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Martin Allcock

Jethro Tull: 1989-1991
20 Years Of Jethro Tull (1988), Rock Island (1989), 25th Anniversary Box Set (1993),
Live at Hammersmith Odeon 1991 (1995), Jethro Tull In Concert Live At The BBC 1991 (1995)

Instruments: keyboards

Maartin Allcock is a multi-instrumentalist known mostly as a bass player and guitarist born in Manchester in 1957. After studying music at Huddersfield and Leeds he toured with Mike Harding in 1977. He moved to Brittany for a while, returning to play some live dates with Robin Williamson before training as a chef and working in the Shetland Islands. In 1981 he returned to music with The Bully Wee Band, a celtic folk group. After this broke up he toured in UK, Ireland and Europe with Kieran Halpin until he was invited to join the re-forming Fairport Convention as lead guitarist in 1985, touring extensively in UK, USA, Europe, Australia, Turkey, Hong Kong & Bermuda. Also in 1988 he was asked to join Jethro Tull on keys which he stayed with for four years, touring in North & South America, Western & Eastern Europe, Turkey and Estonia. He played keys with The Mission as well in 1991 and so managed to be in three groups at the same time!
During this time he started his studio career in earnest, playing on over 120 albums. His recorded work includes bass on Beverley Craven's Top 3 hit "Promise Me", and Robert Plant's album "The Fate Of Nations", which featured a song which he co-wrote and played all the instruments on (apart from the vocal obviously), "Colours Of A Shade".
In 1990 he released a solo album, "MAART". He produced Ralph McTell's album, "Sand In Your Shoes". He has made 6 albums with Dan Ar Braz, recorded the music for the BBC2 TV series "40 Minutes", writes regularly for BBC Radio 4 drama and a McTell/Allcock composition, "The Islands", was used throughout the series "Billy Connolly's World Tour Of Scotland".
He left Fairport Convention at the end of 1996 because he'd been on the road for eleven years and needed a change. In 1997 he formed acoustic power trio WAZ! in which he played bass, bouzouki and guitar and sang. In1998 he played lead guitar with Midge Ure including a gig in, er, Belgrade(!) and recorded, with double bass supremo Danny Thompson, music for the TV series, "Births, Marriages And Deaths". They also recorded together for the Jimmy McGovern Channel 4 drama, "Dockers".
Maart has also written music for a Sony Playstation game which came out in Japan in July 1999, "The Book Of Watermarks", and painstakingly transcribed two songbooks for Fairport Convention, and one each for singer-songwriters Allan Taylor and Kieran Halpin. Maart appeared at the SwarbAid benefit concert in Birmingham Symphony Hall in 1999, where he performed sets with Beverley Craven, Ralph McTell, Jethro Tull, Fairport Convention and Beryl Marriott!! He also appeared with Midge Ure in Vienna, performing the song "Vienna"!
In October 1999 Maart recorded his second solo album, OX15, with guest appearances from Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull, Indian girl singer Najma Akhtar and other past and present members of both Jethro Tull and Fairport Convention. Maart has recently been recording with (separately) Ralph McTell and Mike Harding as well as recording with The London Chamber Orchestra for Lenny Henry's BBCTV series, "Hope And Glory", From March 2000 onwards he will once more be touring with Kieran Halpin.
Since the turn of the year (millennium?) I've been getting busy. Promoting my new solo CD, OX15, recording with Ralph McTell for his new album, recording an album of Beatles songs with Tina McBain, gigging with WAZ!, making the odd appearance with the Fairports, transcribing Kieran Halpin's songbook and recording TV music with the London Chamber Orchestra. The rest of the year is looking good too...
I've been out and about promoting my new album, OX15. I've been on BBC radio in Stoke, Shropshire, Hereford & Worcester, Scotland, Humberside, Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Cornwall, Manchester, West Midlands, Derby, Sheffield, Bristol, Oxford, Newcastle and soon Merseyside (25th April). Also I've been on Mike Harding's roots and acoustic Wednesday night programme on BBC Radio 2. I've done newspaper interviews throughout the country and I'm getting fantastic feedback.


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In the pipeline…
Blue Tapestry Live Album
The Soulminers New Album
TV Soundtracks
All titles written by Nick Bicat except "Forty Minutes", music by Dave Brook and Maartin Allcock
Framed, 1992, starring Timothy Dalton
Forty Minutes, BBC documentary series (early 1990's)
Dockers, starring Ricky Tomlinson
Birth, Marriages & Deaths, 1999, starring Ray Winstone
Hope & Glory, 1999-2000, starring Lenny Henry (2 series)
NCS Manhunt, 2001-2002, starring David Suchet (2 series)
Micawber, 2001, starring David Jason
There was also a series of short films in the early 1990's for BBC2TV(?)
of excerpts from different books to encourage people to read more.
The music was all written by Nick Bicat but more than that I can't remember…

Film Soundtracks
The Bass Player, 1998, directed by Denis Lawson, starring Jim Carter. Music by Nick Bicat
All Or Nothing, 2002, directed by Mike Leigh, starring Timothy Spall. Music by Andrew Dickson
Possession, 2002, directed by Neil LaBute, starring Gwyneth Paltrow. Music by Gabriel Yared