Box 1, (1780-1830)
Misc. Undated Petitions
North Carolina General Assembly Session Records
North Carolina State Archives
Raleigh, North Carolina

An Undated Petition
Concerning Publick Buildings
for Cabarrus County, North Carolina

I greatfully thank John B. Hagler of Raleigh NC for discovering and sharing the following document that resides in an obscure collection of undated General Assembly Session Petition Records at North Carolina Archives. He and Miles Philbeck of Bostick and Chapel Hill transcribed the nearly decayed signature lists. Knowing Cabarrus County grew from a diverse community led by Scotch Irish and German Lutheran,the task was made especially difficult in bringing life to signatures written in differing languages. We encourage you to seek out copies of the original and rejoice as you peer at your ancestor's committment in building our American past The original is housed at North Carolina State Archives in Raleigh NC and copies can be found at the Cabarrus and Stanly County Public Libraries.

To the honorable the general assembly of the state of North Carolina the humble petition
of a number of inhabitants of the county of Cabarrus humbly showeth that whereas an
act of assembly passed 1792 for dividing the county of Mecklenburg and has in the
Sixth Section of said act appointed a certain number of men to fix on the most central
place for erecting the public buildings in said county and accordingly the said men
Commissioners [m]et and a majority of them agreed and fixed on a place
(TORN) center of said county on the lands of William
(TORN) __________ ________ being disagreeable to _________ (TORN)
of the said Commissioners the said Commissioners ther(TORN)
to lay down the business to the people at large
the inhabitants of said county, Then a public (TORN)
was held for the place and was kept open three days
and there was a majority of 77 votes for the land
of Sd.William Voils and the commissioners that was
appointed to sperintend the buildings have have refused
to act by which means your petitioners labor under
some difficulty for want of our Courthouse, prison
and stocks, we do humbly pray that your knowledgeable body would sanction the aforesaid vote by your
(TORN)______ _______ _____ ______given (TORN)
petition at our last quartersession by advertising
the same at our present place of holding court Your
granting this the matter of our prayers will lay us
under the strongest obligations to thankfulness and your petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray

small piece of paper
cut off script at top edge indicates there was once more

Frederick Plyler                     Jacob Iferdt
George McReading                     Pheter _ochur
Tobias Klots                         Charles Parke
Junadan Hertzel                      John Long
Adam Derr                            John Readling
Jacob Derr                           Jacob Barenhart
Peter Missenheimer                   Nickles Wagnar
                                     Leonard Kagel

William Newel George Harky Jacob Hegler George Stucker Dan l Little John Sticker Charles Kagel David Wessinger John Kagel John Wens John Hagler juner Johann Hertzel John Hagler Geor Welhelm Johannes Forrer Carol Hartwig Johannes Sivili Gotlieb Taub Eeliap Bast Johannes Bernhard Phillip Jordan Beter Derr Andreas Korcher Johanes Foglemon Hennrich Seels Charles Bernhert William Jurdin Melker Fogelmon George Christman George Sticker Jiner George Kagel Phillip Dry Charles Kagel Jur Jeames Love Martin Widenhouse Thomas Love Paul Forrer Charles Love David Fink Jeames Love Junier Jorg Hertzel Frederick Starns Jacob Iferdt Jacob Starns Marti Me___I Daniel Blackewlder Paul Carker Paul Barringer Juner Ludwig Fischer Filip Hegler John Neas Wm McKesson Lasson Artsel Heinrich Preis John Cable, Junier
Johanes Seitz Henry Dowlwand S MathiesB Beringer John Crowel Murdoch Campbell David Ferrel John Baringer Bulling George Baringer Thomas Allen S Mathias Baringer Thomas Allen Henry Dowland Thomas Cammel Michael McMackin Drury Rogers John Best John Shue Paul Under hofer Jacob Bary John Berger Charles Carter John Deck Ephraim Drake Harris Johannes Berger George Miller George Colp George Arrenhart Peter Kolb William Louder Jacob Berger John Cox John Capel William Mensinger Peter Kauble Elixander Vaus John Coulp John Rogers Peter Ceppel Mithias Bary Henry Ceppel Frederich Knop Peter Ceppel Ser William Crowel Freddeck Peck John Bussard John Ju_ton Benjamin Cummings George Crouel James Cummings Mathias Barenhart Coventon Cliften Martin Dry E D Harris Peter Troutman John Lippard Benjamin Rogers Daniel Lippard George Crowel Sen Karl Seifird Jacob Harry George Stiglater Jessey Herron Jorg Seiferd Jacob Muse Mathias Bum (Brem?) Mikal Honiger
4 Jacobs _rishcer 35 Henrich Fesbermann 5 ______ ________ 36 Georg Gudmann 6 Ribold Obinshine 37 Mikal Rische 7 Ichan georg ritsche 38 Henry Walker 8 Johannes Meijer 39 Daniel Sticker 9 Adam __ein 40 Johannes Karl 10 HanniB Guttman 21 Heinrich Limback 11 Daniel Boger 22 Andreas Meir 12 John Ritchey 23 Adam Trus 13 Daniel Boyer (Boger?) 22 Jorg Schant? 14 Michael Weis 45 Andres Smitt 15 Daniel Kough 46 Henry Smitt 16 Thomas Guttman 47 John Simmon 17 Jacob Boger 48 John Chugh 18 Peter Boger 49 Jacob Scheig (Schug?) 19 Jorg Prell ? 50 Stophl Jugt? 20 Jorg HanB 51 Micael Gutman 21 Jacob Boger 52 JochamniB Stes? 22 Dawald Spack 53 Peter Simon 23 Michael eWald ? 54 Henrich Simon 24 Andres Trus JochaniB Fell? 25 Jorg Pheil ? Heinrich ___liB 26 Fririch __serma? Jachonnis _______? 27 Henry Titchey HanniB _________? 28 Philib Cress 29 Johannes _______?
Reverse side of above page

