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New Book on Surface Decorations!

Elizabeth is proud to have her article on Chinese brush painting included in this new book available from Ceramic Arts Daily. Hers is one of thirty articles chosen for this collection on surface and glazing techniques. Additional details on their website:
Surface, Glaze, and Form: Pottery Techniques

New Surface Decorating Technique:
The Priddy Press

The Priddy Press is a unique system for imprinting embossed designs on clay. It's like a rubber stamp, but works on curved surfaces. For information about beta testing custom designs, contact:

New Special Offer: Get BOTH of Elizabeth Priddy's Instructional DVDs: Wheel Throwing and Brush Painting, for a discounted price: $65
For more information, check out our Instructional Videos page!

ELIZABETH PRIDDY: designer, artist, potter, philosopher

Elizabeth Priddy attended North Carolina State School of Design and has worked as a studio potter and instructor since 1985. She is a designer/inventor specializing in production design tools and methods. Her work as a studio potter includes chinese brush painting, slab hand work, throwing, and decorative carving. In 1997, Priddy was the featured artist in a North Carolina PBS special on throwing pottery called "The Clay Workshop". Priddy Clay Studio, established in 1994 and located in Beaufort, NC, is the site for her workshops, demos, and private or group classes. Priddy Clay Studio was the location of the national Potter's Council workshop, "Natural Instincts", in 2007, accommodating 100 potters and guests for a three day educational seminar. The on-site facilities include: 5 electric wheels; electric, raku, wood, and chimney/pit kilns; 1000 square feet of teaching spaces; and grounds located on an estuarine reserve salt marsh. Call for information about the studios, classes, or workshops in your area: 252-504-2622.