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He was a cop, and good at his job. But then he committed the ultimate sin, and testified against other cops gone bad. Cops who tried to kill him, but got the woman he loved instead. Framed for murder, now he prowls the badlands. An outlaw hunting outlaws, a bounty hunter, a RENEGADE!

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Got Season 1 of Renegade on DVD? If you don't you should. The release date for season 2 is now up in the air, thought to be due to poor sales of the first one. Show your support for the show by signing this petition to help secure a release date for the second season, and the others to follow.

The Renegade Story

Renegade is the story of former detective Reno Raines (Lorenzo Lamas), who is a fugitive from the law, after fellow cop Donald "Dutch" Dixon, (Stephen J Cannell), framed him for the murder of Buzzy Burrell. Buzzy was a crooked cop who Reno was trying to nail, but Buzzy sprung Hog Adams out of jail and sent him to kill Reno, but he got Reno's fiancee, Val, instead. Dutch then had Buzzy killed to cover his tracks. Dutch then sent Native American bounty hunter Bobby Sixkiller, (Branscombe Richmond), after Reno. After capturing Reno, Bobby learnt the truth about Dutch, and Reno became Bobby's partner. Then Reno and Bobby put Hog back in jail, and then Dutch had him killed too.

Now, working as a bounty hunter under the name of Vince Black for Sixkiller Enterprises, Reno rides around on his Harley Davidson, hunting other fugitives like himself. (Except these are guilty ones.) All the while doing this he is trying to clear his name. Hog's brother Hound can do this, but at Reno's trial, he took a bribe from Dutch to lie in court and incriminate Reno. Reno was convicted and sent to jail, but escaped, in a plan master-minded by brothers in for the long run. He took the place of the terminally ill brother, and rode out of jail under a bus.

He and Bobby are joined in the bounty hunting business by Bobby's sister, Cheyenne Phillips. (Kathleen Kinmont), who in season 5 was replaced by Sandra Ferguson as Sandy Carruthers, a graduate of Bobby's bounty hunting home video lessons!

Renegade Trivia

Lorenzo Lamas and Kathleen Kinmont (Reno and Cheyenne) were married, from 1989-93. They have worked in many movies together, including CIA: Code Name Alexa and CIA II: Target Alexa, Final Round, Final Impact, Night of the Warrior and Snake Eater 2, as well as Renegade. Although they were divorced in the middle of Renegade production, they continued to work together on the show until Kathleen was fired in 1996, in the middle of the fourth season. Kathleen's role was rather noticably reduced leading up to this.

the episode where Reno and Cheyenne get together, was shot after Lorenzo and Kathleen had divorced, and not long before Kathleen left the show. Both Lorenzo and Kathleen had their respective significant others with them on the set when this episode was shot.

Reno's Harley.It's a 1990, 1340cc, V-twin engine, Softail custom. Lorenzo actually owns the "A" bike (the really good road one). There was also a "B" bike for off-road & stunts, and a "C" bike, that wasn't actually a Harley, which is quite obvious in the episode "Stationary Target" where it takes a swan-dive off a cliff.

BTW, Stu Segall's production vans for Renegade were also painted with the same 'flames on black background' design as seen on the Harley's fuel tank.

Renegade ran between 1992 and 1997, for 5 seasons and a total of 110 episodes.

What happened to Renegade? No, Reno never busted Dutch Dixon and cleared his name. This was being built up to at the end of the 5th season, as Reno & Bobby had Dutch on the run. Cast and crew believed they were having a 6th season, and had starting shooting episodes according to the official website at the time (which no longer exists) so the ends were never properly tied up. But there is still hope for a reunion movie. Fingers crossed!! (This would be more likely with successful DVD sales, see petition banner above).

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