John File
Narting Be er?
Kasper _inger?

Small piece of paper
Ending line of petition cut off and at the top
of the page does not piece or match back to the surviving front page.
This indicates the petition was duplicated
for collecting signatures at different sites.
It also indicates there was likely a good bit
more to the signature lists that have not survived.

Thankfullness and your petitioners as in Duty Bound
Shall ever pray Johannes Melcher Henry Smith Senior Chas Polk John Barringer John Misenhimer Martin Dorr Giltzbach Daniel Sticker Paul Forrer Paul Weber Michael Klein Christop Horlacher George Oury Beringer Henrich Weber Carl __infried Elias Maier Henish _ artzouson Elias House George Bost
Isaac Blackwelder Andrae Dry Peter Quilman Phillip Leydeker Andreas Stauch Peter Quilman George Finch Johannes Haus Wilhelm Fols? George Smit Thobias Krebs? Paul Berringer Georg Misenheimer Abraham Misenhimer Charles Starnes Bernd Sefrid Daniel Beaver Martin Blackewlder Jacob Bast Daniel Jarrett Godfred Lipe juner Andreas Reinhart Mathias Moyer Jacob Reinhart Jacob Harkey Owen Dry Henrich Schmitt Jun George H______ Jacob Blackwelder Johannes Reinhart
James McMackin Jacob Boshart John Bost? John Berger Charles Center Jacob Miller George Culp William Mensinger Jacob Barger Peter Kroll John Peck John Stiker Freddrock Press? George Barringer Jorg Hardwig? Ephraim Drake Harris Johannes Keppell? John Cox Henry Dadland? Peter Kobb
John Johnstone John Rogers George Crowel Benjamin Rogers Michael McMackin Peter Cappel Ser Peter Troutman Peter Cappel Juner John Crowel Jacob Harris John Bayer John Culp Thomas Allen George Miller Drury Rogers Mathias Barringer Mathias Bary Nathan Smith William Lowder George Fezling Alexander Vause Jacob Bary Thomas Cammel Peter Limprock Moses Cox Henry Dowland Jesse Herren Samuel Carver Coveting Cliften George Avenhart James Commings William Crowell Benjamin Commins Kilian Cappel Samuel Allen Thomas Allen Senor John Barringer Henry Hahn John Balling Jacob Migs
William Bug Claburn freemond John Stoard? David Self Henry Howell Wll m Polk Joseph Howell Jr Isum Clay Abel Powel? Allen Freeman Davies Clay Oseburn Powel? George Heiser John Reet John Powel? Jacob Watts Jacob Bird Morning Hopson Edmond Smith Bonner Bird Harvey Cakel Andrew Watts Sr. George Ginge? John Polk Valintine Wattts George Garmons Fred Heiser George Detter James Clay Halk Wether James Long Lues Fouch James Meckgung John Long John Gatomoune? John Meckgung Joseph Watts Michel Garmon Joshua Johnston Willm Watts John Garmon John Watts Sr Dickles Wingesten Henry Coledge Frances Wingesten George Long David Wingesten Richard ? Thomas Smith Andrew Watts Jr Pavid Powl? John Watts Jr Jesse Brinse John Watts Jacob Sturd William Smith Johnnsen Stroud? James Brown Samuel Stroud? John Currethers Joseph Stroud? Lennerd Hise John Meckgunk William Johnston John Herkey Lues Underwood William Michel Jacob Selfe Sr Jacob Selfe Jr. John Fords John Vaust
Thomas Black Eng Frederic Carelock Sr Henry Plott John Culpepper Levi Corzine Samuel Black John Black Hugh Rogers Wm Briance Wm Townsin Adam Dirr James McGraw Nicholas McGraw John McGraw George Townsin Henry Briance John Wisor David Wisor Joseph White James Purvians Phillip Wisor Jacob Hudson