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Big Eyes, Small Mouth

Okay, so there's very little here at the moment. I've only just gotten started! Give me a little time, and watch this site grow to become *the* fan site for Big Eyes, Small Mouth...and all the other Tri-Stat games from Guardians of Order! More to come in the very near future!

You may wonder who I am, and what this page is all about. Well, my name is David Willsey, and I'm a Demo Team Member for Guardians of Order. That means it's my 'job' to demonstrate the great games that Guardians makes. My favorite of those is Big Eyes, Small Mouth: The Universal Japanese Anime RPG. The game is simple without lacking the ability to cover all types of situations. Character design is quick and easy, but very flexible. Players can make original characters of their own design, or 'model' characters from their favorite anime in no time.


If you would like a Demo of any Guardians of Order product, please contact me at:

If you are located in central North Carolina (especially Raleigh/Durham) than transportation isn't a problem. Otherwise, I may need some help getting to you. Enjoy!


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