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TARDISes are the machines that Time-Lords use to travel through time. They have rondelled corridors and a view screen for viewing. TARDISes run off the ISP of the occupants, 1 ISP each time it is activated. Atron energy is what the Time-Lords of Gallifrey refer to ISP/PPE as, the energy of the mind.

The TARDIS is impenetrable and can only be breached by the most powerful of alien intelligences. One could be slammed with a star ship or thrown into the heart of a burning sun, and it would not be harmed. For security purposes the TARDIS has the capability to lock itself and will respond only to a genetically encoded key.

Since the TARDIS travels by way of dimensional teleportation, it can not move from point A to point B without dematerializing. The TARDIS can appear ten feet above the ground and just hover there, or on the ground, but it canít take off (advanced tardises, type-60+ can morph into vehicles, a jet shaped tardis could fly like a jet).

The type-40 TARDIS (that is, the TARDIS that I "borrowed" for my time travels) is manned by a crew consisting of one pilot and can hold an infinite number of passengers. The type-40 TARDIS is capable of a maximum speed of 100,000,000 LPM (light year per minute) or 100,000 years per minute. It takes 1 melee to dematerialize or rift out. The engine consists of an atron or mercury battery driven time column and has a maximum range of 2 trillion Light Years or 80 billion years, in which case it needs several gallons of mercury for fuel. Its length is quite variable and it weighs approximately 5 tons.

The TARDIS contains NO weapons and can NOT be adapted and has Dimensional Grace, which means that NO weapons can be fired inside the TARDIS. However, if the Dimensional grace should freeze, weapons will work inside the TARDIS.

The Defense Circuits provide that in times of stress, the TARDIS can generate a physical manifestation of itself usually taking the form of a silvery small animal with electric green eyes. This animal will have the same IQ as the TARDIS and can not talk. Its sensors have full sensor scanning range.

The exterior of a TARDIS (as well as the entry point to the interior) is probably one of the most complicated parts of the entire machine. The exterior itself is constructed of numerous layers of stable cold plasma. The form of this plasma can be molded into any inanimate object by a portion of the TARDIS's main computer called the Chameleon Circuit.

The Chameleon circuit alters the TARDIS to have any size, shape, color, or specific gravity enabling it to blend into the background wherever it remateralizes. Thus, the TARDIS can appear to be a police box, an apple, a car(non-functional), a pyramid(non-ley line transmitting), or anything else. The only limitation is that if you plan on entering or exiting it, it must be in a form large enough for a door that a human can fit through. If the Chameleon Circuit freezes, it will stay in the configuration that it was last in, as is the can with my TARDIS.

The TARDIS type-40 is sentient and has an IQ of 7. There is also a telepathic circuit that allows the TARDIS to speak with the subconscious of the pilot and his or her companions. This allows the TARDIS to warn the occupants of dangers to itself, not necessarily to the occupants themslves. This telepathic circuit will translate all languages heard instantly, but not written words. The Cloister Bells are gonging bells which ring whenever there is a great danger to the tardis, the occupants or the TARDIS, or the time stream.

entering the tardis


The entry to the interior is a dimension bridge. The interior of a TARDIS is a stationary small city of sorts that rests happily in the fifth dimension. This is necessary in order to prevent the occupants of the ship from aging or getting younger as the ship moves through time. A rather neat side effect of this is that the interior isn't "inside" the exterior as such. The interior and the exterior plasma shell are connected by a dimensional bridge called the Dimensional Stabilizer. This stabilizer basically tosses the exterior around space and time on a "dimensional string" that the occupant instantly crosses every time they enter or exit the ship. This allows the interior to be as large as the occupants see fit, without affecting the size of the exterior.

The type-40 TARDIS has three control rooms: the Main Control Room, the Auxiliary Control Room, and the Emergency Control Room. Each of these rooms are identical except for their decor(they often look nothing alike). With some simple modifications, any of these control rooms can be rotated so that the door will lead out of the ship.

The TARDIS is dimensionally transcendental which basically means that no matter how big or small it is on the outside, itís inside has infinite dimensions, like a pocket dimension. This means that it can have wandering corridors, thousands of rooms, and in many cases, the control room is even larger than the outer shell of the ship.

There are Architectural Circuits that let the owner change the inside of the ship just as the Chameleon Circuit allows him change the outside. Rooms can be deleted and if that is done, large amounts of energy will be released.

Time CAN NOT be altered, if something happened, it already happened. If one goes back and tries to interfere with the past, one will either be stopped, or will find that it was you who caused events happen as they did. The only purpose of traveling by TARDIS is to visit the past(or present, or future), not to change it.

A few words of caution to those of you interested in time travel from one WHO knows by experience: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! All TARDISes are capable of trans-vortex travel, the vortex being a natural mathematical construct combining properties from space/time and other dimensions. It is the only known way of traversing Einsteinian Space/Time. Time travel is accomplished by traveling into a neutral dimension known only as the SPACE TIME VORTEX. This vortex is extremely dangerous when not in a TARDIS and anyone who opens a rift to it will suffer 1d6x20 MD(4d6x100 MD per melee spent in the vortex) and has a 10% chance or releasing a chronovore. TARDISes can be used to break the dimensional barrier from the vortex and to enter another dimension. This is very risky and there is only has a 10% chance of success. If the TARDIS fails, it will get shot into a random time or place in itís own home dimension. If it succeeds, it only has a 1% chance of getting back to where it began each time the TARDIS tries. Thus Time travel is NOT for the faint of heart and must only be attempted after ALL contingencies are fully evaluated and proper thought has been given to every possible outcome - that is, unless you are a renagade Time-Lord such as myself and out for ADVENTURE IN CYBERSPACE!





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