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I LOVE horror films!!!!
I LOVE vampires!!!!
I LOVE disgusting monsters!!!!

Some of my favorite horror films are
The Hellraiser movies
The Nightmare on Elm Street movies
The Lost Boys
Near Dark
The Wishmaster
I even love the Friday the 13th movies and I also love the cheesy "B" horror films!!!!
And too many others to name!!!!
I don't have any pictures or anything like that for this page, but I will share some cool horror links with you!!!!Enjoy!!

Horror Sites

Absolute Horror
Horror Links
WWW horror sites for readers and advisors
General Horror Sites
Horrorific Links
The Lost Boys Home Page
The Vampire A to Z
Jaded Freaks Midnight Zone
Pathway to Darkness-Ultimate Online Vampire Resource
Into the Darkness-Vampires
Horrendous! Films That Go Bump In Your Mind
Blackened Teeth-Web Page For The Living Dead
House Of Horrors
Haunted Corners of the Web
The Vault of Horror
HorrorNet Homepage
Caverns of Blood

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