdriver has three controllers: First is the trigger and intensity (power) control which activates the screwdriver and controls the intensity or power of the sound wave. Second is the polarity control which can be set to negative, positive or neutral polarity. Third is the focus, which is varied by changing the position of the sonic stylus head.


Master Drone Clamp

The Master Drone Clamp is a 'clamp' device that can take over any power, energy or booster device while the component is replaced or fixed. It has 10 inputs, 5 processes, and 11 outputs which can be used. Various functions may need adjusting so that the Master Drone Clamp can emulate the desired part 100%.


The Laser is pen sized and runs off its own atomic recharging power cell which is contained at the rear end of the unit. From time to time, it will need an auxiliary power source to fully recharge the power cell.

Pen Torch

The Pen Torch is a usual and simple device which combines the functions of a mini torch with that of a writing pen. The pen will work under all gravitational forces due to the fact that it is powered by nitrogen.

portable scanner

The Portable Scanneris a small device which usually resembles a hand held mechanism or a pocket watch. The scanner has many variable functions and is an extremely useful tool. Its three primary functions are to act as a chronometer, a TARDIS homing beacon, and an all purpose scanning devise.

When the scanner functions as a Chronometer the user is told the correct time & date of their current location with planetary rotations, solar cycles, etc. factored in. When the TARDIS Homing Beacon is switched on, the scanner will emit a series of pulses, increasing in megacycles as the device nears the Time Ship. This device may also be used to detect other time ships in the area. As an all-purpose scanner, the mini-computer which is built into this device is capable is scanning the immediate area and collecting specific, rudimentary data.

Neutron Ram

The Neutron Ram is a mini-nuclear sub-atomic fusion device which will, when operated, accelerate neutrons in the vicinity of the tip of this device. These neutrons will then stream pass the tip of the device with a kinetic energy many times greater than the original. Thus this device is useful for repairing and diagnosing repairs for other devices such as atomic power packs, nuclear power cells and drive systems which utilize warp fields for propulsion.

Influx Booster Stabiliser

The Influx Booster Stabiliser allows the stabilising of TARDIS systems while in operation. It works by cancelling out various influxes of energy, whether it is heat, light, electromagnetic or kinetic energy. It does not require contact with any component and has an operational range of about 15cm³.

Influx Booster Stabiliser

The Stalos Gyro can suspend particular disruption and decay, halt falling radioactive half-life levels and generally hold a specific piece of equipment in a state of stasis until more effective repair can be completed.

Influx Booster Stabiliser

The Moog Drone Clamp can emulate many electronic parts, such as a resister, capacitor, diode or transistor bank, or even act a temporary substitute for many of the major TARDIS parts. It requires adjusting by the sonic screwdriver to the various input, process and output modes and is powered by incoming current.

Magnetic Clamp

The Magnetic Clamp is a simply a clamp with two electromagnetic heads which will automatically switch as required. When clamped into a circuit of a malfunctioning device, it will give a diagnosis of the problem via emitted audio. The malfunctioning device can then be repaired easily with the application of the appropriate tool.

Universal Detector

The Universal Detector has three indicators which will indicate which of the following universes the instrument is in:

000:Null and Void of Anti-matter
001:Null and Void of positive matter
010:Normal universe of Anti-matter
011:Normal universe of positive matter
100:Exo-space of anti-matter
101:Exo-space of positive matter
110:Parallel universe of anti-matter
111:Parallel universe of positive matter
Universal Detector at work
The Universal Indicator is operated by a push switch at the end of the Universal Detector device.


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